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Come Join the E-Mail Discussion Group for the National Legislative Services and Security Association

Do you have a question about how other states handle an issue or a problem you've encountered?  Are you interested in learning how other state capitol's meet their services and security needs? Perhaps you just want to meet with your counterparts in other states. Whatever your reason, come join the new NLSSA e-mail discussion group.

How Does it Work?

It's called a "listserv" in e-mail parlance, and here's how it works. First, you subscribe to the NLSSA e-mail list. Then, every e-mail you or any other subscriber sends to the list's address is automatically distributed to all subscribers. So, if you post a question, it will automatically be sent to every subcriber, and each subscriber's response will automatically be sent to every subscriber.

How Do I Subscribe?

1) Send an e-mail to: NLSSA-L-REQUEST@NCSL.ORG

2) Write only the following in the body of the message:

3) You don't have to write anything in the subject line, but if your e-mail program requires a subject, just say SUBSCRIBE.

That's all it takes. You will receive a welcome message that provides instructions on how to send e-mail to the list. It's a good idea to save those instructions. If you have any questions or problems with the process, e-mail Diane Chaffin, NCSL Liaison to the NLSSA at:

We look forward to meeting you in our e-mail listserv.


For More Information About NLSSA

For more information about NLSSA, write or call:

Diane Chaffin, NCSL Liaison to NLSSA

Phone: 303/856-1368
FAX: 303/364-7800