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Do you have a colleague, either in your legislature or another, who’s gone above and beyond on a project? Served as an excellent resource? Demonstrated commitment to the legislature?

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To All Legislative Staff

A last and loud shoutout to the staff from all of our states, territories and NCSL! Cheers to providing great public service, quality information, and the heartfelt dedication it takes to always get the job done!

Martha Wigton (Ga.)

To Martha Wigton (Ga.)

Martha leads the House Budget and Research Office with superior skill and dedication. Her outstanding knowledge and consistent support of all legislative staff is tremendous and she represents the best of being a legislative staffer!

Melody DeBussey (Ga.)

To Daniel Davenport (Ala.)

As one of the newest analysts, I am consistently asking questions and Daniel is always there to help. I can't thank you enough for showing me the ropes and making me your State Government Committee partner.

Jessica Perez (Ala.)

To Kathy Artigliere (Del.)

Kathy is fun, funny, kind and helpful. Whether I need help finding something in the controller general's purview, a friend to lean on, or a good story to cheer my day, Kathy is there!

Holly Vaughn Wagner (Del.)

To Brittany Calame (Texas)

Brittany assists a number of teams and reviews in our office, and helps bring our reports to life with innovative charts, tables and graphics. Thank you, Brittany!

Morgan Constantino (Texas)

To Joe Carroll (Mont.)

Joe is on top of everything requested by a legislator. I want to thank him for everything he does.

Representative Barry Usher (Mont.)

To Christel Raasch (Ga.)

Georgia’s clerk of the House Office is a well-oiled machine! #neverletemseeyousweat

Committee Staff (Ga.)

To Vanessa Horner (Tenn.)

After 30 years in the legislature, Vanessa is everyone's go-to, always helpful and kind! She's just awesome!

Allyson M. Sneed (Tenn.)

To Deb Maselek (Conn.)

Deb manages the mail room and supply area with professionalism and dedication. She knows all the ins and outs of the processes and is right there to get you what you need, when you need it.

Diana (Conn.)

To Donnie Sellers (Del.)

Donnie heads up our print shop and does a great job. He is always kind and patient, no matter the circumstances. I just want to say how much I appreciate his help and willingness to go the extra mile.

Debra Allen (Del.)

To Gaia McDermott (Conn.)

Thank you for going over and above to give us monthly wellness challenges, come up with creative ideas and send out such positivity. Your kindness helps make this a great place to work.

Caroline Beitman (Conn.)

To Erica Shorkey (Iowa)

Erica works successfully with an ever-changing group of state senators who increasingly value (and have strong and sometimes contradictory opinions about) the diverse communications tasks she manages for them and the Iowa Democratic caucus.

Rusty Martin (Iowa)

To the Clerk's Office Team (Va.)

My entire team is absolutely awesome! I have nicknamed them "WingIt Productions" because as long as it is legal they can handle it. Each and every one is professional, flexible and has a great sense of humor. There is no way I could do my job without these amazing people.

Susan Clarke Schaar (Va.)

To Paul Bergelin (Ariz.)

Paul came to the legislature right before session and had quite a learning curve stepping into an analyst position to staff the Education Committee. He has done an amazing job not only learning the issues, but helping other staff members. He truly is a team player. Thanks Paul, for taking on very a complex area of law.

Diana Clay (Ariz.)

To Susan Marsh and Jackie Allo (Conn.)

Susan and Jackie have a thorough knowledge of our IT systems, but most importantly they understand how and why we use them. They come up with some of the most innovative ways to address our computer needs and are so very good at what they do.

Diana (Conn.)

To Don Siriani (Mass.)

A beloved, dedicated longtime staff member in the Senate, Don is the epitome of a public servant. Members and staff of both parties admire Don for his professionalism, judgment, communication skills, temperament and political acumen. He's a great colleague and an even better person. Cheers!

Tim O'Neill (Mass.)

To Helen Hanby (Ala.)

Helen is as close to irreplaceable as anyone I have ever known. The number of things that just happen—annually, semi-annually, daily—in the Alabama legislative world because Helen single-handedly does them is beyond count. And, perhaps most amazingly, she always does them graciously and with a smile!

Othni Lathram (Ala.)

To Lindsey S. Vroegindewey (Mont.)

Lindsey is chief clerk of the House in Montana and if there is anything a legislator needs we can go to her. Even if it is not in her wheelhouse, she will have the answer, resolve your problem, or go to the appropriate people to make sure we get what we need. Lindsey and her staff put in 150% to make sure everything runs smoothly and she is the reason we as legislators look good.

Representative Barry Usher (Mont.)

To Georgia Senate Research Office (Ga.)

