Notice of Proposed LRL Bylaws Amendments


The Proposed Amendment

The LRL Executive Committee is proposing that the Legislative Research Librarians (LRL) Staff Section of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) adopts the following recommendations for amendments to the LRL Bylaws. These amendments, if adopted by a majority vote of the general members present at the Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019 LRL business meeting, would become effective upon adoption.     

The changes in the Bylaws are proposed to reflect changes in terminology and practice that have taken place since the last revisions of the Bylaws October 2014. NCSL has adopted the name “Professional Staff Associations” instead of “Staff Sections” to describe the nine staff groups affiliated with NCSL.

Link to the PDF version with changes designated in underline and strikethrough.


During the Winter 2019 NCSL Executive Committee Meeting in New Orleans on Jan.18, 2019, the full membership of the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee approved an amendment to the LSCC bylaws that removes "staff section" and replaces it with "professional staff association." This change reflects the new naming convention for staff groups at NCSL.

Notice Requirement

As required by LRL Bylaws Article VII: Amendments, the Executive Committee is providing notice of the proposed amendment, and the required 30-day review and comment period commences with this notice on July 2, 2019.  

The Executive Committee is asking for feedback from LRL members on the proposed amendment. Your insights will help the Executive Committee during its deliberations on this proposal. 

Please send your comments to LRL Chair Betsy Haugen via email by the close of business on Aug. 2, 2019.