NLSSA Committees


Purpose of the Committees

The NLSSA President appoints committees to divide the Executive Board's workload.  The committees study issues in their assigned areas and make recommendations to the Executive Board. 

2019-2020 NLSSA Committees

Committee Responsibilities Members
  • Created in NLSSA Policies & Procedures Manual.
  • Administer the NLSSA Awards Program.
  • Make recommendations for improvements to the Awards Program.
  • facilitate the awards presentation at the fall annual training conference
  • Jimmetta Gourdine, AL – Chair
  • Michelle O'Brien, ID
  • Theresa Holst, CO
Bylaws and Procedural Review
  • Ceated in NLSSA Policies & Procedures Manual.
  • Recommend amendments/changes to the NLSSA Bylaws or NLSSA Policies & Procedures Manual.
  • Rod Welsh, TX – Chair
  • Elizabeth Garzone, TX
  • Tim Hay, FL
  • Steve Witmer, VA
  • Created in NLSSA Policies & Procedures Manual.
  • Identify potential candidates for membership.
  • Recommend ways to improve communication with the NLSSA members.
Elections and Nominations
  • Required by NLSSA Bylaws and mentioned in NLSSA Policies & Procedures Manual.
  • Oversee the annual process for nominating candidates for election to the NLSSA Executive Board
  • Chuck Williams, SC – Chair
  • Anthony (Steve) Pike, VA.
  • Janet Miller, VT
  • David Sauceda, TX