Legislative Staff Week | You Deserve a Hand


You Deserve a Hand | Legislative Staff Week 2020: May 4-8

Every day, you and your colleagues work behind the scenes to support the work of legislatures. From drafting bills to keeping the computer networks secure, legislatures couldn’t function without you. And now more than ever, your adaptability and resilience are on display. Do you have a colleague who has demonstrated leadership, innovation or collaboration during these unprecedented times? Give them a standing ovation! 

Complete this short form to praise someone who deserves it! Please spread the word—and check below to see if you’ve been recognized!  

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Rich Puffer, Chief Clerk of the House, Joy Bower, Secretary of the Senate   Delaware Rich and Joy, your knowledge of your chamber procedures have been so helpful as we chart a course through this pandemic. And, your help with and counsel on building operations have been greatly appreciated. Thank you!  Mark Cutrona
Jessica Geary, LAA Executive Director   Alaska On behalf of LAA, we truly appreciate Jessica's compassionate leadership. She has faced many unique challenges and inspires us with her dedication to supporting the legislature and the employees who serve here.  Sante Lesh on behalf of LAA Managers
Yvette Smallwood, Erika Schrader, Vicki Schultes, and Arun Reddy   Delaware Thank you to our amazing Register of Regulations team for your professionalism, dedication, and kindness. You all keep the registry running smoothly while working under a variety of conditions and time constraints. Your positivity and coolness under pressure is admirable. I appreciate each of you and thank you for the kindness you have shown me whether it was in passing conversation or project collaboration.   Amanda McAtee
Sonya Jelks   Connecticut Ms. Jelks deserves a standing ovation because she has continuously and consistently risen to every challenge that has come her way. Her organization skills and ability to multitask while dealing with stressful situations is commendable. No matter what the task or the turnaround time she always delivers with style and grace. Her knowledge, talents and gifts are a blessing to me, the entire CT General Assembly and all those we partner with. I wholeheartedly salute her today and always!  Rep. Robyn Porter 
Molly McAllister   Connecticut As our Learning & Development Coordinator, Molly provides outstanding training opportunities that are informative, thoughtful-provoking and motivating. She has done an amazing job in providing virtual training opportunities that have not only supported employees during these uncertain times, but have kept our CGA community connected. Her generous and caring spirit extends beyond the classroom, and her counsel is invaluable. Thank you, Molly!  Susan Keane
Mark Brainard Jr.   Delaware Thank you Mark for making up the other half of our amazing JLOSC analyst duo. Walking into this job a little over a year ago I had no idea what to expect in a colleague that I would be working so closely with. I couldn't ask for a better person to share analyst responsibilities with. I appreciate your support and assistance in all the hurdles we encounter.   Amanda McAtee
LSA Administrative Procedure Group   Alabama When the emergency rules started flying these pros were there to catch them and make sure that all of what needed to happen for Alabama to shelter in place!   Othni Lathram
Margaret Foster & Cody James   Alabama Margaret and Cody make sure our office is always spotless and ready for the world. They have been working extra hard these past weeks to keep us all safe as well. They are the folks behind the scenes that keep us on track!  Othni Lathram
Eileen Kelly, Dan Mason, Rachel Cole, and Zack Sheehan   New Hampshire You have stepped up to the plate and worked tirelessly to help us move forward during these unique and trying times. Thank you for all you do, and do cheerfully, to keep us going!  Marjorie Porter
Jamison Bazinet, Chris Wilson and Anne Gallagher Connecticut I am VERY blessed for the legislative staff that I have. So blessed, in fact, that I am hesitant to recognize their exemplary work for fear that someone may take them away. However, my sincere appreciation has (for now) overcome that fear. THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! Rep. Craig Fishbein
Susan Fox and the entire legislative staff   Montana Thank you for all you do to help us do our jobs. It is a unique challenge with a citizen legislature, and especially during these times. I am in awe of your expertise, professionalism and patience!  Sen. Mary McNally
Chris Clarke   Kansas This March Chris reached her 25-year anniversary with our audit office. As my Deputy, Chris provides me with much needed insight, counsel, and advice. Her help, especially during COVID-19 has been very much appreciated. Thanks Chris.  Justin Stowe
Debbie Allen   Delaware Thank you for being our fearless leader and always supporting us, especially in this challenging time!  Senate Majority Staff
Legislative Librarians   Connecticut Jenn, Carrie, and Christine - you are the best! We couldn't handle the volume of requests we receive on the fifth floor without your help. You know just where to look or who to call to find the resources we need. And you provide excellent customer service to anyone who walks through those library doors. Throughout this WAH period, you've been an amazing resource to us all. Thank you!  Rute Pinho
LSA Legal Division Staff   Alabama Overcoming logistical hurdles created by the pandemic, the Legal Division has worked efficiently and creatively to continue to provide professional services to the Legislature and to bring the Session to a close.  Thank you all! 

John Treadwell

Cassandra Gallion   Connecticut Any good legislator is likely a good legislator because they have awesome staff support and Cassandra has addressed the needs, inquiries and worries of countless constituents during the pandemic. She has also supported me in myriad other ways despite her being impacted by this crisis.  Rep. Jason Rojas
Micha Sabec   Indiana Micha, a Senate Legislative Assistant, was nominated for employee of the month by a colleague in March just prior to moving to remote working. Her nomination read, "Micha worked diligently on several major health care issues, and she was wonderful to work with throughout session. She is very knowledgeable and well-organized on the issues and always conducts herself with professionalism. Micha does a great job juggling multiple complex issues and keeping her senators, stakeholders and fellow staff up to speed on important developments. She manages all of this with a helpful, straightforward, and collegial attitude that serves the entire process well." While we were unable to recognize Micha in person, this NCSL platform is a wonderful opportunity to commend her dedication and service to her senators and their constituents.  Jen Carlton
Theresea Varrasso    Ohio Theresea is the hardest worker I have ever met. Her compassion radiates with every constituent she interacts with. She cares deeply for her co-workers and goes above and beyond to help anyone and everyone!    Alison Cozad
House Committee Services    New Hampshire HCS is making things happen behind the scenes while our legislature is working remotely. Nonpartisan and utterly professional, they're doing the work to make the legislators happy in expediting bill processing. The whole House usually benefits from their hard work, as do I, but in these challenging times, this group is going above and beyond anything I've experienced in the last two decades in the House and I am grateful for their work.    Paul Smith
Diana Palmer and Steve Palmer   Connecticut These two know their stuff - and have answered endless, countless, constant questions from me about how the Connecticut General Assembly works, officially and unofficially. They have good humor, professionalism and institutional knowledge that is invaluable and I urge anyone who works at the CGA to get to know them because they are great colleagues.   Amy Albert
LRC Print Shop   Kentucky My co-workers in the LRC Print Shop not only work well as a team, but are completely dedicated to doing the best job they can for our legislators. We are constantly learning new skills as a team, unified in our desire to be the best we can be. I feel grateful to be part of such a wonderful team of people.  Jennifer E. Noran
Susan Aceves   Arizona She is a dedicated Senate team member, runs the Senate Secretary's office with integrity and commitment to all members. An all-around wonderful person.     Melissa Taylor
Amy Albert   Connecticut Connecting to constituents and sharing accurate information about how the state is managing the response to COVID has been critical during the past two months. Amy has provided daily updates for social media communication that benefit the public. The updates have been clear, concise and engaging which is essential to getting information through all the traffic on all social media platforms.     Rep. Jason Rojas
Johanna Henry   Missouri Johanna is always doing everything she can to help me and my constituents. Even while at home the last few weeks, I knew I could depend on her to get everything done while also returning calls and doing extra research for me when needed. Johanna is awesome and I am blessed to have her.  Rep. Ann Kelley
Rhonda Carroll   Connecticut Rhonda has been amazingly thoughtful throughout this difficult time we are in. She's regularly checking in with staff to see how everyone is doing and giving lots of words of encouragement. Some days are harder than others with the loss and anxiety. Rhonda has been a source of positive feedback and support.  Gaia McDermott
Michelle Zajic   Colorado Michelle often knows what I want before I ask. She makes it seem like we're a staff of 4, but it's just the two of us getting it done! Thank you!  Rep. Brianna Titone
Angie Waszkiewicz   Connecticut Angie came on board in December as our Director of Interns. Not only did she learn her job at warp speed, she had to reinvent a program for virtual/remote work, keeping our interns engaged and working. She is a rock star!   Rep. Kim Rose
Rachel Weiss   Montana WOW! As the Legislative Staff for House Judiciary, you support the chairman and all committee members more than anyone. As the Chairman of the Interim Law & Justice Committee, you are always one step ahead of me, your ideas & thoughts are a reflection of myself and the entire bi-partisan committee. You make us all look like we know what we are doing, when it really is YOU. Thank you! Rep. Barry Usher
Melissa Bybee-Fields   Kentucky Melissa is the backbone of the Kentucky House of Representatives. She worked countless hours with reduced staff in the middle of a National Pandemic. She helped keep things running and helped to implement new ways of doing business on the House Floor. Melissa, thank you for all you do!!   Jay Jacobs
Holly Vaughn Wagner, Division Deputy Director   Delaware Managing isn't easy in "normal" times, but it's even harder in a pandemic. Holly's care for Division staff and their well-being, focus on communication, and willingness to pitch in where needed have helped keep things running smoothly while working remotely.  Mark Cutrona
David Williams   Connecticut Dave's the kindest, most caring and resourceful Legislative Assistant in the CT General Assembly! Rep. Mitch Bolinsky
Jim Tamburro & Operation Return to Work Team    Connecticut As a leader, Jim Tamburro along with his OTWT have kept us well-informed on the ongoing status of our return to the Capitol Complex. Thank you for your continued support to all legislative staff and your hard work on keeping our safety your top priority. Your dedication and yes "humor" is much appreciated by all. Gracias! Nancy Serrano
