National Legislative Services and Security Association


Image of the Montana State Capitol

2020 Training Conference Postponed to 2021

The National Legislative Services and Security Association 2020 Annual Training Conference is postponed to August 23-26, 2021. Information about the 2021 conference will be available in early Spring 2021.


Capitol Security

Members of the NLSSA play a vital role in ensuring the security of the nation's state capitols. In this video, members discuss the role they play in keeping legislators, staff and visitors safe.

Webinar Redistricting



About NLSSA 

The purpose of NLSSA is to improve the coordination, cooperation and communication among individuals serving state legislatures as sergeants at arms, security offices and law enforcement officers.


Coronavirus Resources for Legislative Staff

Covering a range of policy areas including continuity of government and elections, our new comprehensive NCSL Coronavirus Resources webpage is updated daily. In addition to updates on state actions, there are distance learning opportunities such as webinars and podcasts. And be sure to check the Comms Shop for LINCS-specific resources. 


Join Us for NCSL Base Camp 2020
COVID-19, the economy, systemic racism, high-stakes elections. For a year unlike any other, you need a plan unlike any other. Welcome to NCSL Base Camp 2020, where national thought leaders and policy experts join with states to map the way forward. Learn more