I want to thank all of SRO for your hard work and tireless dedication to the Georgia state Senate during the 2019 session. Attention to detail and performing under pressure can be a difficult balance to strike but you rose to the occasion and then some. I can’t wait to see what the interim has in store as you bring the same energy to advancing policy proposals, staffing interim study committees and monitoring trending legislation in other states. Y’all rock!

Elizabeth Holcomb (Ga.)

To Elizabeth Holcomb (Ga.)

Elizabeth's task of leading the Senate Research Office to staff the standing committees requires great skill and attention to detail. From long hours to providing outstanding feedback and support to the members of her office, Elizabeth provides invaluable support to the Senate. Thank you, Elizabeth!

Melody DeBussey (Ga.)

To Julie Fedele (Del.)

Julie and I staffed our Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee together until she was promoted as an analyst for Delaware's Controller General's Office. She may be across the hall and busy learning her new job, but she always has time to help me and the new analysts with the transition at JLOSC. We miss her at the Division of Research, but wish her all the best!

Holly Vaughn Wagner (Del.)

To Jon Rudolph (Ariz.)

Jon is the go-to person for special projects and other issues. He serves as a first-year committee analyst and has learned a lot about the process and procedures that make things go smoothly in committee. If anyone needs help, Jon is a resource no matter the need. Thanks for an awesome year, Jon!

Diana Clay (Ariz.)

To Sue O’Connell (Mont.)

Sue, the legislative Sstaff for the House Human Services Committee and a bill drafter on the side, is amazing. I do not know how she has time to create all the amendments we request and/or anticipates what our next request will be. And always with a smile on her face. Thank you for making our committee run so smoothly.

Representative Barry Usher (Mont.)

To Audrey Giorgio (Conn.)

You are a great File and Engrossing partner with your positive attitude and can-do spirit. The fact that you ask people if they need help when you have downtime is a reflection of your willingness to be a great team player!

Diana (Conn.)

To Robert Romig (Texas)

Big shoutout to Robert for leading several projects and reviews this cycle that will not only help our agency, but the state of Texas, as well!

Morgan Constantino (Texas)

To Dan Jalbert (Conn.)

Dan is always incredibly helpful with our software needs, and is so creative in making our system easy to use and with lots of great features. He never says no to a request.

Caroline Beitman (Conn.)

To Patricia Egan (Conn.)

Patricia is dedicated to being as thorough an editor as possible. She brings a lot of experience to the table and yet is always willing to learn more.


To Rachel Weiss (Mont.)

Rachel is always ready to either answer our questions in committee or able to find the correct resource to get us the answer. Rachel goes above and beyond every day for the legislators. She makes us look good!

Representative Barry Usher (Mont.)

To Julie Davis (Texas)

Julie has proven herself as a strong leader on several reviews this cycle and has helped me grow as both an attorney and analyst. Thank you, Julie!

Morgan Constantino (Texas)

To Amy Trost (Texas)

Amy has been a wonderful supervisor and mentor to me and many other staff at Sunset, in addition to leading her own reviews and assisting with internal projects. Thank you, Amy!

Morgan Constantino (Texas)

To Amanda McAtee and Mark Brainard (Del.)

Amanda and Mark both started with us as analysts for the Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee midway through session, meaning they had less than half the amount of time analysts would normally have to put agency reviews together. Despite teh challenge, they've kept the reviews organized and moving forward. Great job!

Holly Vaughn Wagner (Del.)

To Darren McDivitt (Texas)

Darren has been a wonderful teammate this cycle and has tackled several complicated reviews with a patient and level head. Thank you, Darren!

Morgan Constantino (Texas)

To Rachel Gandy (Texas)

Rachel has been a great addition to our staff at Sunset. She's someone you can count on and is always willing to pitch in when we need it. Thank you, Rachel!

Morgan Constantino (Texas)

To Lavonie Irby (Conn.)

Lavonie is an HR professional who is always willing to help out her colleagues—no matter how big or small the "ask." Thank you, Lavonie. We appreciate it!

Molly McAllister (Conn.)

To Alicia Hautala (Ga.)

You're the B.O.M.B. (Best Office Manager and Backbone)! We are so grateful to you for always making sure the process—and all of us within it—run smoothly!

MW (Ga.)

To Shannon McCarthy (Conn.)

Not only is she a great drafter, she's joy to collaborate with. Shannon has respect for how we've done things historically, but is open to change and has the knowledge to discuss the pros and cons.

Diana (Conn.)

To Donna and Dan, ITS Help Desk (Conn.)

Thank you for always being patient and helpful with all my IT questions!

Elizabeth Conroy (Conn.)

To Cheryl Smith (Conn.)

Your guidance regarding the legislator database is so helpful!

Liz Conroy (Conn.)

To Barb Matthews (Conn.)

You are always patient and take the time to explain things very clearly.

Elizabeth Conroy (Conn.)

To Sherry Landry (Ga.)

I have thoroughly appreciated Sherry's knowledgeable support throughout the years for assisting in our employee benefits and onboarding processes. It is a huge help to execute this administration and to provide helpful advice and answers to a host of questions.

Brent Churchwell (Ga.)

To Deb Mohr (Ind.)

Deb does so many important things behind the scenes and makes things run so smoothly that we sometimes take her for granted. Thanks, Deb, for your hard work on resolutions, legislative surveys and everything else you do to make us one of the best senates in the country! Your attention to detail and impeccable memory, as well as cleaning up all of our mistakes, makes you a legislative staff rock star!

Dawna Smith (Ind.)

To Laura Messier and Deannie Robinson (Ga.)

Apart from their dedication and hard work during session, Laura and Deannie in the Secretary of Senate's office have been highly responsive throughout the year toward assisting us in a host of processes that promote our identification and visibility—always with a cheerful smile!

Brent Churchwell (Ga.)

To Ines Owens (Ga.)

Ines provides critical support in the Senate Press Office, helping to ensure that constituents at home can participate in the legislative process through online viewing of the chamber and committees, and social media interactions. It's a huge job and Ines always approaches it with great diligence.

Melody DeBussey (Ga.)

To Andrea Walker (Conn.)

HR work is not easy but you handle every situation efficiently, professionally and thoroughly.

Diana (Conn.)

To Catriona (Conn.)

Your drafting is clean and concise, and, to top it all off, you're a joy to work with.

Diana (Conn.)

To Kumi (Conn.)

An extremely thorough drafter, she is able to handle some of the most intricate assignments with accuracy, all the while comporting herself with professionalism and grace under pressure.

Diana (Conn.)

To Andrea Margolis (Calif.)

Andrea's depth of expertise as the Assembly budget health consultant has been tremendous to me as a "CA budget newbie" whose clients are funded through public health and Medi-Cal systems!

Toni Panetta (Calif.)

To Josh Spears (Ariz.)

Josh is the research staff attorney and Judiciary analyst for the Arizona House. He brings a wealth of knowledge on many subjects, especially case law and the court system in general. He's a welcome addition to our staff!

Diana Clay (Ariz.)

To Karen Smith (Ala.)

Karen, a senior legislative attorney with the legal division of the Legislative Services Agency, has provided invaluable service to legislators, agency representatives and other interested parties regarding education legislation this session. She is always personable and upbeat, and legislators and legislative staff hold her in high regard. Thank you, Karen!

John Treadwell (Ala.)

To Jessica Wigent, Joel Moore, Darren Thornberry and Cara Meeker (Colo.)

These legislative editors also serve as amendment clerks on the House and Senate floors. During a crazy legislative session with many late hours and and weekend work, they did a great job serving the General Assembly, writing tons of amendments on the fly and working with drafters from every team to provide top-notch service. They deserve several shoutouts!

Rebecca Hausmann (Colo.)

To Rusty Martin (Iowa)

Rusty is the definition of "indefatigable." He has boundless energy for his work as communications director for Iowa Senate Democrats. He finds opportunities in even the most challenging situations and has a knack for seeing the best in everyone. He's full of ideas, always eager to learn and ever-willing to teach. His enthusiasm is truly uplifting!

Erica Shorkey (Iowa)

To Julie Speckin (Mich.)

Thank you, Julie, for managing our session staff and ensuring our records are accurate!

Margaret O'Brien (Mich.)

To Jenna Dolde (Ga.)

Jenna is the best transportation bill drafter in the U.S. She finds ways to imagine the impossible and reduce it to writing! Go, Jenna!

Rick Ruskell (Ga.)

To Amie Elam (Ky.)

Amie is my right hand, the person I depend on to keep everything running smoothly. Our "fiscal note queen" is a top-notch professional!

Chuck Truesdell (Ky.)

To Shonda Stallworth (Ala.)

Shonda has been a dedicated employee of the LSA fiscal division for over 17 years. She has a wealth of knowledge that she draws upon daily to assist senators with information requests and budget-related matters. I appreciate all she does and could not do my job without her.

Kirk Fulford (Ala.)

To Illinois Senate Democrat Communications Team (Ill.)

The Illinois State Senate Communications team is top-notch. These professionals work diligently every day to expand outreach to constituents through the media, e-newsletters, social media and direct mail to promote the messages of the Democratic caucus.

Brandy Renfro (Ill.)

To Wade Harrell (Colo.)

Wade provides tech support with a kind and pleasant demeanor and never makes a person feel dumb for asking silly questions. He always finds a way to fix problems and offer solutions. He has spent his career here making everyone's lives and jobs easier.

Rebecca Hausmann (Colo.)

