NLPES Newsletter - January 2011

Chair's Corner: Kathy McGuire, Florida OPPAGA

Kathy McGuire

For an organization in which so much of the work is done by volunteers, NLPES has a lot going on, thanks to our active membership and executive committee!  And Bob Boerner, our NCSL liaison!

Thank you, staff of the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Office, for the great job you did hosting our fall professional development conference!  Twenty-one states participated.  It’s always interesting and inspiring to talk to staff in other states about how they handle the same dilemmas we face in our own offices.

This year we continue to focus on delivering training opportunities to your desktop to help compensate for o6ur office budget constraints.  I hope you were able to participate in John Turcotte’s webinar on Effective Legislative Presentations, Stan Stenersen’s webinar on Writing for the Legislative Audience, and Steve Harkreader’s webinar on the Power of Pivot Tables.  All three were fun and very helpful; you can revisit them any time on our website training page. 

NLPES also has a library of training podcasts, narrated PowerPoints, and slide shows on fieldwork, writing and publication, and management topics, including finding savings, reviewing state agency contracts, developing surveys, and strategic planning for legislative oversight offices.  Several offices, including Colorado, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Texas Sunset, and Florida, have contributed to this collection.  What’s YOUR office’s best training?  We’d love it if you’d share it too!  Contact Karl Spock with questions or your contribution.

Thank you Bob Boerner, Scott Sager (WI), Dale Carlson (CA), Angus Maciver (MT), and Patrick Goldsmith (LA) for launching our new electronic newsletter!  And thank you James Barber for producing the newsletter over the past 10 years!
Your executive committee members look forward to hearing from you this year.  If you have ideas you would like write about or see explored in question of the month, the newsletter, or distance training, please contact us! Kathy McGuire

NLPES Office Happenings

Tim Elwell

At Florida OPPAGA, Tim Elwell has been promoted to Staff Director of the Education Policy Area and Mark West has been promoted to Methodologist. Gary Vanlandingham, who has worked for the Florida Legislature for 28 years including the last seven as director of the Office of Program Planning and Government Accountability (OPPAGA), left his state post at the end of 2010 to become director of the Pew Center on the States' Results First initiative in Washington, D.C. Deputy Director Kathy McGuire has been named Interim Director.

On September 30, 2010, Scott Frank was appointed Legislative Post Auditor for the State of Kansas.  He replaces Barb Hinton, who left in June 2010 to become the Deputy Director of Performance Audit for the Washington State Auditor’s Office.

Karen Leblanc was promoted to manager in the Performance Audit Services Section in October, 2010. More on page 2

New Additions to the NLPES

Training Products Matrix “Narrated PowerPoints” Are you looking to produce short, narrated PowerPoint presentations to quickly summarize or peak interest in your reports? If so, this presentation provides tips on how to make them.

Newsletter's Editors:

Bob Boerner
NCSL Legislative Information Services Program | 303-856-1353

Scott Sager, Wisconsin | Dale Carlson, California | Angus Maciver, Montana


The National Legislative Program Evaluation Society (NLPES) is one of ten staff sections associated with the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). NLPES includes employees of state legislative agencies engaged in program evaluation or performance auditing.

The purpose of NLPES is to advance the profession of legislative program evaluation and performance auditing and to provide members with relevant training, opportunities for exchanging ideas and information, and recognition for superior performance. Interested persons whose professional work precludes membership may request to affiliate with NLPES. Affiliates are invited to participate in NLPES activities and promote the Society's interests, but only members can vote in NLPES elections and hold an elective office. NLPES does not charge dues.

NLPES holds ts Networking and Awards Luncheon in conjunction with NCSL's Legislative Summit. The outgoing chair presides over the Networking and Awards Luncheon where staff section activities are discussed, committee reports are given and members of the executive committee for the coming year are introduced.