The Research Library staff   Nevada Good legislative staff have always been flexible and able to handle unexpected changes in their work. My staff is very good. The current situation put a new twist on things, though. If you take librarians out of the library, can they still work? Oh boy, can they ever. I am so impressed with how well my staff has handled the transition to working remotely. We all miss our colleagues and our books, but with my dream team of Ali Jobe, Englisa Parker, and Stephanie Heyroth Wilcox, we can (still) move mountains! Teresa Wilt
Amy Albert   Connecticut Amy has saved the day with contacts, graphics and edits not to mention ENCOURAGEMENT countless times in the last few months! I am so glad she is part of HDO! Jean Rienzo
Amanda McAtee   Delaware A force to be reckoned with, Amanda leaves no stone unturned, producing the most consistently-thorough work this office has seen. She has seamlessly shifted staffing a committee during active session to staffing from home. Holly Vaughn Wagner
Lavonie Irby   Connecticut Thank you for your willingness and flexibility to assist with any request, big or small, and for doing so with a smile and a super positive attitude.   Andrea Walker
Debbie Gottschalk   Delaware Debbie's value to the Division cannot be overstated. She's incredibly smart, creatively inventive, and absolutely instrumental to our success. All this, plus her generous spirit, are part of what makes our office shine.  Mark Cutrona
Donnie Sellers   Delaware Donnie leads our small print shop team to do great things. His institutional knowledge, quick response time, and quality work set the standard for first-rate services. He's been a significant part of keeping things running.  Mark Cutrona
Constitutional Officers & Essential General Assembly Staff   Kentucky I'd like to send a shout out to the 18 GA staff that came in and did the work of what usually takes around 50 people. Adanna Hydes, Teri Feeback, Ruth Smith, Debra Parrish, Indiana Anders, Robert Courtney, Annette Fugal, Gary White, Donna Hicks, Wendy Satterly, James Barber, Rick Woodside, Jerry Webb, Eddie Sullivan, Edna Quire, Carla Tillett, Eddie Taylor, and last but certainly not least Mary Jo Sullivan! Thank you all for doing double and triple duty to serve the House and the legislative process! Melissa Bybee-Fields
Milagros Acosta   Connecticut Milagros Acosta has gone beyond the call of duty during this COVID 19 pandemic. She has left no stone unturned in her efforts to assist our constituents especially during this terrible crisis!  Rep. Edwin Vargas
Chris Campaniolo   Indiana Chris has used his record-keeping and organizational skills to corral all of the information flowing in from various sources. It is so useful for our staff to have everything they need about a particular topic in one spot that can be accessed remotely. Lauren Coon
Megan Moore, Research Analyst  Montana Megan Moore is to be commended for her dedication to the House Tax Committee members. While conducting pertinent research for the Committee, she remains professional (and unflappable). She is an outstanding example of the quality of Montana's legislative staff.  Rep. Becky Beard
Nancy Jalbert   Connecticut Nancy has been on the front line helping many constituents with issues involving unemployment, health care, mental health, insurance and others and has been professional and effective! Rep. William Petit
Jessica Davis   Delaware Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure our senators are taken care of! Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Carolyn Martin-Pettaway  Delaware Thank you for being the Senate "Mom"!  Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Capitol Police   Connecticut Once in a while a computer needs rebooting to ensure users can continue to remotely connect. We can call them and they will hunt down the computer and reboot it for us. Although a simple task, its extremely helpful and appreciated! Kenneth Greene
Camille Taylor, Justin Speck and DeAndre Moreland  Georgia This team has gone above and beyond to help our members and staff adapt to a new, more virtual legislative environment. They have worked tirelessly to improve the legislative process lately, and I am so grateful for their dedication!  Betsy Theroux
Don Richards, Fiscal Administrator   Wyoming When the CARES Act passed, Wyoming had just adjourned from its budget session which had been demanding. Don knew how to move forward with the CARES Act and he plugged other staff into key roles so Wyoming could proceed with getting the federal aid appropriated. His institutional memory and commitment are legendary. Most of all, he is an inspirational boss who works hard every day while also being nice and genuine. Polly Scott
Maintenance Team, Legislative Affairs Agency   Alaska The Maintenance team, particularly the Custodians, have worked tirelessly to ensure every surface in the Capitol Complex is sanitized and safe. They are our front line and we are all sincerely grateful. Thank you! Jessica Geary, Executive Director, LAA
West Virginia Office of Reference and Information   West Virginia  My staff is the most professional group of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with and I am proud to stand side by side with them every day.  Drew J. Ross
Col. Pike and the Capitol Police  Virginia Thank you for keeping us safe during the long days of session. You answered every concern of ours, even the little ones, with sincerity and honesty. This year was a new challenge, but your entire team handled it with grace and professionalism. We so appreciate how you go above and beyond during the legislative session. Cassie Ardern
Information Technology Team, LAA   Alaska IT is a force to reckon with. They essentially set up an entire branch of government to work remotely with little notice and challenging circumstances. We wouldn't be where we are without them. Thank you! Jessica Geary, Executive Director, LAA
LTSB - Legislative Technology Services Bureau  Wisconsin The entire team at the Wisconsin Legislative Technology Services Bureau (LTSB) has been incredible. These past few weeks, the staff has been instrumental in helping the legislature with its growing technology needs. Because of their fine work, our representative democracy has been able to continue. They are not only assisting the partisan staff and legislators who are working from home, they're also spearheading our virtual committee hearings and session days. LTSB deserves a standing ovation! Kit Beyer
Donna Selden   Connecticut Donna gives prompt, critical and clear IT support which is much needed as we work from home. I would not be able to support constituents without her help. Tamara Morris
Senate Democrat Communications Staff   Illinois The work you do is outstanding and you continue to impress me every week. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I appreciate you! Brandy Renfro
JC Kestel  Alaska He has gone above and beyond to ensure projects get done, PPE gets ordered, staff are safe while at work and he has thought outside the box to come up with creative solutions to continue legislative work.  Jessica Geary
Senate Technology and Support Services teams   Virginia With only two weeks' notice, they moved the Senate chamber to the Science Museum of Virginia to have social distancing. This included the voting system, voting consoles, microphones, a copier, meals, hand sanitizer, masks and gloves - even a plexiglass cubicle designed by my husband and constructed by a staff member and me to provide more protection for a member with health issues. They were absolutely amazing and looked at the glass half-full the whole time. All went smoothly and members were amazed. These are absolutely amazing public servants! Our nickname is "Wing It Productions. If it is legal we can do it. No job too small."  Susan Clarke Schaar
LAA Security Team   Alaska The Capitol Security Team is our front line for ensuring safety within the Capitol Complex. They greet visitors, ensure sign-ins and travel history for those without a key-card, and they do so 24/7 with a smile on their faces. My sincerest gratitude to Steve, Rayme and team! Jessica Geary, Executive Director, LAA
The Senate Clerk and her Outstanding Team   Virginia Thank you so much to the Honorable Susan Clarke Schaar and her entire team who work in the Senate Clerk's Office for the numberless ways you help us make each session (and all the time in between) successful. Your knowledge, poise, preparation, professionalism, and thoroughness are maintained at the very highest level every single day through many intense weeks. I send this Standing O with much gratitude and appreciation for all of your exceptional work. Sarah Hulcher
Mark Cutrona, Division Director   Delaware Leading an entire team through unprecedented times while accomplishing equally unprecedented, increasingly-complicated research and procedural guidance can't be easy, but he's doing it with great grace. His dedication to us keeps us going every day! Division of Research Team
Susan Marsh  Connecticut Susan has been incredibly patient in researching and testing remote working scenarios and remote support. As her colleague I can say that she has made my life and the lives of many CGA staffers much easier during this difficult time. She is always willing, and more than able, to handle any technical challenge she faces. During the last couple of months she embraced the issues and sought and communicated solutions. Thank you Susan! Cheryl Smith
Research Division of the Legislative Counsel Bureau Nevada I am so proud of the fantastic work of the Research Division! Each and every staff member is truly dedicated to providing nonpartisan, high-quality, and professional policy analysis and assistance to legislators, committees, and constituents. Michael Stewart
Molly McAllister    Connecticut Molly's training classes are always filled with gems. You walk out of every class a better person. Molly also brings in new topics of classes each year. I respect all she has shared with us in professional training in the class and encouragement in and out of class.  Gaia McDermott
Sonja Nowinkoski  Montana Thank you Sonja! Sen. Duane Ankney
Senate Legislative Assistants  Kentucky The nonpartisan legislative assistants serving our Senate members are the best of the best. They've have maintained the highest level of professionalism during the most stressful situation in the history. They are my heroes! Lisa Thomas
Krista Lee Carsner Tennessee Krista's dedication and willingness to support others is an enormous benefit to all of her fiscal colleagues. Her insight and knowledge is something I'm grateful for! Melody DeBussey
Eileen Kelly   New Hampshire You’re one of the most inspiring women I've worked with. Your institutional knowledge astounds me, and coupled with your caring for every employee during this time, you have forever impressed me! You are the leader of our House legislative process, working night and day as the NH House conducts remote business, and still you take the time to check in with so many staffers during this crisis. That has changed the work experiences of so many for the better. Thanks for everything you have done and continue to do for the state of NH and all of us staff!! Rachel Cole 
Barbara Matthews & Pedro Kerr  Connecticut They have continued to process all payments to vendors in a timely fashion without a hitch - working from home. This is not an easy task. Monthly balancing, journals, deposits etc. are all being processed very efficiently!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Sue Skehan
