Statute Publishing and Copyright

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  • Kae Warnock
    NCSL, Staff Liaison to the Legal Services Staff Section

December 2012

This selection of tables in PDF format was compiled from a survey of statute and code revisors. If your state is not represented and you would like to answer the survey, please contact Kae Warnock

Online Publication of the State Statutes/Code

Every state’s statutes are published online, but not all are provided by the legislature or state government.

State Statutes/Code: Holder of Copyright

Although the state holds the copyright for the statutes in most states, there are some states where no one holds the copyright.

Official Version of the State Statutes/Code

Definition: The word "official" means that the text of the statutes is the legal evidence of the law in a court of law.

Statutes/Code: Publisher and Frequency of Printing

While most states publish the statutes annually, a few publish every two years.

Corrections or Updates?

Please contact Kae Warnock if there are any corrections or if you need to answer the full survey.