National Legislative Program Evaluation Society 

Spring Executive Committee Meeting
May 23, 2011
Denver, Colorado

Meeting Participants: James Barber, Mississippi; Greg Fugate, Colorado; Patrick Goldsmith, Louisiana; Lisa Kieffer, Georgia; Kathy McGuire, Florida; Tricia Oftana, Hawaii; Scott Sager, Wisconsin; Andrea Truitt, South Carolina; and Bob Boerner, NCSL liaison were in attendance, and with Dale Carlson, California; Mitzi Ferguson, Arkansas; and Angus Maciver, Montana, joined portions of the meeting by phone. Karl Spock, Texas, participated in portions of the professional development subcommittee meetings by phone.

Jo Anne Bourquard, NCSL and Monica Bowers, Colorado attended as visitors.

Kathy called the meeting to order.

The committee approved the October 4, 2010, minutes.

Kathy discussed the election cycle and urged those members continuing to serve on the committee to consider leadership positions.

Subcommittee Reports:


Lisa gave an update on the submissions for the 2011 NLPES awards:
Excellence – know of 4
Research – know of 3
Impact – 11 so far
Outstanding Achievement – had inquiries about nominating 2 people.

The entries are due the day of this meeting so it is likely that there will be more entries. Bob noted that we have until July 4 to submit the award information to NCSL for inclusion at the NCSL Legislative Summit. Andrea, Lisa, Patrick, Scott and Greg volunteered to help judge the Outstanding Achievement Award, if needed. Information about the award winners will be posted on the NLPES website. OPPAGA will again do the narrated slide show announcing the winners. Since the Executive Committee will not be meeting at the NCSL Legislative Summit, awards will be handed out at the NLPES Professional Development Seminar in Denver. 


As discussed at the October 2010 NLPES executive committee meeting, NLPES submitted a description for a database of reports to Pew Center on the States. Bob reported that Pew is no longer interested in funding a database. We still have the Google search that Beth Ashcroft developed as well as the NCSL database.

Scott reported on the NLPES newsletter and the framework they have established for the subcommittee:

Publication dates – 3 per year, spring, summer, fall; may set dates.
Workflow and assignments – Develop regular and episodic components
Regular – chair’s corner, office happenings, state profile, report radar with a topic area
Episodic – awards, NCSL marketing, professional development, policy, innovations
Content - It is hard to find people outside of the NLPES executive committee to submit content.

The newsletter is useful for marketing. We also need to consider using Facebook and will allocate time at the next meeting to discuss. Bob will bring any information about NCSL’s perspective.

Scott reported on the NLPES website and handed out the schedule and timeline of website updates. The NLPES website leads all other staff sections in the number of hits. Bob reported that NCSL has moved from TIMSS to Personify to track members. It was suggested that the NLPES election ballots be used to update the NLPES member list.  The use of wikis was discussed. Kathy reported that LSCC is using it, but some of the members are circumventing it. We discussed the question of the month and whether it could be done using a different format or putting it in the newsletter.

When members make contact with their states, make a plea for adding things to the professional development library. Each member should come up with one thing to put in the library.

Professional Development:

Tricia reported on the professional development library on the NLPES website. There was a discussion of topics for the library such as Teammate, Caseware and other electronic workpaper programs. Other items such as brochures could be included. There is still nothing in the planning and scoping area. There was a discussion of including recommendations for persons to provide training for offices. Bob will check with Doug to see what NCSL would think about that. Please contact Karl if you have ideas for the podcasts. It was suggested that he do interviews with offices that win NLPES awards. James mentioned that he has old NLPES newsletters which could be reprinted in the newsletter or used as podcasts.

The NCSL Legislative Summit in San Antonio was discussed. The committee was considering doing two sessions – one focused on legislators and one on staff. A draft proposal to cosponsor a session on Oversight in Times of Budget Cuts with the NCSL Budgets and Revenue Committee was circulated. The response so far had not been favorable from NCSL staff. The consensus of the committee was to not pursue programmatic content for San Antonio and focus on the professional development seminar and content for the library. After further discussion of attendance at the Legislative Summit and the travel budgets for member offices, it was decided that the NLPES Executive Committee would not host sessions at the Legislative Summit but will still hold the NLPES luncheon.

Peer Review:

Bob discussed the handout on completed and future peer reviews. Other states have also inquired about having NLPES do peer reviews. Bob described briefly how the process worked and encouraged any state interested in having a peer review to contact him.

2011 NLPES Professional Development Seminar in Denver in September

Greg handed out a draft of the seminar schedule with blocks of time for each session. The schedule is similar to the seminar schedule in Baton Rouge. They anticipate having topic area sessions and management/administrative sessions. The five major topic areas based on an overview of the reports issued by offices are education, criminal justice, health and human services, environment, and general government. Suggestions for management/administrative sessions were performance measures, evaluating employee performance, electronic workpapers, succession planning, hot topics/emerging trends such as health care reform and pensions, and peer review.

The surveys from participants after the Baton Rouge seminar indicated that the presenters should interact more with the audience and the PowerPoints should be easy to read. The sessions should be interactive whether a panel or a roundtable. Potential attendees should be told what the topics are ahead of time so get back to Greg within the next two weeks of any ideas or trends. By the end of June, they hope to start putting people into blocks. 

The hotel has a food and beverage minimum of $3,000 which we will use at the joint reception on Monday. We have a room block of 40 and room reservations have to be made by August 19. The concessions from the hotel include ten suites, 1 parking pass, 2 day parking passes, a hospitality suite, no laptop charge, and 3 complimentary easels. A manager of the hotel gave us a tour of the ballroom and the meeting rooms.

The PEW pre-conference session will be open to anyone who has registered for the conference. 

There will be no NLPES Executive Committee meeting at the NCSL Legislative Summit in San Antonio. Instead we will hold a group conference call on Thursday, August 4th. The next regular meeting will be Sunday, September 18, 2011, from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm in Denver at the NLPES Fall Professional Development Seminar. 

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.