NLPES Outstanding Achievement Award


2022 Selection Criteria and Submission Instructions

The NLPES Outstanding Achievement Award is presented to one individual who has made outstanding contributions to the fields of legislative program evaluation or performance auditing, both at the national level through his/her involvement with NLPES and at the state level in his/her office(s). A maximum of one award may be granted in a given year. There may be years when no award is granted. (See the list of past winners as a reference.)

Selection Criteria

The recipient of the award will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Long-time involvement in the fields of legislative program evaluation or performance auditing while maintaining high ethical and professional standards.
  • Considerable active participation in NLPES. Individual winners of this award typically have made several of the following contributions to the society: served in officer positions on the NLPES Executive Committee, served as a presenter or moderator at NLPES Professional Development Seminars, participated in NLPES-sponsored webinars, participated in NLPES-sponsored trainings at the NCSL Legislative Summit, submitted articles for the NLPES newsletter, and supported their colleagues' participation in the activities and governance of NLPES.
  • Other contributions that have advanced the fields of program evaluation or performance auditing (e.g., the individual served on the NCSL Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee, NCSL Standing Committees or NCSL Executive Committee; enhanced the professionalism of program evaluation or performance auditing; or affiliated with other professional associations involved in program evaluation or performance auditing).

Please note: while many of the Outstanding Achievement Award recipients are retired NLPES members, retirement is not one of the criteria for the award.

Submission Instructions

Nominations for the Outstanding Achievement Award must be made by emailing a letter to the NLPES Chair describing how the nominee meets the selection criteria.

Applicants are responsible for submitting all nomination documentation and materials by the May 6, 2022 submission deadline. Judges will not follow up to obtain additional materials nor will additional materials be considered after the submission deadline. Please ensure that your submission packet meets all criteria for the award.


A special five-person selection committee oversees the process for this award. The selection committee consists of the NLPES Chair, NLPES Vice Chair and three other individuals selected by the NLPES Chair who have a significant history of both active participation in NLPES and experience in legislative program evaluation or performance auditing. The selection committee will make its decision based on consensus and may grant a maximum of one award each year.

The members of the 2022 Outstanding Achievement Award Selection Committee were:

  • NLPES Chair—Kristen Rottinghaus, Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit.
  • NLPES Vice Chair—Eric Thomas, Washington Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee.
  • The remaining three member were Patricia Berger (Penn.), Greg Fugate (Colo.) and Angus Maciver (Mont.). 

If you have questions about the Outstanding Achievement Award, or if you wish to nominate someone to receive the award, contact the NLPES chair:

Kristen Rottinghaus
(785) 431-0124