NLPES Executive Committee Call for Candidates


2016 NLPES Executive Committee Election

An election for the NLPES Executive Committee is held each spring, and the time for the 2016 election is almost here. This election will determine the 2016-2017 leadership of NLPES.  

The NLPES Executive Committee is comprised of 12 members.  Eleven members are elected for three-year terms.  The 12th member is the Immediate Past Chair, who serves for one year.  The Executive Committee meets at least three times each year—usually in the spring, during the NCSL Legislative Summit and before the NLPES Fall Professional Development Seminar.

Four members of the Executive Committee will be elected this spring.  If you or a person in your office is interested in becoming a candidate for one of these positions, please:

  • Obtain approval to run for the NLPES Executive Committee from your office’s director or other supervisor, as necessary.
  • Submit a brief candidate statement.  The statement, limited to 200 words, should include a brief personal biography and your proposed goals for NLPES.  Please email the statement to Brenda Erickson, NCSL Liaison to NLPES.  The statement may be included within the body of the email itself or attached as an MsWord document.  The deadline for the submission of candidate statements is March 18, 2016.

Additional information about the NLPES Executive Committee is available on the NLPES website.  Thank you for your consideration, and please contact Wayne Kidd, NLPES Immediate Past Chair, or Brenda Erickson if you have any questions about this year's election.