Donna, Dan, and Cheryl of ITS Connecticut Donna, Dan, and Cheryl of the ITS Dept. have always been and still are available to help out with any computer issues and have been most helpful in setting up Zoom and other remote programs. Thank you!  Much appreciated!  David Kaplan
Tim Holbrook, Jay Hartz   Kentucky Both provided continual leadership and feedback during a turbulent time and gave managers the flexibility and confidence to help their teams navigate unfamiliar waters. I always had the information I needed, before I needed it! Shane Bennett
Heather Bannister   Connecticut Heather is an intelligent and hard-working individual inthe Legislative Commissioners Office. Her job requires blinding focus to details. We would be lost without her. I'm thankful for the Learning Partnership program we did together which helped me understand her work and enjoy her company and friendship. Gaia McDermott
Georgia House I.T. (Incredibly Talented) team led by Brian Hurst!   Georgia We needed an immediate overhaul of our proprietary budget system to accommodate for COVID-19 scenarios, and Brian, Michael, and Kenneth made it happen! Thanks to them, there is at least one bright spot in an otherwise ugly budget! Martha Wigton
Clerk's staff, Sergeant at Arms' staff, and the custodial staff of the Senate and House  South Carolina For providing and maintaining a safe environment for those working in the Senate and House offices. J.J. Gentry
Legislative Council Information Systems Team Texas A huge shout-out to you! Thanks so much for helping the council and the #txlege transition so effortlessly to a work-from-home model and for supporting us while we bend the curve in Texas. Jon Heining
North Dakota Legislative Council Staff North Dakota ND Legislative Council has identified critical issues relating to Covid-19. Staff's excellent analysis of legal issues regarding executive, legislative, and judicial powers and how they intersect with Governor's Executive Orders are invaluable to legislators, because we are not in session. Senators Judy Lee (R) and Kathy Hogan (D)
Office of Senate Clerk essential staff    Kentucky They volunteered to help bring the 2020 General Assembly to a close after Covid-19 began to impact our state. Their (socially-distanced) hard work, and dedication to the legislature, got the job done and is appreciated. Donna Robinson Holiday, Senate Clerk
Kessarin Horvath and Kami Briden   Georgia You were dealt a tough hand with this being your first session, but you both have gone above and beyond and contributed greatly to ensuring our office functions smoothly while working from home. Could not ask for a better team! Andrew Allison
Office of Legislative Services New Jersey OLS staff continues provide outstanding service to the Legislature with grit and determination despite challenging circumstances. Remote voting, more assignments from legislators, uncharted budget territory, etc. while #WFH for the first time.  Peri Horowitz
Molly McAllister  Connecticut In only a few weeks Molly pivoted to the virtual platform for training. She has also offered continued support to her colleagues at the CGA.  Caroline Beitman 
Holly Williams Connecticut Holly had an amazing idea to host an NCSL conference at our Capitol. The two-day event she spearheaded was the first of its kind and passed along great knowledge and fostered connection among nonpartisan staff. Her contributions to Learning & Development this year have been greatly appreciated!  Molly McAllister
Pam Ellis New Hampshire Pam seamlessly transitioned to electronic processes overnight in response to our current State of Emergency. She allowed the NHLBA to function remotely, while at the same time taking care of her own family's needs. Michael Kane
Sabrina Lewellen Arkansas No way to thank Sabrina enough for taking over and doing such an excellent  job in finishing our Fiscal Session after I broke my kneecap. Everything was bad enough with COVID-19 and then my accident.  Ann Cornwell
Division of Research staff Delaware In this stormy present, you face unprecedented challenges. Yet, you have risen to the occasion; approaching your work undaunted, bringing forth new thinking and action to solve new problems. I'm proud to work with those who serve the General Assembly with excellence!  Mark Cutrona
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Dan has assisted us in payroll and HR in our virtual world seamlessly. He's also always ready to help. Caroline Beitman 
Margaret O'Brien Michigan Secretary O'Brien, and her entire office, have helped provide guidance, direction, support, and a sense of calm during an otherwise difficult time. They're always an excellent partner to the Fiscal Agency and we appreciate them. Chris Harkins 
New Jersey General Assembly Majority Office  New Jersey I'm so proud to be a part of this team. Working with these brilliant policy staffers gives me hope for our future. I miss them so much as we #wfh.  Jade Bechelli
Katie Whitehouse and Angela Fowlkes District of Columbia At the behest of Councilmember Robert White, these two individuals have worked tirelessly on behalf of District residents during this pandemic. They've worked on legislation to prevent families from being evicted, having their utilities shut off, and extending unemployment. Their work doesn't go unrecognized throughout the year, but I especially wanted to honor their commitment as Legislative Staff during this unprecedented time in our country's history. Andre Strickland
Terry Pfaff New Hampshire Thanks Terry for sending us the most accurate New Hampshire weather read-out every night!  Anonymous
Mary Enderlin Connecticut Mary has stepped up and volunteered her time to help other agencies while managing her own work load remotely during this pandemic.  Tina Mohr 
Molly McAllister Connecticut Molly provides outstanding, thoughtful, motivating and creative trainings both in the office and also now while working from home!  Her willingness to assist anyone who needs it and enthusiastic spirit has been a tremendously positive impact.  Thank you! Colleague
Spiro Amburn and the staff in the Georgia Speaker's Office Georgia Hat's off! They support flexible working conditions and keep us informed and inspired to rise to the challenges of each day as a team. The reputation and reality of the Georgia House as a family is stronger than ever!   Martha Wigton
LSA FIscal Staff Alabama Under the direction of Kirk Fulford they are preparing all budget bills under difficult circumstances for what will be a busy week of legislative activity. Essential and excellent!   Othni Lathram
Constituent Service Unit Team Nevada The CSU team comes together in every instance to address the public's and each other's needs. During this pandemic, and with the volume of calls, it's especially true. Beverly E. Mobley
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan is a subject matter expert in the legislative process and has made a huge commitment to helping others learn. In addition, her involvement in the 2019 Learning Partner Program was one of the reasons it was such a huge success! Thank you, Susan! Molly McAllister
Vicki Thomas Illinois For leading from the front in times of crisis as well as normal times.   Jonathan Eastvold
Rich Diaconu and Sarah Schmidt New Jersey Rich and Sarah have served as the nonpartisan aides to the NJ Assembly Health Committee and are always responsive, dependable, and remain steady when pushed to the brink during busy legislative activity with tough deadlines looming ahead. When last minute amendments come to the table, they work hard to adapt. Their positive attitude and expertise is hard to come by! Thank you! Kaylee McGuire
Legislative Services Agency South Carolina For providing and maintaining internet technology for those working from home. J.J. Gentry
House of Delegates Clerk's Office - Information Systems  Virginia The entire department has done a massive upgrade of our historic chamber and committee room's audio, video, streaming, and voting systems. They have brought new functionality and transparency with this public service. Dick Kirkland
Martha Wigton Georgia As the NCSL Staff Chair, Martha's dedication and service to support legislative staff is remarkable and her consistent encouragement during these challenging times is unparalleled. THANK YOU! Melody DeBussey
NCSL's entire staff NCSL NCSL has done an amazing job providing information on the new federal coronavirus laws and updates from around the country on how states are handling this emergency. Their resources are outstanding and extremely helpful! Janet from Maine
Lori Grayson & Mary Enderlin Connecticut Order after order, these two make sure it all arrives! And when something comes in broken or not as expected, they chance it down and make it right. Thank you for all that you do to make sure the rest of us have what we need! Molly McAllister
LRB legislative editors Wisconsin Almost overnight, the editors learned to perform their jobs from home, without paper, and without losing speed or quality. During long hours, the editors helped to prepare emergency legislation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wendy Jackson
Mary Andrus Utah Mary has been the Utah's Senate Journal Clerk for 20 years. Being a new Secretary of the Senate she helped guide me into a very successful legislative session and was instrumental in making sure we stayed on task. Jennifer Storie
Monica Bowers Colorado Congratulations to Monica, Colorado's Deputy State Auditor, who will retire on April 30 with more than 30 years of service! Thanks for your many, many contributions! Greg Fugate
Andrea Walker  Connecticut Andrea has continued to be a professional during this difficult time assuring that staff could get retirement numbers and make benefit changes. She has gone over and above.  Caroline Beitman 
My colleagues: Legislative assistants Washington Taking great care with the big uptick in constituent casework flowing in, calendaring and Zooming, and quickly adapting to a work from home and stay healthy scenario in a world we did not predict. Megan Walsh
Virginia Division of Capitol Police Virginia A standing ovation goes out to every employee with Capitol Police. I greatly appreciate your dedication and commitment to providing the best public safety services during these challenging times. Colonel Anthony S. Pike
Legislative Council staff Wisconsin You have all continued your work with the same level of excellence, while supporting each other along the way. Thank you!!! Anne Sappenfield
Kelly Cummings New York She is literally helping save lives every day as Governor Cuomo's State Director of Operations during this COVID-19 crisis. From setting up testing sites to running food supply initiatives, Kelly is a frontline worker for the state in every sense of the word and she is a significant reason why NYers are getting the assistance they need. She is NY Tough with a smile. Kristin Williams
Mike Barman Wisconsin In spite of COVID-19, Mike continued his work as the lead program assistant at the physical LRB to continue providing essential services to the legislature. Wendy Jackson
House Democratic Research/Approp Staff Illinois I cannot tell you how proud I am of all of you. Each of you are doing an incredible job adapting to all the demands placed upon you by continuing our legislative staff work, remotely. The excellence of your work has been completely unphased by all of this. You continue to set the bar in legislative staff work. Thank you - for everything you do. Mark Jarmer
Josh A. Washington Josh is an incredible human being who makes the legislature a much better place with his enthusiasm, leadership, and charisma. He's had a profound impact on me as a person and colleague. The legislature is lucky to have him!! Mustang B.
Nancy Warnecke Wisconsin In spite of COVID-19, Nancy has continued to design and publish high-quality publications. She has worked tirelessly to meet deadlines so that the legislature has the information it needs during the pandemic. Wendy Jackson
House of Representatives House Democratic Caucus Staff Illinois Staff is only as strong as its weakest link. From the top to the bottom, facing constant change and growth shows that any challenge can be meet and any problem can be addressed. Respectful Colleague
Amigo Wade Virginia "Bravo!" Thanks to Amigo Wade, Acting Director of Virginia Division of Legislative Services for providing great leadership throughout the 2020 legislative session. D. Jordan
Melody DeBussey Georgia My fellow staff members and I really appreciate Melody's dedication and encouragement. While we have been challenged to reach further (and recognized for doing so) during the COVID-19 crisis, we find Melody's perseverance equally inspiring. Brent Churchwell
Kim Skonieczny Connecticut Kim has been super helpful making sure that all our Zoom meetings have good connectivity. As an ITS trainer, this is not really her function but she wants to make sure that we can all connect seamlessly and knowing that she's there for a test run at any time has been very reassuring. Thank you, Kim! Molly McAllister
Office of Statute Revision Kentucky This talented group of five Revisers and their assistant, headed by Reviser of Statutes Rob Williams, reviews every bill, resolution, substitute, and amendment prior to their introduction. It is truly a Herculean task, filled with long hours, tedious work, and sometimes, not the best material to work with. Then, after the session, when the bill drafters can take a breath, this office undertakes the codification of the Acts just passed during the session. The revisers have the eternal gratitude of every bill drafter because they make our product the best it can be. John Snyder
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Dan takes time to really consider what the impact is of his work. He asks detailed questions at gets at the root of what his customers really need. The result always exceeds our expectations. Thank you, Dan! Molly McAllister
Session Clerks and Committee Clerks and SenTel  Michigan During the COVID-19 crisis, our office doors and services have remained open everyday. You haven't missed a beat. Thank you for striving and achieving excellence! Margaret O'Brien, Secretary of Senate
OLS Information Technology Unit New Jersey ITU has provided the backbone for OLS to continue its outstanding service to the Legislature under #WFH conditions and urgent legislative demands. The rest of us couldn't do what we're doing without ITU. Peri Horowitz
General Court Technology Services division New Hampshire The GCTS team of Sue Forcier, Laurie Sortevik, Ryan Dorrington, Ray Larose, Scott Kelly have done extraordinary work to stand up remote access for all the staff. Great work on a challenging task!!  Terence R. Pfaff
Alex Reger Connecticut Alex is an active participant in Learning & Development but this past year helped lead the 2019 Learning Partner Program. It was a huge success because of his work on the team and I am super grateful. Molly McAllister
Michael Fahncke New Jersey We are fortunate for Mike's expertise and hard work. He works tirelessly on legislation to meet tight deadlines and his product is always fantastic. Thank you Mike! Kaylee McGuire
CGA Payroll Team  Connecticut Despite working remotely they have gotten payroll out and done it so well.  Caroline Beitman 
Brian Mccord and Human Services Section New Jersey The entire Human Services section within the Office of Legislative Services deserves a BIG round of applause! They are sought out to help our members gather the best information, draft thousands of health and social services bills each year, and product quality work. I enjoy working with all the staff in human services and grateful for their dedication! Thank you! Kaylee McGuire
Noemi Hammonds Connecticut Noemi is tenacious devoted to helping constituents solve problems and get connected to resources. At a time when the need and pressures are great, her tremendous work ethic, good cheer, and commitment to detail are an inspiration to me in my work.  Maria Horn
Moriah Lieberman, Policy Advisor to the House Democratic Caucus   Ohio Moriah shows steadfast dedication to the well-being of Ohioans. Even while working from home, she works long hours on policy that focuses on better health and equality for everyone.  Chelsea Golterman, Senior Legislative Aide
Payroll Team Connecticut With little preparation, our onsite payroll department started processing payroll remotely. It was a huge change and they handled it beautifully. Thank you! Molly McAllister
Wellness Committee Connecticut This team of people works hard to make sure that we prioritize wellness, especially when things get a little hectic. Their emails and ideas keep people inspired and connected. Thank you! Molly McAllister
John Treadwell Alabama John has been working through the weekend to be ready for this final push of the session!  His optimistic and cheerful demeanor never weakens under pressure.  Othni Lathram
Office of Legislative Research  Connecticut Thanks so much to everyone for pulling together over the last several weeks while working from home and getting the job done.  You're the best!   Kristin Sullivan
Eric Crockett Connecticut Eric has done an amazing job adjusting to working remotely with no change in productivity. He has also volunteered his time to help other agencies with their work load during this pandemic while keeping other procurement projects running smoothly.  Tina Mohr
Tamara Morris  Connecticut My excellent outreach/constituent manager has consistently gone above and beyond during this pandemic. She is well-organized, pro-active and tirelessly reaches out to residents of my district to troubleshoot their Dept. of Labor, essential businesses, mental health and other needs. She liaises with our Congressional representation and never fails to "have my back" with a handy reminder. I could not have managed this challenging time without her.  Rep. Christine Palm
Richard Funaro  Connecticut Rick was on the job as my communications aide for all of two weeks when the pandemic hit. He has tirelessly cranked out daily e-blasts, which are getting rave reviews. He is a solid and graceful writer with great instincts and excellent grammar/punctuation skills (rare in someone his age these days). He is unfailingly willing to step up, anticipating what needs to be done and then doing it without complaint, no matter the time of day. A real pro.  Rep. Christine Palm
Marc-Yves Regis  Connecticut Marc is a press aide for 10 state representatives, including me. At a time when communication with our constituents is more critical than ever, Marc-Yves' ability to produce quality and timely written material, and to retain his calm and sense of humor under pressure is an extraordinary skill.  Rep. Maria Horn
Carla Montgomery Kentucky In her first year as deputy director over committee staff, Carla has worked tirelessly and shown resiliency and composure since the pandemic began. She has kept the lines of communication flowing with the committee staff administrators and brought a focused practicality to problem-solving multiple issues, some of them unprecedented. In my opinion, she is a rock star. Sarah Amburgey
Liz Conry & Nancy Serrano Connecticut These two make everyone else look good! Specifically, I want to thank them for the endless booking of rooms to make sure that Learning & Development events happen in the right place at the right time. I appreciate all your help! Molly McAllister
Kevin Breault Connecticut Kevin has been an asset to Learning & Development from day 1! Like magic, Kevin makes sure that all my A/V needs are taken care of and that the room has what I need for training. Thank you, Kevin! Molly McAllister
Eric Crockett Connecticut Eric has been working on contracts for Learning & Development and then going back and working on them again with the new status of the building. I appreciate his attention to detail and making sure we have everything we need to keep business running as close to normal as possible under the circumstances! Molly McAllister
TLC facilities and procurement teams Texas The Texas Legislative Council is in debt to its incredible procurement and facilities teams, who've been making emergency purchases, providing necessary building access, and watering our plants in an effort to keep council employees safe and productive during this difficult time.  Jon Heining
Charles Hennessey Connecticut Charlie always has my back! A lot of printing happens for training functions and Charlie not only makes sure it looks good, he does it with a smile. Thanks, Charlie. I always appreciate it! Molly McAllister
Scott Driscoll Connecticut As a SCPD Officer, Scott takes time out to deliver the most amazing classes to the CGA staff. Recently he presented an online webinar that was one of his best classes. I appreciate your passion to help others learn, Scott! Thank you for all that you do! Molly McAllister
Marybeth Sullivan Connecticut Marybeth has been contributing to Learning & Development for about 3 years now. Her "Grammar for Capitol Communicators" is a class where everyone walks away learning something. I appreciate you taking time out to contribute to L&D, Marybeth. Thank you! Molly McAllister
Rachel Meddar Connecticut Although still relatively new to the job, Rachel has done an amazing job working independently while working remotely with no change in productivity. She has also volunteered her time to help other agencies with their work load during this pandemic while keeping other procurement projects running smoothly.  Tina Mohr
Andy Staubitz, Director of Senate Security Washington Director Staubitz creates a work environment in which people feel important and appreciated. His solid leadership (in all times) is monumental in the developing of positive relationships with his security team; and, crucial in aiding Senate Security in achieving its commitment of serving and protecting. Thanks Andy! Christina Brickey
Heather Poole Connecticut Heather's class on Graphic Design and Canva has transformed the way people put together information. Our flyers and emails look so much better thanks to her! Thank you, Heather, for always taking time out to contribute to Learning & Development! Molly McAllister
SCPD Connecticut Thank you for keeping all of us safe and for prioritizing training... not just what you offer to us but the training do to keep yourselves on the top of your game! We look forward to seeing you again sometime soon! Molly McAllister
Jennifer Hays Kentucky Jennifer kept our office running, organized work for the staff working from home, and took on extra work during the covid-19 crisis, which happened to occur during the most hectic part of our legislative session.  Cynthia Brown
Chase O'Dell Kentucky Chase kept the office running and handled the A&R committee meetings with limited staff due to the Covid-19 crisis, which happened to occur during the most hectic part of the legislative session. Cynthia Brown
Jalyn Radekenski Georgia Jalyn works very hard for Rep. Dar'shun Kendrick, after hours and at community events. Osborn Murray III
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan is CGA spirit and persistence. She is 100% tenderness with a strength, focus and diligence I aspire to have.   Gaia McDermott
Susan Marsh Connecticut Susan resolves all of our IT issues with lightning speed. There is no issue too big or too small. She tackles them all with technical expertise and professionalism. I sometimes wonder if there are 5 Susan clones in our ITS Department. Thank you, Susan! Heather Bannister
Georgia House Budget Office Georgia This team, led by Martha Wigton, takes care to understand state agencies and their work. Hard-working, smart, and kind, they do an outstanding job under difficult circumstances. Special appreciation to Patrick Love, who looks out for our libraries! Julie Walker
Georgia Senate Budget and Evaluation Office Georgia Melody DeBussey and Austin Trott are wonderful colleagues, guiding state agencies through annual budget processes with wise advice and careful analysis. We appreciate their diligence and kindness, and salute their terrific work! Georgia's libraries are grateful for them. Julie Walker
Staff/Legislators of CT General Assembly Connecticut For raising over $5k to feed & support our medical professionals working the front lines.  Jim Tamburro
House Democratic Staff Connecticut There are so many that have helped me. Just before the shutdown I was asked to act as an aide. The other aides and staff have been so helpful and always there for me. Pamela Bianca
Brad Towson, Janet Kaminski Leduc, and Marcy Ritsick Connecticut Thanks for being great partners for staffing the ENV Committee!   Kristen Miller
Legislative Services Team Kentucky Legislative Assistants, Receptionists, and Proofers adapted quickly and provided key services and innovation that helped us successfully wrap-up a strange 2020 Session of the General Assembly. Their dedication to public service is unmatched! Shane Bennett
Zack Sheehan New Hampshire Thanks Zack for your seemingly UNENDING hard-work, innovative spirit, and for being a friend to all! I've always been impressed by your quality of work but you have, at least in the eyes of your peers, adjusted seamlessly to working from home and your quality of work remains unchanged. You are invaluable to our team and I'm thankful to learn from you!  Rachel Cole 
Caroline Beitman  Connecticut Caroline is very knowledgeable about HR. Her perspective is clear: be a part of a team & work towards solutions. Her wonderful stories and joyful laughter takes the stress out of any situation. I feel badly for any organization that doesn't have a Caroline in their HR.  Gaia McDermott
Mike O'Brien New Hampshire Mike always goes above and beyond but has especially shown his devotion to the state during this quarantine. He has 3 littles at home to take care of and still manages to be positive, ahead of schedule, and helpful to anyone who needs it! Thanks Mike! Rachel Cole 
Dan Mason New Hampshire Thanks Dan for your guidance in adjusting to working remotely and keeping our entire caucus informed. Your dedication to the legislative process has always inspired me and your attentiveness to staff and their needs is incredible during this time - and with a little one homeschooling at home, I'm always impressed! You're the very best! Rachel Cole
Liz Harwood Connecticut Liz juggled both payroll and audit questions from home in a timely manner.  Caroline Beitman 
Our IT staff Nevada Thank you to our IT staff who always rescue us when things go awry in the middle of committee meetings, conference calls, and deadline crunches. You have all done admirable work to enable us to work remotely. Thanks for your patience and assistance! Teresa Wilt
Lindsey Vroegindewey Montana The Chief Clerk of the Montana House, Lindsey V., has served Montana's representatives with an unwavering and positive professionalism during my two terms there. Even though she's on an "extended hiatus," the bar of that position's service is firmly established. Rep. Becky Beard
Senate Clerk Susan Schaar and her entire team, Virginia Capitol Police, Senate Finance Committee team, Division of Legislative Services team, General Services team Virginia Special thanks to the folks who keep the business, history and traditions of the Virginia General Assembly going on a year-round basis. Thank you for your leadership, guidance and service to the Commonwealth.    Mary-Huffard Kegley
Legal Services Division, Legislative Affairs Agency Alaska Megan Wallace and her extraordinary team of dedicated professionals are known for long hours and tireless efforts to keep the Legislature running. Their resilience, strength, hearts and minds make them shine always - especially now. Jessica Geary
Chrissy Freeland Tennessee Hard worker. Trustworthy.  Sen. Bo Watson
Jennifer Skehan Connecticut Jen has been on top of an enormous amount of complex information and has been able to distribute it to our entire caucus in a timely and helpful manner to aid our constituents  William Petit
ITS Staff Connecticut The staff has done so well in transitioning our support for customers and project work, and have heard significant positive feedback for their efforts. Great job to all for keeping on top of things! Ken Greene
Amy Albert Connecticut Amy Albert provided a tremendously helpful training on PSLF which was greatly appreciated! Respectful Colleague
Mark Brainard Jr. Delaware Mark is a calming presence when other staff are stressed. He brings previous experience navigating political strategy, an invaluable skill that adds depth to our nonpartisan services by providing insight we may not otherwise have. Holly Vaughn Wagner
Kathy Morris Delaware Kathy, our HR guru, patiently helps us wade through the administrative mire so we can focus instead on providing quality research services, even when we ask the same question for the millionth time. Thanks, Kathy!  Holly Vaughn Wagner
Brey Fedele Delaware Brey, an undergrad student, is instrumental in making session days run smoothly. Because our office has a frantic pace when she's with us, we're often too busy to give the kudos she deserves. Thanks, Brey!   Holly Vaughn Wagner
Holly Williams Connecticut Thank you so much for all the work you did to put together the NCSL conference!   Meghan Green
Laura Connecticut She is a PATIENT, resourceful mentor to not only myself coming in new, but to all the new staffers, interns and constituents. Laura works extremely hard to excel. Jean Rienzo
Diana Palmer Connecticut Diana is an expert in her field. If she doesn't already know it (unlikely) she knows where and from whom to find it. Diana has accomplished amazing things this year, and made a great difference in my first year at the legislature.  Jean Rienzo
Cara Wilson Delaware Cara joined us less than 2 months before the stay in place started. Her quick analysis of the complicated legal issues we're now facing has been a key component in continuing to provide our services. Mark Cutrona
Allie Kazlauskas, Danielle Faipler, Amy Albert Connecticut For all the work they do everyday to help me provide the best possible constituent service.   Rep. Gary Turco
Milagros Acosta  Connecticut During these trying times, Milagros has been instrumental in managing the increased number of constituent cases. Her approach and demeanor to resolving the issues associated with Covid-19 are of compassion and understanding. Rep. Juan Candelaria
David Cyr Connecticut He is incredibly helpful with facilities maintenance issues, especially with his calm demeanor. Liz Conroy
Amanda Fulton Delaware Part of our bill room team, Amanda's a key member of the Division in providing information and general services to the public and legislators. Amanda is professional and courteous in a fast-paced and often-frantic setting. Holly Vaughn Wagner
Montana House of Representatives staff Montana No matter what we needed, it was available to us, sometimes before we even knew we needed it!! Rep. Peggy Webb
Molly McAllister Connecticut Thank you so much for helping to pout together the NCSL conference and all the other great trainings you provide! Meghan Green
Desmond Conner  Connecticut Desmond has made my year better since joining HDO! He is skilled, VERY patient, kind and encouraging. Desmond is someone who makes the team stronger and closer, not to mention turns out great press.  Jean Rienzo
Rich Dillard Delaware Rich provides much-needed legal support to our drafting team. With decades of institutional and drafting knowledge, Rich provides background that we would otherwise miss, allowing us to increase the quality of our work. Mark Cutrona
Montana Legislative IT Staff Montana You all are on it, always there, always able to figure it out and keep the Montana Legislature running. Thank you. Rep. Barry Usher
Julia Singer Hiob Bansal Connecticut Julia is decisive, witty, well-spoken, and in the words of a committee chair (to me, during my first week as her replacement), "sets a high bar." And she has generally has good judgment - even though she maintains Carole did it ;-) Jessica Schaeffer-Helmecki
Jeff Chubbs and Danielle Littmann Delaware Jeff & Danielle haven't had the typical experience for legislative fellows, but have beautifully balanced their work and university commitments. Their research support has been critical as Delaware finds its way through the pandemic. Holly Vaughn Wagner
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Dan is always available to discuss options to make the software provide accurate and complete data in a more efficient way. He has created tools that have cut jobs that used to take 3 days down to about an hour! He asks great questions to get at what you are really looking to report and how to best provide that. Thank you Dan!! Susan Skehan
Angela Rehm & Bill O'Shea Connecticut Angela & Bill have been drafting attorneys for the complex and multi-jurisdictional Judiciary Committee for years displaying consummate professionalism, intelligence, institutional knowledge & never ending patience under constant time pressures and ever-increasing demands. Thank you for everything you do and the value you add to the process!  Deb Blanchard
Debra, Don, Liz (Payroll) Connecticut Thank you for paying us! And for your diligence, accuracy, and attention to detail and for being my second set of eyes to catch anything I may miss.   Andrea Walker
Lindsey Vroegindewey, Chief Clerk Montana Thank you Lindsey, you and your staff are always there, you have everything ready to go before session, every day during session and you have always been avail during the interim. The Montana House is going to miss you. Rep. Barry Usher
Colinda Marker Delaware Colinda's our jack of all trades, master of all. She keeps all the gears running, works with myriad personalities, and de-frazzles us on a daily basis. We couldn't do what we do without her! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Natalie White Delaware Natalie staffs committees, helps our drafting teams, and assists both legislators and the public. Her precision and attention to detail provide support we can trust and the backup we very much need. Thank you, Natalie! Holly Vaughn Wagner
Barry Hubbard  Connecticut Barry has been invaluable to me as a newer staffer, providing his experience, expertise and support! He demonstrates a very high ethical standard and quality of work.  Jean Rienzo
Alex Kidwell Delaware Alex's support helps the print shop team meet the fast pace needs of legislative printing. Thank you, Alex!  Mark Cutrona
Amy Albert Connecticut No holiday or weekend stops Amy from getting information to us. A truly dedicated employee.  Rep. Thomas Arnone
Chris Perillo Connecticut Chris took the lead in our Return to Work subgroup - he coordinated meetings, summarized and organized our thoughts and ultimately compiled all into one concise document. He did this along with all of his other responsibilities and is a great person to work with! Beth Waters
Amy Tricario Delaware As a face of the Division, Amy successfully maintains the Division's reputation for being a positive and helpful resource for both legislators and the public. She has successfully continued that reputation during this unprecedented time. Holly Vaughn Wagner
Joel Rudnick Delaware Joel's experience and unique sense of humor bring a new style of creative innovation to our library. We look forward to seeing what he has in store for services provided to our patrons. Holly Vaughn Wagner
Bob Lupo Delaware Bob is a fundamental component to keeping pages printing in our print shop. Always willing to pitch in and get the job done, Bob produces quality work in rapid time. Mark Cutrona
Nate Poore Delaware Nate's graphic design work has helped modernize the Division's publications by leaps and bounds. That he can take our barely-articulated ideas and turn them into fully-realized, vibrant designs is proof that he's working miracles! Mark Cutrona
OFC Peter Lynch Connecticut For collecting and distributing donated hats and scarves for area residents in need. Elizabeth Conroy
Caroline Beitman Connecticut Thank you for being swift and decisive in making adjustments to meet employees' needs as we navigate these unchartered HR territory. Andrea Walker
Nick Bombace Connecticut If you have to be in a budget meeting with just one nonpartisan staff attorney, Nick is that person. Nick is not only a colleague - I am proud to call him a friend. Christopher J. Cordima
Arun Reddy Delaware Arun never hesitates to go above beyond, even assisting while on vacation and from across the globe! Thank you, Arun, for always keeping us up and running. Mark Cutrona
Erika Schrader Delaware We're fortunate that Erika joined us last year. She's dedicated to providing quality work and meeting all of the legal and technical requirements of our Registrar of Regulations. Thank you, Erika! Mark Cutrona
Vicki Schultes Delaware Vicki is an invaluable asset, supporting the Registrar of Regulations team with expertise from years of dedication to the Division. Her knowledge and persistence ensure deadlines are always met and quality is never compromised.  Mark Cutrona
Yvette Smallword Delaware Yvette led her team to quickly adapt to the challenges of continuing Delaware's Registrar of Regulations from home during a pandemic. With her usual quiet grace, she has kept everything running as smoothly as ever. Mark Cutrona
Heather Scalion  Kansas Taking all my calls and always having an answer for me!  Rep. Stephanie Yeager
Deb Maselek Connecticut Her years of experience and dedication to a job well done keeps the mail & supply room running smoothly all year round. Diana Caliendo
Susan Keane Connecticut Susan generously shares her experience with everyone throughout the General Assembly and is always willing to lend a hand. Her creative mind has provided all of us with many new ways to look at how our various offices can better understand each other and the wide variety of skills that we bring.  Diana Caliendo
Susan Fox and her entire Legislative Services team! Montana Ms. Fox and her excellent team are always there for me and other legislators, seems like round the clock, and always on task, responsive, and willing to help us, no matter how big or small the ask. Thanks and you're the best! Rep. Mary Ann Dunwell
Caroline Beitman Connecticut Caroline as the director of HR has offered amazing guidance on numerous issues including on going, highly charged situations. She combines sound practical solutions with real humanness, clarity and confidence.  Angie Waszkiewicz
Gretchen & Catherine - CPU Connecticut These new staffers give everything they have to learn our complicated processes and are quickly becoming an integral part of our team. We are so happy to have them aboard!  Diana Caliendo
Audrey & Maria in LCO File & Engrossing Connecticut They are a terrific team who get the Files, Reprints and Acts processed and proofread efficiently and accurately. Audrey & Maria are a joy to work & collaborate with.  Diana Caliendo
Denise Richter Wisconsin She always goes above and beyond to understand the issues. Denise knows that if she better understands what is going on, she then can better prepare and discuss the issue with me.  Sen. Kathy  Bernier
Angie Waszkiewicz Connecticut Angie's work this year as the Intern Director was not easy - to say it took an unexpected turn is an understatement! She went above and beyond to finish the program for this year's students and meet the needs of all the colleges, students and legislators that she works with. All of your hard work is very much appreciated! Beth Waters
CGA Service Center Staff Connecticut During this crazy time, the CGA Service Center Staff has continued to come in on staggered schedule to make sure all mail continues to be sorted and available to all. They are running the copiers to make sure the machines continue to operate. They are also available for any other mailing or copy needs that arise. Susan Skehan
Jim Gorborino Connecticut No matter what my computer or software needs/questions/issues, Jim is always extemely pleasant, professional and knowledgeable in providing answers and solutions. Thank you Jim - a big standing ovation for you! Susan Skehan
Molly McAllister Connecticut Thank you for being an enthusiastic and vocal promoter of creative ideas to support employees. Andrea Walker
Donna Galvin  Connecticut Donna has gone out of her way to keep us up and running virtually. She has been kind and patient.  Caroline Beitman 
Alex, Emmett, Cody, Georgette and Amy!  Connecticut I call this group my squad - they have gone above and beyond to ensure I am relevant and active during this pandemic. Because of you, I can do my job as a legislator effectively. Kudos! Rep. Brandon McGee
Susan Skehan  Connecticut Sue epitomizes professionalism in the business department of the office of legislative management. During this crisis Sue has been willing to help all of us in HR and bill paying. She has a great colleague who goes over and above for everybody else. Caroline Beitman
