2008 NLPES Impact Award Winners

in alpha order


  1. Arizona Office of the Auditor General:  Performance Audit and Sunset Review:  Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners
  2. Arkansas Division of Legislative Audit:  Special Report: Arkansas Public School Districts: Summary of Costs for the Year Ended June 30, 2005
  3. California State Auditor:  Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund: Local Governments Do Not Always Use It to Mitigate the Impacts of Casinos, and Its Viability Will Be Adversely Affected by Compact Amendments
  4. Colorado Office of the State Auditor:  Performance Audit: Public Safety Programs, Division of Oil and Public Safety
  5. Florida’s OPPAGA:  Workspace Management Initiative Can Benefit State, But DMS Not Taking Adequate Steps to Ensure Goals Are Met
  6. Hawaii Office of the Auditor: Management of Student Housing Services at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Part I
  7. Idaho Office of Performance Evaluations:  Evaluation Report: Management in the Department of Health and Welfare
  8. Illinois Office of the auditor general:  Performance Audit: Mass Transit Agencies of Northeastern Illinois: RTA, CTA, Metra, and Pace
  9. Kansas Legislative Division of Post Audit:  K-12 Education: Reviewing Issues Related to Virtual Schools
  10. Maine Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability:   Economic Development Programs in Maine
  11. Michigan Office of the Auditor General:  Performance Audit of High School Graduation Dropout Rates
  12. Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor:  Post Employment Benefits for Public Employees
  13. Mississippi PEER:  A Limited Management Review of the Greenville Higher Education Center
  14. Montana Legislative Audit Division:  Performance Audit:  Pay Plan 20: The State’s Alternative Pay Plan
  15. Nebraska Legislative Performance Audit Section:  The Lincoln Regional Center’s Sex Offender Services Program  (within Legislative Audit and Research Office)
  16. New Mexico legislative finance committee:  Review of the Interagency Behavioral Health Purchasing Collaborative and Follow-Up Review
  17. South Carolina Legislative Audit Council:  A Management Review of the South Carolina Department of Transportation
  18. Tennessee Office’s of Research and Education Accountability:  Financing Health Care for the Uninsured: Who Bears the Burden in Tennessee?
  19. Texas State Auditor’s Office:  An Investigative Report on the Texas Youth Commission
  20. Texas Sunset Advisory Commission:  Staff Report: Texas Veterans Commission, Veterans’ Land Board
  21. Virginia’s JLARC:  Interim Review of the Results of Abusive Driver Fees in Virginia and Other States
  22. Washington Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee:  Life Cycle Cost Model Update
  23. West Virginia Performance Evaluation and Research Division:   Special Report: State Issued Pager Service
  24. Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau:  A Review:  State Economic Development Programs
  25. Wyoming Legislative Service Office, Program Evaluation Section:  Market Pay
  26. Georgia Department of Audits, Performance Audit Division:  State Purchasing Card Program