About LRL


Legislative Research Librarians Professional Staff Association

The purpose of the LRL Staff Association is to provide an effective information exchange network and quality services for legislators, their constituents and legislative staff. The staff association’s objectives to implement this overall purpose are:

  • Enhance the professionalism and skills of members of the staff association.
  • Contribute to the accuracy and authenticity of legislative products and other pertinent information provided to state legislatures.
  • Sponsor the annual NCSL LRL Notable Documents Awards.
  • Promote the involvement of staff association members in the activities of NCSL.

Below you will find a collection of links to additional information about LRL as well as events and resources available through the association.

Acquisitions List

LRL collects monthly library acquisition lists from any states that would like to contribute them.


LRL administers two annual awards. The Notable Documents Award recognizes excellence in state or legislative documents and publications that explore topics of interest to legislators and staff and present substantive material in an outstanding format. The LRL Legislative Staff Achievementt Awards recognize, from among the LRL membership, up to two legislative staff or agencies who have made outstanding contributions to their legislatures and contributed to the activities of their staff association.


The bylaws describe LRL's purpose, membership, executive committee and subcommittee responsibilities.


The Legislative Research Librarians Staff Association publishes an online directory of state legislative research libraries and librarians. The directory is only available to members of the Staff Association and members of the National Conference of State Legislatures.


Read this quick reference guide to the Legislative Research Librarian Professional Staff Association.


LRL provides a listserv for legislative library staff to promote communications among its members and to share information on LRL activities. The LRL listserv is open only to legislative library staff and all LRL members are welcome and encouraged to join.


LRL Participates in the annual NCSL Legislative Summit and creates and coordinates the LRL Professional Development Seminar each year. Follow the link below for a list of previous LRL meetings.

Newsline Archives

The Legislative Research Librarians Staff Association publishes a periodic newsletter, LRL Newsline.Below are links to PDF versions of LRL Newsline, from 1989 to 2021.


Find a llist of the LRL officers and regional directors for the current conference year.


Below are links to webinars presented and archived by the Legislative Research Librarians Staff Professional Association.