Make Your Mark


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Make Your Mark: Practical Tools to Expand Your Personal Presence

Presence. You know it when you see it. Yet did you know there are specific nonverbal skills that create "presence"? By increasing your awareness of your nonverbal communication, you can change how others perceive you. In this presentation, Rachel Beohm will give you concrete tools to communicate a positive, powerful presence.

You'll learn 1) how nonverbal communication impacts your presence, 2) what presence is, 3) the four components of presence, 4) how to move from autopilot to awareness and action with each component, and 5) concrete communication skills that help you look and feel more confident and credible.

Without presence, you have little impact on the world around you. Increase your presence and increase your influence.


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  • Rachel Beohm: Rachel Beohm has worked for more than 10 years in the communications field. She trains executives, professionals, speakers, and job seekers to present themselves powerfully through the use of nonverbal communication skills so they can achieve their goals. She coaches clients one-on-one in downtown Portland, Ore., provides blogs and other resources online, and delivers workshops and keynotes across the country. Beohm first discovered the power of nonverbal communication while studying for her graduate degree at Portland State University. She observed fellow teaching assistants transform before her very eyes with a few simple techniques. Fascinated, she began learning all she could and sharing it with others. Beohm has become known for her knowledge, insightfulness, and remarkable ability to share her understanding in a way that others can immediately put to use. Beohm is active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Medium. She also blogs regularly at her website: