NLPES 2007 Impact Certificate Winner

1.  Colorado:  Online Education Performance Audit Colorado Department of Education

2.   Florida: Redirection as Effective as Residential Delinquency Programs, Achieved Substantial Cost Avoidance

3.  Georgia:  Program Evaluation: State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) Department of Community Health

4.  Hawaii:  Management Audit of Kailua High School

5.  Illinois:  Management Audit of the Flu Vaccine Procurement and the I-Save Rx Program

6.  Idaho:  State Substance Abuse Treatment Efforts

7.  Kansas:  Performance Audit Report:  Board of Healing Arts:  Reviewing Issues Related to Complaint Investigations, Background Investigations, and Composition of the Board

8.  Louisiana:  Other Needs Assistance Program

9.  Michigan:  Performance Audit of the Selected Medicaid Pharmaceutical Drug Transactions

10.  Mississippi:  Limited Management Review of the Department of Health

11.  Tennessee:   Mothers and Babies:  The Health of Tennessee's Future

12.  Texas:  Staff Report on the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

13.  Utah:  A Performance Audit of the Utah Department of Corrections

14.  Virginia:  Evaluation of Children's Residential Services Delivered Through the Comprehensive Services Act

15.  Washington:   Review of Port Angeles Graving Dock Project

16.  West Virginia: State-Issued Wireless Telephones

17.  Wisconsin:  Legislative Audit Bureau

18.  Wyoming:  State-Level Education Governance