NLPES Awards Program

Eleven States Win 1999 NLPES Certificates of Recognition of Impact

The NLPES announces that eleven states were awarded the NLPES Certificates of Recognition of Impact in 1999 for reports that had a demonstrated impact on their states.  Winners are as follows:


Arizona Office of the Auditor General
William Thompson, Director, Performance Audit Division
Performance Audit of the Arizona State Land Department: This report addresses ways to maximize revenues generated from state trust lands administered by the State Land Department, particularly those lands located in urban areas. The report recommended that the Department adopt a more proactive approach.

Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability
John Turcotte, Executive Director
Performance Audit of The Division of Safety, Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security: This report found that the Florida State Consultation Services Unit was not complying with state law, was not effectively using state assets, and was not significantly impacting private sector safety. Among other things, the report led to reorganization within the Department that included the elimination of 34 full-time staff positions.

Georgia Department of Audits
Paul Bernard, Director, Performance Audit Operations Division
Program Evaluation of the Drug Rebate Program: This report found that the Georgia Drug Rebate program's billing system produced invoices that included large and obvious errors, and that its accounting systems produced records that were untrustworthy. The Department of Audits estimates that average quarterly collections have risen over $5.6 million (41%) following implementation of its recommendations.

Illinois Office of the Auditor General
William Holland, Auditor General
Management Audit of Tuition and Fee Waivers: This report found that in 1995-96, nearly 41,000 tuition waivers worth $117 million were granted. The report received extensive newspaper coverage, and legislation to implement audit recommendations is pending. Full implementation of the audit's recommendations would result in savings of more than $8 million at just one university.

Massachusetts House Post Audit and Oversight Bureau
James Tansey, Director
Report on the Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation Including "Are You Sure About This Guy?": This report found the provision of care by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation to be substantially impaired. The report received significant media attention. Recommendations for program improvement have already been implemented.

Michigan Office of the Auditor General
Thomas McTavish, Auditor General
Performance Audit of the Charter Schools Office and Michigan Resource Center for Charter Schools, Central Michigan University: This report found numerous problems in the oversight of charter schools by Central Michigan University. The audit received substantial public recognition, including being cited in a report on ABC's Nightline. Numerous operational and programmatic changes have been made as a result of the audit.

Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor
Jim Noble, Legislative Auditor
Child Protective Services: This report found that Minnesota's counties have widely varying practices regarding child protective services, that there is confusion about requirements related to the reporting of suspected maltreatment, and that many child care professionals lack confidence in the system's ability to intervene effectively in children's lives. The report received substantial media coverage, and the legislature has passed laws during the last two years to enact many of the report's key recommendations.

South Carolina Legislative Audit Council
George Schroeder, Director
A Management Review of the Department of Natural Resources: This audit found that, although funds of the Department of Natural Resources were used in accordance with the purposes expressed in law, financial management needed improvement. The audit found that some department-wide problems might be avoided by establishing an internal audit department. The report contained 55 recommendations to improve operations at the Department.

Texas Office of the State Auditor
Lawrence Alwin, State Auditor
A Review of Oversight for the State's Embedded Systems Year 2000 Repair Efforts: This report found that many Texas entities did not have contingency plans in the event their computer embedded systems failed, funding was a problem, and no single entity was responsible for coordinating and reporting on statewide repair efforts. The project significantly increased awareness of the problem, and led many agencies to implement processes to help ensure Year 2000 preparedness.

Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau
Janice Mueller, State Auditor
An Evaluation of the Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Fund: This evaluation included recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Wisconsin Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Fund program, and to increase monitoring. The report received wide media attention, and a bill to implement many of its recommendations has been voted out of committee and is currently pending action in the Senate.

Wyoming Legislative Services Office
Barbara Rogers, Program Evaluation Manager
Crime Victim Services: This review found that the existing structure of the Wyoming crime victim services, which was split between two entities, was not effective. The review recommended that the legislature consider consolidating the state level administration of victim services. In response, a bill requiring consolidation passed in 1998, with an immediate effective date.