Writing for the Legislative Audience

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This 90-minute webinar explores some of the challenges involved in conveying complex information to busy readers. It gives writers an understanding of how busy readers actually learn such information, as well as a set of tools for writing documents that can be understood and acted upon. Participants can use the insights gained in a variety of different writing situations and at any level of their organization. Participants should read the handouts prior to viewing the presentation.

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  • Stan Stenersen: Stan Stenersen has provided writing workshops for NCSL and other organizations for several decades. Early in his career, he taught technical writing and composition at the university level. He later worked for legislative agencies at the state and federal levels, spending most of these years at the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), where he specialized in helping analysts develop reports and testimony for the United States Congress. Now retired from GAO, he continues to operate his own training and consulting business.

(This webinar was co-sponsored by the: Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee (LSCC);American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries; Leadership Staff Section; Legal Services Staff Section; Legislative Information and Communication Staff Section; Legislative Research Librarians; National Association of Legislative Fiscal Offices; National Association of Legislative Information Technology; National Legislative Program Evaluation Society; National Legislative Services and Security Association; Research and Committee Staff Section; Legislative Education Staff Network; Legislative Health Staff Network.)

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