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Purging and Updating Current Lists

Please follow the procedures below to update legislative staff mailing lists.

  1. You may obtain a current list of the legislative staff for your state who are in the NCSL system by going to the Legislative Staff Directory or by requesting an electronic copy of the list in MS Word format from your NCSL state assignment staff person. To obtain a list of your state's legislative staff sorted by specific offices or in another way, please contact your NCSL state assignment staff person to discuss what you need.
  1. To make updates electronically, edit the MS Word document after enabling the tracking changes feature, so that edits are highlighted next to the information being updated.
  1. To make updates manually, edit a hard copy of the list in red or blue ink, so that the edits are highlighted.
  1. Please use the following instructions to make your edits:
  • Mark Gone  beside the name of a person who is no longer employed by the legislature.
  • Mark Not Staff  beside the name of a person who might have reason to be on NCSL’s mailing lists (e.g., legislators, lobbyists or executive branch officials), but who is incorrectly coded as legislative staff.
  • Make updates or corrections to a person's entry (including title, address, phone, or e-mail) as clearly as possible on or near the person’s entry. Please pay special attention when updating or correcting e-mail addresses.
  1. E-mail or mail the updated list to your NCSL state assignment staff person. After reviewing the updated list, the NCSL state assignment staff person will forward the list to NCSL's IT department for entry of the changes into NCSL's system.
  1. While NCSL recommends updating your state's legislative staff list at least once a year, you are encouraged to make updates, corrections, and deletions as they occur by sending an email message to NCSL by clicking here.

Adding New Names

  1. NCSL would like to have all appropriate legislative staff on its mailing list. While the decision as to whether a legislative staff employee in your state is an “Appropriate” addition to NCSL's system is yours, NCSL suggests including at least the following:
  • Staff who deal with policy issues.
  • Staff who are involved in the management of the legislature. At a minimum, this includes the director or head of each legislative staff agency in your state.
  • Staff who would otherwise benefit from interstate communication and cooperation.
  • Personal or district staff who work directly for a legislator or are part of a small team reporting directly to a legislator, if your state has this kind of staff. NCSL is particularly interested in adding the names of personal and district staff to its system.
  1. You can add new names to NCSL’s mailing lists using one of the following methods:
  • Enter the names into the online form and submit it as instructed.
  • Send the names using email or by mailing the information.
  • Highlight the names on a legislative staff directory or roster. Please clearly mark the names to be added to expedite the process.
  1. Whichever method you use, please be sure that all names have a complete title, mailing address, telephone numbers, and an e-mail address. If there is a standard format for e-mails in your state (e.g.,, you may provide the standard format without writing out all of the e-mail addresses.

Thanks for participating in a project that is vitally important to improving NCSL's services to legislative staff!

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