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This section of the NLPES Report Library includes audit reports about energy, climate, energy efficiency, energy infrastructure, fossil fuels, nuclear energy, renewable energy, oil and gas, utilities and other related issues. 

Instructions for Using the Report Library

To access any report listed below, go to the legislative program evaluation or performance audit agency's website. A link to the agency is provided at the end of each report citation. If you cannot locate a report, contact Brenda Erickson or the NLPES key contact for that office. 

2018 Reports

  • California Public Utilities Commission: It Could Improve the Transparency of Water Rate Increases by Disclosing Its Review Process and Ensuring That Utilities Notify Customers as Required (December 2018), Report 2018-118, California State Auditor’s Office;
  • "Energy Efficiency Contracts—Monitoring and Cost Savings" (June 2018), Louisiana Legislative Auditor;
  • "Venture Michigan Fund" (April 2018), 000-0435-16, Michigan Office of the Auditor General;
  • "Michigan Agency for Energy" (December 2018), 641-0171-18, Michigan Office of the Auditor General;
  • Public Utility Regulation: Mississippi and Other States' Structures Report (August 2018), Report #622, Mississippi Joint Legislative Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review,

2019 Reports

There currently are no 2019 reports for this topic area

2020 Reports

  • Energy Efficiency Contracts 2019—Monitoring and Cost Savings (April 2020), Louisiana Legislative Auditor;