NLPES Newsletter - January 2011

NLPES Office Happenings (full article)

The Michigan Office of the Auditor General announces the following retirements and promotions. Retiring are Cal Kladder, Assistant to the Deputy Auditor General; Mike Becker, Therese Regner and Rick Stafford, Audit Division Administrators; and Tom Beuerle, Audit Manager. Promoted are Gerry Schwandt to Assistant to the Deputy Auditor General; Melinda Hamilton, Elden Lamb, and Melissa Schuiling to Audit Division Administrator; and Yvonne Benn, Shelly Fanson, Steve Koschay, Lisa Mazure, and Lora Mikula to Audit Manager.

The Mississippi PEER Committee welcomes Elizabeth Butler as an evaluator. Elizabeth holds a Master of Accountancy degree from Mississippi State University and is working toward her CPA certification.

New Mexico
Charles Sallee moved up to Deputy Director for Program Evaluation - Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) and worked for LFC for five years and previously worked for the Texas Sunset Commission. Manu Patel is the Director of Internal Audit at the University of New Mexico. New Mexico LFC also hired three people. Michael Weinberg who previously served as a principal of a K-8 school in Cochiti, NM and is a doctoral candidate in education; Matthew Pahl comes to LFC from the U.S. Government Accountability Office and Maria Griego who has worked in private sector healthcare consulting and finance areas.

The Texas Sunset Commission appointed Ken Levine as its director in its meeting of November 16, 2010. Ken had been acting as Interim Director of the 12-member Commission, composed of ten legislators and two public members, since retirement of the Commission's former director in 2009. Ken has worked for the Sunset Commission and the Legislature for almost 30 years. Starting at the Sunset Commission as a policy analyst in 1981, Ken worked his way up, taking on increasingly responsible roles as a project manager, senior analyst, and assistant and deputy director. He has worked on, managed, or supervised reviews in almost every facet of state government in Texas.

Ruta Fanning, Washington State’s Legislative Auditor, retired on January 1st. Ruta has had distinguished career, comprising 28 years with the State of Washington. In addition to serving as the Legislative Auditor for the last five years, Ruta has also been the director of the Office of Financial Management, the staff coordinator for both the Senate and the House fiscal committees, a vice president at the Evergreen State College, the deputy director of the Higher Education Coordinating Board, and the director of management and budget for the Department of Corrections. Whew! Unlike her prior flirtations with retiring, Ruta insists she will stick to it this time. Please join the NLPES Executive Committee in thanking Ruta for her service to both her state and the program evaluation profession, and in wishing her all the best.

Wisconsin's Legislative Audit Bureau is welcoming four new staff members to the Program Evaluation Division: Kelly Baker; Nina Carranco; Marita Herkert-Oakland; and Bob Reed.


The National Legislative Program Evaluation Society (NLPES) is one of ten staff sections associated with the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). NLPES includes employees of state legislative agencies engaged in program evaluation or performance auditing.

The purpose of NLPES is to advance the profession of legislative program evaluation and performance auditing and to provide members with relevant training, opportunities for exchanging ideas and information, and recognition for superior performance. Interested persons whose professional work precludes membership may request to affiliate with NLPES. Affiliates are invited to participate in NLPES activities and promote the Society's interests, but only members can vote in NLPES elections and hold an elective office. NLPES does not charge dues.