Lisa Zaugg Connecticut Thank you for always offering your assistance freely whether the project is big or small. You use your knowledge and experience to assist not just your coworkers but to ensure the best service to all employees. Andrea Walker
Nick Neeley Connecticut Nick responds to all of my random questions in a calm and professional manner despite being a one man band working remotely. His support and trust empowers me to be a more effective legislative aide.  Kate Hamilton
Amy Carlson and her Legislative Fiscal Division team Montana Amy and her smart team are always right on the money! Rep. Mary Ann Dunwell
Angus Maciver and his great Legislative Audit team Montana Angus and his team never leave any stone unturned! Thanks for your great work. Rep. Mary Ann Dunwell
Deb, Theresa, Miriam - CPU Connecticut These ladies are the backbone of our document processing area. They have years of experience and work together to process and proofread hundreds of documents under some crazy conditions. Diana Caliendo
Amy Weidlich Connecticut Amy has taken everything she has learned to new heights. Her intelligence and work ethic shines through in every document that comes across her desk. Diana Caliendo
Patricia Egan Connecticut Patricia has brought so much editing experience to our office. She is constantly helping our office raise the bar in producing quality documents. Diana Caliendo
Millie Acosta Connecticut Millie puts everything she has to getting the job done. As well as being so professionally proficient, she's also a great person!! Diana Caliendo
Olivia Watson, Katie Walsh, and Reggie Parson Maine These are the folks I depend on to develop my communications, to help me track issues in policy, and overall do my job as a legislator and committee chair. Rep. Denise Tepler
Olivia Watson Maine Thank you for all you do to help the people of my district resolve their issues with state government and thank you for your support in everything I do. Rep. Denise Tepler
Malick, Claire, and Brandon  Tennessee They are all awesome! Literally the DREAM TEAM!  Sen. Raumesh Akbari
Wade Harrell Colorado Wade has done an incredible job getting everyone in our office situated to work from home with their laptops, and he puts out fires every day so we can do our jobs. Thanks Wade! Darren Thornberry
LCO Support Staff Connecticut The LCO Support Staff are comprised of some of the most dedicated workers I have had the opportunity to work alongside. When the workload gets crazy, these ladies really show their true colors and get it done! Diana Caliendo
LCO Attorneys Connecticut The legal staff in LCO are dedicated and hardworking professionals. They put in hours and hours, many times with minimal sleep, to ensure the production of quality documents to the entire Assembly. Diana Caliendo
Leg-Tech team (our technology support and development group) Washington The Leg-Tech group really stepped up as legislative staff moved into a work from home environment. They not only made the initial transition smooth, they've found new and innovative ways we can ensure the work of the Legislature continues effectively. Thanks! Keenan Konopaski
Evelyn Huertas - LCO Favorables Area Connecticut Evelyn is a consummate juggler of many deadlines and documents. She keeps all of us on track, prompting us when needed, and ensures that LCO meets its favorable deadlines. Diana Caliendo
Cindy Papallo-Slepski - LCO Favorables Area Connecticut Cindy is our energizer bunny. She's in the office every day, no matter what time she left the night/morning before. She can be counted on to always be working, working, working. Diana Caliendo
Paul Smith, House Clerk New Hampshire Paul is always a step ahead of our Legislature with clear, precise, and correct answers to every question and impasse. Thank you Paul. Your diligence and dedication inspire us all. Rep. Linn Opderbecke 
David Williams  Connecticut Dave is dedicated, selfless aide who goes above and beyond. He is resourceful and always goes the extra step for all. It is my honor to nominate and recognize Dave. Rep. Kathy Kennedy
Danielle Faipler Connecticut Dani has been working very hard getting important information out to the public in the press, newsletters and online. She is great to work with too. Thank you! Mary Ann Daly
Victoria Tajzai Maryland Victoria somehow manages to simultaneously prioritize responsive and caring constituent services and top notch policy analysis, while building a hospitable and welcoming office environment. She epitomizes our commitment to building a more just and inclusive Maryland. Del. Lorig Charkoudian
Dan Mason New Hampshire Dan is always available for any help that is needed. I especially appreciated getting information on how to Chair a Study Committee. Rep. Elaine H. French
Amy Carlson and Leg Fiscal Division Montana Amy Carlson and all the Montana Fiscal Staff do excellent work educating the legislators on the revenues and expenditures of state government. The staff is more than willing to help individual legislators with bills changing financial matters of the state. Thanks for all your great work keeping the budget duties of the legislative branch manageable! Rep. Geraldine Custer
Susan Fox and all staff at Leg Services  Montana She is super-organized, friendly and helpful to all legislators even when it is crunch time. Her whole crew works like a well-oiled machine and the legislature couldn't survive without them. Thanks for making our jobs easier! Rep. Geraldine Custer
Kara McCraw, Drupti Chuhan North Carolina Kara and Drupti provide tireless work with an incredible eye for detail. They have both the historical perspective necessary for legislators and insights into most effective approaches to legislative challenges. Rep. Craig Horn
Rachel Weiss Montana Rachel deserves a standing ovation because she is always willing to go the extra mile to get the information we need. Rachel is able to summarize complex issues and help us make sense of the barrage of information in our Law and Justice Committee. Thank you, Rachel! Rep. Kathy Kelker
Antavious Ashe North Carolina He has been a Legislative Assistant only a few months but has excelled in this position particularly in areas of customer service, research, guidance, and problem solving. Rep. Terry Garrison
Rachel Cole and Zack Sheehan New Hampshire The sudden shift to remote work has been a challenge to our 232 member caucus. Rachel and Zack immediately began researching ways to keep communication going, and now host Zoom meetings daily, some with over 100 caucus participants. They are invaluable to our caucus and the NH House! Dan Mason
House Dem Staff Michigan These past few weeks have been very challenging for everyone. I've been inspired by the dedication, innovation and perseverance from all of the legislative aides and central staff. 
Kris Young
Annette Poole-Malone Kentucky Annette has been in the office every day during this difficult time, supporting those of us who  have to shelter at home. Our Senators have received the highest level of support from her.  Michele C. Daigle
Corey Staniscia Florida My Chief Legislative Assistant Corey Staniscia and I work together on a daily basis, in and out of the legislative session. His thoughtful contributions in my legislative priorities made it possible for Florida to pass historic legislation that will benefit collegiate athletes in Florida. Rep. Chip LaMarca
Janet Roberson and Angel Burack, Legislative Information Systems Delaware Their continuity of government planning paid off, ensuring the legislature could quickly transition to WFH mode. Even with pre-planning they worked hard to ensure legislators and staff could continue to work efficiently from home. Thank you! Mark Cutrona
Legislative Research Commission Kentucky My whole agency is amazing. Their dedication, compassion, creativity and kindness make it an absolute pleasure to go to work every day! Jennifer E. Noran
The Attorneys of the Department of Legislative Services Virginia For working understaffed with the largest slate of bills to draft in recent memory during the 2020 session, always answering our calls and requests ten-minute turnaround redrafts, offering your advice, and handling adversity with grace and poise. Thank y'all for everything you do to keep the General Assembly and Virginia's government running.  Henry Watkins
Legislative staff Montana Our legislative staff is amazing. Rep. Gordon Pierson
Dan Jalbert Connecticut Dan is in tuned with his customers' needs. His knowledge and understanding of HR processes  provides us with invaluable analytical insight, projections, and direction on HR project requests.   Andrea Walker
Amy Albert Connecticut She works tirelessly to use her creativity to present complex information in an easily digestible way. Amy's passion to have the public engaged in their government comes through in her work at the Connecticut General Assembly.  Rep. Jillian Gilchrest
Nancy and Liz Connecticut For being front and center of OLM,  gracefully navigating a wide range of traffic, activities, temperaments, calls, not only from our office, but throughout the building, and the general public. Andrea Walker
Elisabeth Condon Missouri After I won my special election, Elisabeth came on board as my legislative assistant and eased my transition and got me up and running. Her wealth of knowledge and can-do attitude are immeasurable! Rep. Trish Gunby
House Budget and Research Office Georgia Our Monday morning virtual meetings are keeping me going until I see you all in person. I appreciate your help and humor and can't wait to see you all around the office soon. Go HBRO! Patrick Love
Jackie Allo Connecticut I would like to give Jackie Allo a Standing O not only for what she does but also for the way she does it. Jackie and I have worked together for over 20 years and her dedication to the CGA and enthusiasm for application design and development still amaze me. Jackie has an incredible mind with an ability to home in on any problem and offer creative and well thought out possibilities for solutions. She juggles multiple projects or crises all with a smile! Thank you, Jackie! Susan Marsh
House Budget & Research Office Georgia The House Budget & Research Office staff always step up to the plate, and now they are tap dancing on it without missing a beat! Stronger public service than ever for Georgia! Martha Wigton
LRC supervisors Kentucky Kudos to Jay Hartz, Tim Holbrook, Lisa Thomas and Shane Bennett for working diligently to anticipate the needs of the staff and the agency during an unprecedented time. Once again, LRC rises unwavering to continue providing excellent service. Stacy Jacobs
Dan Ankeles Maine Things happen fast and constituents need help quickly with a wide range of issues. As a state representative responding to these concerns, the support of legislative staff can't be overestimated.  We couldn't what we do without the staffers' help and support. I want to give a Huge Standing Ovation to Dan Ankeles who is there, without fail, to make sure I am able to best represent my district.   Rep. Jay McCreight
Phil Price Arkansas Phil has done an excellent job during these difficult times. The Public Health, Welfare and Labor committee has had to deal with many difficult changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The committee held the first committee meeting in Arkansas on the ZOOM platform. Phil was very supportive and organized the meeting very well. I commend him for his efforts and his willingness to accept change. Rep. Jack Ladyman
Pam Smith Arkansas Pam does her job very well and is very professional in completing the duties of her job. She is very dependable. All I need to do is bring an issue to her attention and she works on the issue until it is resolved. Also, she is very good at dealing with and communicating to constituents in my district. I just want to thank her very much for her diligence and professionalism.   Rep. Jack Ladyman
Nicole Alvarez Delaware Thank you for always keeping us entertained and for your positive attitude! Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Anthony Bernadzikowski Delaware Thank you for always making us laugh! Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Joy Bower Delaware Thank you for walking us through all of the hard parts of our jobs! Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
James Berryhill Delaware Thank you for your sense of lighthearted humor! Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Michael Soyka Delaware Thank you for for keeping the workplace lighthearted and fun! Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Christella St. Juste Delaware Thank you for lightening the mood and bringing us all closer together! Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Dick Carter Delaware Thank you for being the human history book! Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Molly McAllister Connecticut She is the most positive, encouraging, supportive (great listener) teacher / trainer I've ever met. She's changed my life in a lot of ways, and is not just an incredible professional, but a good person. She deserves a lot of recognition for bringing education and community to the Connecticut General Assembly.  Amy Albert
Jean Rienzo Connecticut Jean Rienzo not only is a delightful person, but she puts together the absolute best Outreach plans - hands down. Her level of organization and thoroughness is impressive - and I'm in awe!  Amy Albert
MaryAnn Daly Connecticut MaryAnn is one of the folks that everyone dreams of working with. Kind, patient, understanding, forgiving, with a vast knowledge of how the General Assembly works. She has mentored countless interns, who flock back to her regularly to check in because she is just that person that you want to catch up and check in with.  Amy Albert
Jenn Parrish Delaware Thank you for being so passionate about always doing what's right! Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Mary Grace Colonna Delaware Thank you for your great work ethic and your ukulele skills! Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Read Scott Delaware Thank you for your entertaining conversations and knowledge of politics! Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Ryan Davis Delaware Thank you for bringing great music and conversation to the office! Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Sheron Moody Delaware Thank you for being so caring and keeping us in check!
Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Caitlin Del Collo Delaware Thank you for being such a team player by helping us get our jobs done!
Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Emy Diaz-Rivera Delaware Thank you for always having great style and a big smile! Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Mary Ann Hearne Delaware Thank you for caring about everyone's well-being and keeping us up to date on current events!
Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Taylor Hawk Delaware Thank you for being a  sense of reason for all of us!
Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Ryan Dunphy Delaware Thank you for being a great co-worker and always willing to help! Jaci Hugg
Dylan McDowell Delaware Thank you for helping all of us when we need the right thing to say!  
Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Shelley Earley Delaware Thank you for brightening our day with your smile!
Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Scott Goss Delaware Thank you for your dedication and for keeping our bosses in line!
Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Valerie McCartan Delaware Thank you for being so driven to make the caucus the best it can be!
Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Venessa Karpeh Delaware Thank you for being so caring, genuine, and passionate about others!
Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Carmen Jordan-Cox Delaware Thank you for your behind-the-scenes support!
Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Ray Lewis Delaware Thank you for always helping us when we're in a pinch!
Ryan Dunphy and Jaci Hugg
Jaci Hugg Delaware Thank you for being such a trusted co-worker and friend to us all!
Ryan Dunphy
MaryAnn Daly Connecticut MaryAnn is one of the folks that everyone dreams of working with. Kind, patient, understanding, forgiving, with a vast knowledge of how the General Assembly works. She has mentored countless interns, who flock back to her regularly to check in because she is just that person that you want to catch up and check in with.  Amy Albert
Sue Keane Connecticut Sue is a wonderful person, and I am so grateful I've gotten to know her during my time at the CGA. She patiently answered my many, many questions about how things work, and truly delights in connecting and when she asks "How are you?" I know she means it and will take the time to listen to my  answer.  Amy Albert
Donna Galvin Connecticut Donna Galvin has helped me a number of times in ways that were unexpected and very much appreciated. Often, a simple question about something over the phone will result in her standing at my desk ten minutes later, ready to help me solve my problem. She cares, and that means a lot. I'm very grateful to work with her and value her dedication to her job.  Amy Albert
Steve Pike Virginia Steve, I would like to give you a standing ovation, in recognition of your resilience, leadership, and exceptional commitment to the legislative process during this covid-19 pandemic. I know you have faced institutional change, mass protest, and convening of the VA session during these unprecedented times. As a colleague and good friend, I often try to model my agency head approach after you and often seek your advice. Thank you for your personal and professional friendship, leadership, and your involvement with NLSSA and NCSL.    Martin Brock, North Carolina
Eileen Kelly New Hampshire Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the NH House and the people of New Hampshire - it is inspiring. Your tireless work behind the scenes to keep us going has made all the difference. Please know you are appreciated. Marjorie A. Porter
Maine Legislative Staff Maine Maine staff worked diligently to end Legislative session one month early; then quickly and successfully pivoted to remote work. Using their innovation, creativity and resiliency, their work product remains top notch. You're amazing! Jackie Little
Bill Lederman, Michelle Parlos, Eric Michael Gray, and Jackie Allo Connecticut The budget system team does a lot of unheralded work to make sure iterations of budget proposals, monthly expenditures and estimates, the budget book, and FAR - among many other tasks - are produced flawlessly.  Thank you! Janelle Stevens
Carrie, Jennifer, and Christine in the Legislative Library Connecticut They are always happy to assist, no matter how odd the document I'm hoping to obtain is, and they have remarkable turn around time. It makes a real difference and they have been a real help. Bret Kupfer
Jennifer Becker and the General Court Administrative office New Hampshire Jenn and her team have kept the business of the legislature going through this move to a remote work platform. Jenn had to jump in to the deep end directly after being appointed Director and I am better for her leadership, as is the whole legislative branch. I couldn't be more proud of her and the entire team in our Administrative Office! Terence R. Pfaff
Jaci Hugg and Ryan Dunphy Delaware Thank you both for always bringing us together and for being such amazing coworkers and friends. Privileged to have you both in my life!  Nicole Alvarez
Legislative Services Agency (LSA) Iowa My co-workers in LSA have been an amazing group of people to work with. They are knowledgeable and thorough in the work that they do. I am thankful to work with and learn from them. Special shout out to Deb Kozel who will be missed when she retires.  Lora Vargason
Cheryl Smith Connecticut Cheryl Smith is an application and web development manager who works tirelessly to support her customers, the committees and caucuses of the CGA. (OK, maybe she gets tired occasionally but that doesn't stop her from pushing ahead.) She seems to find joy in the struggle of solving problems and implementing solutions. She embraces new technology and works to apply it to our best advantage. Thank you for your contributions to our success. You have been an inspiration to me in many ways. Susan Marsh
The FAR team and contributors at OFA Connecticut We tried a radically different process and structure this year for producing the FAR report, and it worked! Thank you all for your ideas, flexibility, and patience as we reinvented the FAR production process. Janelle Stevens
Tina Mohr, Eric Crockett and Rachel Meddar Connecticut For assisting DAS with procuring PPE items related to COVID 19. State of CT teamwork at its best! Jim Tamburro
Molly McAllister Connecticut For adjusting so quickly to offering virtual trainings so our staff continues to grow! Jim Tamburro
Protective service and the Operations Division New Hampshire Chief Joe Burke and Director Doug Dolcino and their teams have kept the facilities of the GCNH safe and secure. The Protective services team has stepped up to take on a health screening role that was not a part of their usual tasks or responsibilities. They've adjusted and have continued to provide great service to the GCNH. Doug and his team prepared our buildings for closure and eventual reoccupation when the time arrives and keeps them in a ready state for all of our Members and Staff as well as the public. Thanks to both of these divisions! Proud to serve with these quality people! Terence R. Pfaff
Angie Waszkiewicz Connecticut As Director of the Legislative Intern Program, Angie is a valued addition to our CGA team. She did an outstanding job in meeting the needs of students and providing them with a well-rounded program. Susan Keane
Samantha Verner Florida My District Legislative Assistant Samantha Verner works together on a daily basis with both my Chief Legislative Assistant and me throughout the legislative session, and since this global pandemic. She has been a thoughtful and compassionate voice for so many constituents, assisting them in getting connected to their reemployment benefits. Rep. Chip LaMarca
Andrew Allison Georgia Andrew has truly stepped up to the plate as the fearless leader of the Press Office for the Georgia State Senate. It's a demanding role and you make it look too easy! Appreciate you as a colleague and can't wait to work on more projects together! Elizabeth Holcomb
Evelyn Huertas and Cindy Papallo Connecticut Thank you, Evelyn and Cindy, for the support and guidance you give to committee staff. I am especially grateful for your participation in our new clerk training program. Susan Keane
House Legislative Research Staff Arizona Dedicated, talented and flexible describe the House Legislative Research Staff. This nonpartisan committee staff serves elected officials and the community by summarizing legislation, drafting amendments, providing verbal explanations and mentoring junior staff. Though few in number, this group thrives on meeting deadlines with excellence. They continue the House traditions of strength, integrity and commitment during this unprecedented international pandemic. Special thanks to our AWESOME team! Diana Clay
Kevin Breault Connecticut Thanks to Kevin for the support he gives to committees and for making sure our AV needs are met. And I so appreciate Kevin's willingness to brainstorm ways to make my presentations be most effective. Thank you for always having my back! Susan Keane
Janelle Stevens Connecticut Janelle developed a partnership between the CGA and Hartford Public High School that included 1:1 mentoring, job shadowing, and interviewing skills.  Thank you, Janelle, for your initiative and creativity in creating a collaboration that has enriched both HPHS students and CGA participants! Susan Keane
John Moran, Chris Perillo, Nick Bombace, Chris Cordima Connecticut My thanks to John, Chris, Nick and Chris for their virtuoso performances in the Legislative Basics class. I couldn't do it without you!! Susan Keane
Cheryl Smith Connecticut Cheryl has once again stepped up to support the committees as we explore new ways of conducting legislative business. She is the consummate collaborator and never fails to rise to whatever challenges we bring to her. Thank you, Cheryl, for your patience and guidance. Susan Keane
Neil Ayers and the OFA staff Connecticut Thank you to Neil and the Office of Fiscal Analysis staff for their outstanding contribution to the legislative process. The analysts' ability to dissect and explain complex fiscal policies and implications and to support legislators and staff with infinite patience (and at times, much needed humor) is valued more than they know. And there is no finer administrative staff. Thank you, my dear colleagues. Susan Keane
Deborah Gottschalk Delaware Thank you for being a powerhouse of knowledge and being so generous in sharing it. I especially appreciate your daily updates that you have been sending out while working remotely.  Amanda McAtee
Colinda Marker Delaware Thank you for all your assistance and support in making sure we all have what we need to get our jobs done. I especially appreciate your collaboration and help in our office projects.  Amanda McAtee
