Ethics Training for Program Evaluators and Performance Auditors

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Ethics Training for Program Evaluators and Performance Auditors

Evaluators and auditors generally are the legislative staff responsible for assessing and judging state agencies and programs. Because of the important role that they play, we want to believe that evaluators and auditors are ethical. Ethical behavior, however, is not always black and white. 

So, during this webinar, let's talk about ethics.

  • Why do ethics matter?
  • How do ethics affect us?
  • How does ethical behavior come into play in our jobs as auditors and evaluators?
  • How do you identify ethical dilemmas?
  • How can you handle situations in which you may encounter ethical dilemmas?


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  • Linda Triplett, performance improvement methodologist, Mississippi Joint Legislative Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review Committee


  • Katrin Osterhaus, principal auditor, Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit