NLPES Awards Program

Twelve States Win 1998 NLPES Excellence in Impact Award



The NLPES announces that twelve states were awarded the NLPES Impact Award in 1998 for reports that had a demonstrated impact on their states.  Winners are as follows: 

California State Auditor

The report,Kern County: Management Weaknesses at Critical Points In Its Child Protective Services Process May Also Be Pervasive Throughout the State, resulted in Legislative hearings, the introduction of new legislation, press coverage, and changes to the County's program operations.


Colorado Office of the Auditor General

The Office issued a series of reviews of Colorado's Mental Health System. These reports, Purchase of Medicaid Mental Health Services; Department of Human Services Mental Health Community Programs; and Department of Human Services, Impact of Managed Care on State Mental Health Institutes, resulted in legislative hearings, program restructuring, press coverage, and a $10 million savings.

Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability

The report, Review of Historic Preservation Boards, resulted in legislative hearings, passage of new legislation to restructure the program, $1.8 million in annual savings, expanded availability of historic preservation services, and press coverage.

Georgia Department of Audits

The report, Dental Treatment Program, resulted in the Legislature continuing the program, which was recommended for elimination by the governor. The study also resulted in press coverage and an expansion of program services.

State of Hawaii Office of the Auditor

The report, Management Audit of the Public Library System, resulted in legislative hearings, press coverage, and changes in program management. 

Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor, Program Evaluation Division

The report, Residential Facilities for Juvenile Offenders, resulted in legislative hearings and the passage of new legislation, the closure of a facility which will save $2.1 million annually, program changes, and press coverage. 

Montana Legislative Audit Division 

The Division report, Relocating Utilities on Montana's Highway Right-of-Way, resulted in the passage of new legislation, program restructuring, and a savings of $836,000.

South Carolina Legislative Audit Council

The report, Auto Insurance in South Carolina, resulted in a $15 million reduction in losses by the state auto reinsurance entity. The report also generated press coverage and resulted in the passage of new legislation.

Virginia Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission

The report, Follow-up Review of Child Day Care in Virginia, resulted in legislative hearings, the passage of new legislation governing the program, press coverage, and program improvements.

Washington Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee

The Committee report on the Washington Medicaid Nursing Home Reimbursement System resulted in a savings of $50 million and the adoption of a new reimbursement system by the Legislature. 

Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau

The Bureau released two reports on nursing home regulation -- An Evaluation of Nurse Aide Misconduct Investigations and An Evaluation of Nursing Home Regulation. These reports resulted in the passage of reform measures by the Legislature. 

Wyoming Legislative Service Office

The report, Wyoming Deferred Compensation Program, resulted in legislative hearings, press coverage, lower fees for program participants, and improved program operations.