National Program Evaluation Society (NLPES) Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

NLPES 8/7/2012 Meeting Minutes

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NLPES Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
Aug. 7, 2012
Chicago, Ill.

The executive committee met on Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2012. Copies of handouts discussed during the meeting are kept on file with the HLPES Secretary.
Members present at the meeting were:

Executive Committee Members
Greg Fugate, Colorado
Carol Ripple, North Carolina
Wayne Kidd, Utah
Lisa Kieffer, Georgia
Marcia Lindsay, South Carolina
Scott Sager, Wisconsin
Karl Spock, Texas
Charles Salle, New Mexico
Rachel Hibbard, Hawai’i

Brenda Erickson, NCSL liaison

Jan Yamane, Hawai’i 

Scott called the meeting to order.

The committee approved the minutes from the May 19, 2012 meeting in Denver, Colo.

Update on 2012 PDS
Lisa reported that plan for programming is coming together; in the process of approaching individual states about presentations on specific topics right now.  We are receiving questions about the likelihood of Pew stipends being made available.

It is likely that Executive Committee members will be asked to serve as moderators. Wayne noted that Tim Osterstock (Utah) can fill in as necessary.

Greg recommended including Evaluation forms and CPE forms (some states will need) in packets for attendees. It was also noted that we may need sign-in sheets for each session. Brenda will prepare.

Recommended presenters be reminded of time management and include a reminder to this effect in the moderator’s information.

Awards will also be announced at the PDS. Karl asked if they would also be announced at the NLPES Networking Breakfast. Scott said he would have abbreviated remarks, announce the Excellence Award winner, the three Research Award winners, and the Outstanding Achievement Award winner. He would also direct people to the website for more information and details on Impact Award Winners. 

Pew Stipends
Brenda reported that the contract with Pew has been signed. The contract totals about $15,000. The intent is to encourage participation in the meeting itself. Last year, the funds were used as a carrot for states to send an extra person or used so that states that were unable to send anyone were allowed to do so. 

Last year, we had 23 stipends at $750 each – there are fewer funds available this year. One option this year would be to make each stipend $350 to cover the cost of registration. We need to decide by the end of next week so that we can provide clarity to NCSL and contact the states. 

Discussion was around how much to offer based on the projected number of states that would be participating. Decision was to award stipends in the amount of $550 (expecting 27 states would accept a stipend). 

Scott asked what happened to “extra funds” if we don’t spend all. Brenda was not sure; some of the funds have to be set aside for the Pew session itself and administrative costs but that should only be about $5,000. If we have an excess of stipends, we can decide whether to offer more to the host state to offset the cost of attendees. 

2013 Professional Development Seminar
Per Karl - Sergeants will have PDS in Austin; their chair is from Texas and so is the Staff Chair. Right now, need to reach agreement on dates; generally, the sergeants like to have their conference at the end of September. We can discuss in Atlanta at our next meeting.

Karl noted that Austin City Limits is 2 weekends this year: Oct. 4-6 and 11-13.  It may be that we can hold the conference in the middle of the week.  It was also noted that the Legislative Summit is a week later next year as well – it starts on August 12th.

Greg noted that we did not have cross programming in Denver and that we struggled with that in Baton Rouge. It may work to have sergeants join us to help maximize hotel conference rooms, etc., but keep programming separate.

Question was raised about whether we would use Conference Direct or NCSL next time. Karl noted that he would talk to Brenda and Heather Plush about our ability to push on Conference Direct as necessary.  Executive Committee agreed.

Brenda noted that we need to specify additional date options in case we have to work with the hotel. She said we may also want to look at other staff section meetings being held around the same time because meeting planner availability could become a problem. 

Fall Newsletter
The next newsletter will come out after Atlanta. If anyone has ideas or contributions, let Dale or Charles know. Brenda noted that if you have someone who is interested in writing the New Staff Overview article, the subcommittee is interested in continuing it. Karl obtained a list of questions from James regarding the State Profile articles. He forwarded those to Scott.

Other Business
Vote on proposed bylaws amendment (as approved by the Executive Committee on 5/19/12 and submitted to the membership).  Motion to accept the amendment was approved.

 Karl will be making Subcommittee assignments prior to the meeting in Atlanta so that the committees can meet. The plan is to start the meeting at 9 a.m. Sunday.

Carol noted that the membership list on the website has some broken links. Scott said Brenda is the person to notify and the turnaround on fixing the links is much quicker now. Last year, the Communications Subcommittee vetted the links and tried to get them fixed. 

Jan Yemane noted that NCSL has brought a consultant in to revamp the website. The consultant has been given the charge to make the website more user-friendly.

Jan also noted that the LSCC has been given the charge to education Executive Committees on the roles and structure of NCSL and LSCC so that upcoming members have a better understanding of the structure.

Next meeting
Atlanta, 9 a.m., Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012.

 Meeting was adjourned