Deescalation Techniques for the Legislature


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Deescalation Techniques for the Legislature

Dan Billings has spent 27 years investigating, researching, mitigating and teaching topics on workplace violence. This session will focus on de-escalation techniques to consider when dealing with potentially violent people you may encounter within and outside the legislature.

The webinar is sponsored by LRL and NLSSA.

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  • Dan Billings is the director of security for the Senate of Pennsylvania, responsible for the executive management and administration of the Office of Senate Security. He is responsible for organizing and overseeing all physical security operations of the Senate, including the protection of members and staff and their property, as well as the safety of members of the public who may visit Senate facilities or offices within the Capitol Complex and district offices. Billings leads the security team that works under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Senate Secretary/Parliamentarian and serves as primary adviser on physical security matters to the secretary of the Senate.