NLPES Awards Program


Types of Awards

NLPES offers awards in four categories for which an office may submit a nomination or application:

  • Outstanding Achievement Award. This award is presented to one individual who has made outstanding contributions to the fields of legislative program evaluation or performance auditing, both at the national level through his/her involvement with NLPES and at the state level in his/her office(s). A maximum of one award may be granted in a given year; there may be years when no award is granted. (See the list of past winners as a reference.)  The 2022 Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to James Barber.
  • Excellence in Evaluation Award. This award is presented to one legislative office that is determined to have made significant contributions to the fields of program evaluation or performance auditing during a four-year period. Only one award is granted each year. If no office meets the criteria for the award, none will be awarded.  NLPES awarded the 2022 Excellence in Evaluation Award to the Michigan Office of the Auditor General.
  • Excellence in Research Methods Award. This award is presented to the office or offices that used exemplary research methods in an evaluation or audit report released during a calendar year. A maximum of three offices may be granted the award in a given year. If no office meets the criteria for the award, none will be awarded. NLPES awarded the 2022 Excellence in Research Methods Award to two offices—the Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability and the Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit.
  • Certificates of Impact. This award is presented to legislative offices that issued evaluations or audit reports, during a three-year period, that resulted in documented public policy changes, program improvements, dollar savings or other public impacts. Each office may submit only one evaluation or audit report for consideration per year. An evaluation or audit report that previously received a Certificate of Impact is not eligible to receive a future Certificate of Impact. There is no limit on the number of offices that may be granted the Certificate of Impact award each year. If no office meets the criteria for the award, none will be awarded. A total of 27 offices were presented 2022 NLPES Certificates of Impact.

Applying for an Award

A special five-person committee oversees the nomination process for the Outstanding Achievement Award.  The committee consists of the NLPES Chair, the NLPES Vice Chair and three other individuals selected by the NLPES Chair who have a significant history of both active participation in NLPES and experience in legislative program evaluation or performance auditing.

The NLPES Awards Subcommittee oversees the awards process for the Excellence in Evaluation Award, Excellence in Research Methods Award and Certificates of Impact.   

In 2022, the deadline for submission of all award applications was Friday, May 6, 2022.

To see the selection criteria and submission instructions for a particular award/certificate, click on its link below.

Please note that applicants are responsible for submitting all documentation and materials to be considered by the submission deadline.  Judges will not follow-up to obtain additional materials nor will additional materials be considered after the submission deadline.  Please refer to the specific selection criteria and submission instructions for each award/certificate and ensure that your submission package meets all criteria for that award.

If you have questions about any of the awards, please contact NLPES Awards Subcommittee member: 

Drew Dickinson