Mark Cutrona, Division Director Delaware Thank you, Mark, for being our division's rock. Your dedication and leadership are appreciated beyond words and help us navigate and weather tough circumstances.  Amanda McAtee
Holly Vaugn Wagner Delaware Thank you, Holly, for always somehow finding time to work your editing magic or talk something through. I appreciate how you combine a wonderful mix of support, dedication, and compassion and top it off with humor, wit, and wisdom to keep us all moving forward and to be our best selves.  Amanda McAtee
Melody DeBussey Georgia Melody and her resilient team deserve all the standing ovations this year. In her role as Director of the Senate Budget and Evaluation Office, Melody serves as an invaluable colleague and role model to me and many others at the Georgia State Senate. The tireless dedication and work ethic exhibited by the SBEO staff is undoubtedly a reflection of Melody's strong leadership. Thank you for all you do! Elizabeth Holcomb
Rich Dillard Delaware Thank you, Rich, for helping the division with your vast knowledge and expertise. I appreciate your friendly nature and dedication to getting the job done.  Amanda McAtee
Barbara Matthews Connecticut Thank you Barbara for always being my second set of eyes, the person I reach out to to review options/solutions etc, and for your continued dedication to handling the processing of payments for the most difficult vendors - and always with a great sense of humor!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! Susan Skehan
Molly McAllister Connecticut Not only is Molly a fantastic trainer at CGA, she is also a wonderful motivator who inspires those around her to challenge themselves and to express their unique talents!  Sonya Jelks
Cody Clark Connecticut Cody is an awesome outreach coordinator who makes himself available to help support our busy committee chairs. So glad I get to work with such a great teammate to help our legislators shine!   Sonya Jelks
Division of Legislative Services Virginia Despite being understaffed and receiving more inquiries than ever, they handled our shifting requests with the patience of a saint. THANK YOU SO MUCH, DLS! Matt Rogers
Jim Taburro Connecticut Thank you, Jim, for your leadership, your trust, and for always helping staff to see the possibilities. Susan Keane
Cara Wilson Delaware Thank you for jumping in to help out in the division so quickly. I enjoy talking with you and appreciate the positivity you bring to our workplace.  Amanda McAtee
Amy Tricarico Delaware Thank you for all your hard work and friendliness in the bill room. I appreciated your collaboration and assistance in organizing our division's annual appreciation event.  Amanda McAtee
Jeff Chubbs & Danielle Littmann Delaware Thank you both for bringing a positive attitude and an eagerness to help. Your research assistance is greatly appreciated.  Amanda McAtee
Kathy Morris  Delaware Thank you, Kathy, for always keeping us informed and running the office so smoothly. I appreciate all of your help and kindness that you have provided me over the past year.  Amanda McAtee
Nick Bombace and Chris Tringali Connecticut Nick and Chris are the dynamic legal duo for the Appropriations Committee. Their legal services and counsel to members are exemplary. And I couldn't have two better partners in the budget/implementer process! Susan Keane
Kathy Morris  Delaware Thank you, Kathy, for always keeping us informed and running the office so smoothly. I appreciate all of your help and kindness that you have provided me over the past year.  Amanda McAtee
Natalie White  Delaware Thank you, Natalie, for always helping us out with all things administrative for JLOSC. I appreciate you always jumping in to help no matter the task.   Amanda McAtee
Joel Rudnick  Delaware Thank you, Joel, for setting up user accesses and always making sure we have all available resources. I appreciate the dedication, positivity, and lightheartedness that you bring to the office.   Amanda McAtee
Emmet Teran Connecticut I am so happy I get to work with Emmet on my team because he is such a professional and works so hard in his role as a press aide. He is the best and he make my role so much more enjoyable! Sonya Jelks
Beverly Henry Connecticut Ms. Beverly has been a wonderful mentor and friend. I am very grateful to work with such a professional who is giving and happy to share her knowledge with others.  Sonya Jelks
Georgette Cicero  Connecticut I could not ask for a more supportive and co-worker than Georgette. Whether it is last minute legislative requests or just advice, I am so happy to work with such a wonderful friend.  Sonya Jelks
Luz Osuba Connecticut What a wonderful, hardworking role model and supportive co-worker Luz has been to work with. I am very grateful for her friendship, knowledge and experience! Sonya Jelks
Brandon McCall Connecticut Brandon - you make coming to work so much more enjoyable! You are like family and I'm so happy to work with you! Thank you for all your support and friendship during my time at the Capitol.  Sonya Jelks
Luwannia Martin-Johnson Connecticut So glad to get to work with someone as fun, knowledgeable and supportive as you, Lawannia! You always bring the energy and laughs to the hard work that we do everyday.  Sonya Jelks
Applause, applause and more applause for NCSL staff!  NCSL From the very minute our legislatures went into crisis, you went into action! With summaries, up-to-date information links, webinars, zoom meetings, tools and tips for working remotely, best and innovative practices for virtual assemblies, and free state-of-the-art professional training, NCSL has not missed an opportunity to serve and inspire us.  Martha Wigton
Donald Sellers, Bob Lupo, Nathan Poore, and Alex Kidwell Delaware A huge thank you to our amazing print shop team. I am appreciative of all the hard work that you guys put in. Thank you for your kindness and always helping me out with my requests, especially when I am in a time crunch.  Amanda McAtee
Bray Fedele Delaware Thank you, Bray, for your hard work and assistance to the division on session days. Your help makes things run smoothly.  Amanda McAtee
Amanda Fulton Delaware Thank you, Amanda, for the cheerfulness and positivity that you bring to the workplace. We appreciate the hard work you put in to continue a smooth pace even when things get hectic. Amanda McAtee
Mike Morton, Controller General Delaware Mike, your knowledge of state finances and historical budgetary knowledge have been great assets as we deal with the impacts to the state budget, and our agency budgets, caused by COVID-19. Thank you!

Mark Cutrona

Rute Pinho Connecticut Rute is my first choice "go to" in research on revenue policy. Incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and dedicates an incredible amount of time to helping. Thank you for always taking my "one last question!" Cassandra Gallion
Rich Hanratty, Lee Hanson, Chris Calabrese, Tayler Thorpe, John Moran, James Rocco, Chris Adams,  Connecticut To our awesome Labor Committee policy and analyst staff. Thank you all for helping me through my 1st session as the clerk of Labor. Can not do what is needed without you all! Sonya Jelks
Kathi Artigliere, Controller General's Office Delaware Kathi takes great care of the Controller General's office and all who stop by. She's always willing to lend a helping hand and her sense of humor and infectious laugh help lighten stressful days in the Hall.  Mark Cutrona
Caucus Chiefs of Staff  Delaware You have been great partners in transitioning staff to work from home and working to chart the General Assembly's path forward in these challenging times.Thank you! Mark Cutrona
Luz Osuba Connecticut Luz is an excellent colleague to have. Her passion to help extends beyond her office and benefits the state in its entirety because of this dedication.  Cassandra Gallion
Amy Albert, Nancy Coatta, Steve Maher, Adrian Nieves, Brian O'Connor Connecticut What an incredibly talented and supportive group your are!  Very appreciative, DCD crew, for all your efforts, especially now through this crisis! You rock! Sonya Jelks
Nancy Serrano Connecticut Nancy - You are so kind, friendly and helpful and certainly you make our work easier to support our legislators. Thank you for all you do for us all! Sonya Jelks
Brandon McCall Connecticut Brandon: you're reliable, trustworthy, creative, and the life of every meeting. Having you on the team makes a huge difference, and your mentorship to new employees is much appreciative! Cassandra Gallion
Peter Murszewski  Connecticut Your work ethic speaks for itself. You're always the first to lend a help to others and have been a great mentor in my personal transition period. You're an invaluable member to our caucus. Thank you for all you do! Cassandra Gallion`
LSA Lawyers Alabama We have the best lawyers in all the land drafting bills and resolutions that read like the masterpieces! They never take shortcuts and give their best to every member, every time.   Othni Lathram
LSA Administrative Staff Alabama Rachel, Novie, and Tan keep the lights on, the supply cabinets full, and most importantly the paychecks coming on time! Thanks for all you do keep the stress of all those details off of all the rest of us.   Othni Lathram
Jeremy Phillips Alabama Jeremy jumped in mid session and has become the IT wizard the office needed. During the chaos of shifting to remote work and back to session we never missed a beat.    Othni Lathram
LSA Proofers Alabama  I am no doubt making a mistake in this very post without the watchful eye of the great proofers that make us look so good!  Thanks for catching and fixing our many slips.    Othni Lathram
Tom Spinella Connecticut Tom, as an administrator, you have one of the toughest jobs in our building with one of the most complex committees. Yet, you maintain organization, composure during difficult times, and accuracy to get the job done. It's been great learning and working with you. Cassandra Gallion
Amanda McAtee  Delaware Amanda's attention to detail is second to none and I never ever let anything get published without her looking at it. Thank you for reigning in my reports and telling me when something needs a HUGE fix. One of these days, we'll have a normal legislative session! Mark Brainard Jr.
Holly Vaughn Wagner Delaware This is the second "non-normal" Joint Sunset year Holly has had to navigate us through and I can't imagine how it would happen without her. From task forces to reports to hold overs, we are successful because Holly has our backs!  Mark Brainard Jr.
Mark Cutrona Delaware Leadership isn't always easy but Mark lets compassion and kindness guide his direction. His focus on ensuring a high morale makes for a high output and a fantastic workplace.  Mark Brainard Jr.