National Legislative Program Evaluation Society

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
August 4, 2011
Telephone Conference Call

Meeting Participants: James Barber, Mississippi; Dale Carlson, California; Greg Fugate, Colorado; Patrick Goldsmith, Louisiana; Wayne Kidd, Utah; Lisa Kieffer, Georgia; Marcia Lindsay, South Carolina; Angus Maciver, Montana; Kathy McGuire, Florida; Tricia Oftana, Hawaii; Carol Ripple, North Carolina; Scott Sager, Wisconsin; Karl Spock, Texas; Andrea Truitt, South Carolina; and Bob Boerner, NCSL liaison, were in attendance.

Kathy called the meeting to order.

The committee approved the May 23, 2011, minutes.

Subcommittee Reports:


Andrea gave an update on the 2011 NLPES award process:

  • Excellence – There were nine applicants and Georgia received the award.
  • Research – There were five applicants and Florida and Georgia received awards.
  • Impact – There were 25 applicants from 24 states (Texas had two offices apply) and 25 received awards.
  • Outstanding Achievement – There was one applicant and Jan Mueller from Wisconsin received the award.

There were no issues with the awards process or criteria identified during the judging. Lisa will report to the committee at the Denver meeting about the states that applied for the awards. Lisa will also send some information to Karl for the awards announcement at the NCSL Legislative Summit next week.


Scott reported on the NLPES newsletter. In the past, it had been published three times a year and handled entirely by James. Now the communications subcommittee is responsible for publishing it. The subcommittee is looking at alternatives to the newsletter such as Facebook to improve communications and be more relevant. They sent e-mails to James and Ken Levine and received very thoughtful responses which they are considering. The committee plans to develop a template to look at how NLPES communicates with its members, both in finding content and communicating it differently and more often. Individuals will be assigned specific tasks. Bob will check on the number of hits that the newsletter received and will check with Doug Sacarto about NLPES using Facebook. NCSL has a presence on Facebook, but none of the staff sections do.

Professional Development:

Karl reported on the NCSL Legislative Summit to be held next week in San Antonio. Karl and Wayne will be the only members of the NLPES Executive Committee attending the meeting. These are the events that NLPES is associated with:

  • Monday, 8/8 – NLPES dutch-treat dinner. Bob reported that there were currently 16 registered to attend.
  • Tuesday, 8/9 – NLPES is cosponsoring with the Legislative Effectiveness Committee and the Women’s Legislative Network a panel called Tools for Stressful Times. NLPES is also cosponsoring with the other staff sections a session for Legislative Staff University titled Ethics at the Box Office.
  • Wednesday, 8/10 – NLPES is cosponsoring with the other staff sections a Legislative Staff Workshop titled So You Think Things were Tough Before? Turning Challenges into Opportunities.
  • Thursday, 8/11 – NLPES is cosponsoring a session with the Legislative Effectiveness Committee on The Changing Role of State Government. The NLPES Award Announcements and Networking Luncheon will also be held this day.

Karl reported that they are developing a webinar on time management. The webinar will be on October 25 and the presenter is Katherine Ray who has been in HR consulting for 30 years. She is doing the presentation for free and the webinar has up to 200 connections. Karl will send her bio to Scott.

There is also a podcast on the NLPES website about the professional development seminar in Denver.

Tricia said that she would be contacting everyone about training programs that can be put in the library on the NLPES website.

Nominations and Elections:

James conducted the elections. In accordance with the NLPES bylaws, the vice chair becomes the new chair so Scott will be the chair. Karl was nominated for vice chair and unanimously elected. Lisa was nominated for secretary and elected unanimously. These three will be responsible for setting the agenda for the committee meeting in Denver.

2011 NLPES Professional Development Seminar in Denver in September

Greg reported on the plans for the seminar and stated that Kathy and Bob had been very helpful throughout the planning process. He went over the draft meeting schedule and indicated that the items highlighted in yellow are confirmed participants. They are still waiting on commitments from some states. Arizona has confirmed one and Kansas still isn’t sure. Greg will send a list of the panelists to the moderators for the moderators to contact them by the end of the month. The moderators may also have to get additional information from the panelists.

Bob reported on the progress of the stipends from PEW. They have submitted a budget that they are asking PEW to fund and are waiting on a response from PEW. He doesn’t have a time frame for their response although they are aware that hotel reservations must be made by August 19. We have asked for 20 to 30 stipends and they would be for $750 each and would be received as an expense reimbursement. Individuals selected to receive the reimbursement will submit the costs to Bob for reimbursement. Committee members are asked to not mention the stipends until the agreement with PEW is in place.

Greg reported on the Wednesday afternoon activities. They have scheduled nothing ahead of time as people often change their minds. Bob is arranging a golf outing. There are lots of options for activities such as a capitol tour, museums, shopping, brewery tours, etc. They will provide information to attendees and then gauge the interests of people before they coordinate things. 

The only activity with the security people is the joint reception on Monday to meet the food and beverage minimum at the hotel. We will be in the same meeting space with them but have no sessions with them. 

Bob reported that there were 12 people registered at the hotel and 20 people registered for the conference. Greg reported that there will be 22 people attending from Colorado.

Other Business

Karl thanked Kathy for all that she has done leading the committee, working on professional development and with PEW to get the stipend.

The 2012 professional development seminar will be in Atlanta.

The next regular meeting will be Sunday, September 18, 2011, from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm in Denver at the NLPES Fall Professional Development Seminar. The subcommittees will meet first and then the full committee will meet. Scott will get a tentative agenda for the NLPES Executive Committee meeting sent out in the next couple of weeks.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.