NLSSA Executive Board


About the Executive Board

The NLSSA Executive Board is the governing body for the Association.  It directs NLSSA efforts relating to the NCSL Legislative Summit, the Annual Training Conference, and other NLSSA programs and activities.  The Executive Board is composed of the Association officers, the regional chairpersons and vice chairpersons, and the chairperson of the legislative advisory committee. Past presidents of the Executive Board may choose to remain on the Executive Board as non-voting members.

2019-2020 NLSSA Executive Board

President  Martin Brock, North Carolina
Vice President  Richard Webb, South Carolina
Secretary  Vacant
Treasurer  Lisa Macaulay, Wisconsin
Sergeant at Arms  Rod Welsh, Texas
Immediate Past President  Anthony (Steve) Pike, Virginia
1st Trustee  Jimmetta Gourdine, Alabama
2nd Trustee  David Sauceda, Texas
3rd Trustee  Elizabeth Garzone, Texas
Region 1 Chair  Lenore Adams, Montana
Region 1 Vice Chair  Michelle O'Brien, Idaho
Region 2 Chair  Todd Ashby, Texas
Region 2 Vice Chair  Robert Barrios, Texas
Region 3 Chair  Janet Miller, Vermont
Region 3 Vice Chair  Virginia Drew, New Hampshire
Region 4 Chair  Dustin Morgan, Florida
Region 4 Vice Chair  Steven Witmer, Virginia