To Haley Guion (Ill.)

Haley has put tremendous effort into SB 1909 to improve maternal mortality rates in Illinois. Her work researching and assisting in drafting the bill has been top notch. A kind person, she's also great to work with from a lobbyist perspective, works hard to analyze different components and asks meaningful questions.

Jordan Wildermuth (Ill.)

To Martha Wigton (Ga.)

Martha does all the hard work behind the scenes to make us look better. Without her energy and devotion this place would screech to a halt! Thank you, Martha!

Rick Ruskell (Ga.)

To Nicole Vazquez (Calif.)

Nicole's commitment to engaging multiple stakeholders to address the needs of diverse CalWORKs constituents is deeply appreciated.

Toni Panetta (Calif.)

To Kate Goodrich and Bridgette Dechant (Texas)

For always openly communicating what’s working well and what’s challenging about expanding the Nurse-Family Partnership in Texas!

Kimberly Griffin (Texas)

To Dustin Jones (Ala.)

Dustin wears many hats for the Legislative Services Agency. Any time an issue or project comes up that does not fit squarely into the responsibilities of another employee, Dustin is usually the person asked to perform the task because we know he will get it done. A dedicated employee, he sets the standard for other employees to model.

Kirk Fulford (Ala.)

To Vince Perez (Ariz.)

Vince staffs the House Ways and Means Committee and serves as our resident tax law expert. His knowledge base and years of experience provide members with solid, valuable insight. Vince is a natural leader and always provides a unique historical perspective on issues. Special thanks to our tax superstar!

Diana Clay (Ariz.)

To Caleb Hindman (Ala.)

Caleb is a great asset to our legal division. Over the past few weeks, it has seemed that every significant bill that needs an amendment or substitute drafted has fallen to him. He has worked tirelessly and without complaint to ensure whatever is needed is done timely and well.

Othni Lathram (Ala.)

To Susan Keane (Conn.)

Susan is a subject matter expert who is happy to share her knowledge. She is a mentor to so many people in our building and she always makes it a priority to help others understand the legislative process. Thank you, Susan!

Molly McAllister (Conn.)

To Paul Higbee (Ga.)

Attorney Higbee can throw down a local law with the best of them. He meets all challenges with a smile and is the strongest advocate of home rule. Never met a bill he couldn't draft.

Rick Ruskell (Ga.)

To Renita Polk (Calif.)

Renita's expertise in human services financing with CalWORKs has been tremendous to tap in to when considering ways to offer home visiting programs to beneficiaries.

Toni Panetta (Calif.)

To Jennifer Burgess (Ga.)

Jennifer runs our Legislative Counsel's office with a demanding but fair hand. She keeps the members of the Legislature and our office calm when the session is at its most frenetic and is the true unsung hero of our whole operation. Thanks, Jennifer!

Rick Ruskell (Ga.)

To Christian Ullsvik (Wis.)

Christian is one of the smartest people I have ever worked with. His ability to digest and comprehend complex policies is amazing. He is also very good about communicating with stakeholders and keeping everyone in the loop as issues go through the process.

Jordan Wildermuth (Ill.)

To Blake Travis (Ga.)

As counsel for the Ways and Means Committee, Blake takes on the most difficult drafting challenges and magically turns numbers into words. He creates intricate mosaics of law that resemble art as much as science. Well done, Blake!

Rick Ruskell (Ga.)

To Paul Benny (Ariz.)

Paul brings years of experience and staffs the House Commerce Committee. New to the issue area, he learned a lot this session and tackled the issues with determination. He is a great role model for interns and new staff alike. Thanks to Paul for his years of service and dedication!

Diana Clay (Ariz.)

To Jessica Newland (Ariz.)

Jessica covers environmental and natural resources issues, with special emphasis this session on Arizona water. She does a phenomenal job learning the historical background and can explain technical, far-reaching implications of various legislation that impacts the state. Thanks, Jessica!

Diana Clay (Ariz.)

To Jennifer Burgess (Ga.)

Jennifer has the patience of a saint!

Jenna (Ga.)

To Mark Cutrona (Del.)

Mark is a great asset to the Delaware Legislature. Mark is an extremely smart and talented attorney, and we are so fortunate to have him working with us in Dover.

Representative Kim Williams (Del.)

To Brent Churchwell (Ga.)

Brent provides solid support and endless hours bill checking appropriations. His commitment and attention to detail is invaluable and our state benefits from his important contributions.

Melody DeBussey (Ga.)

To Hannah Vos (Ind.)

Hannah stepped up this session, moving from intern to legislative assistant in a few weeks' time. She’s had to use and trust her intuition—and know when to ask for help—to make it through her first session!

Elizabeth Vos (Ind.)

To Richard Puffer (Del.)

Chief clerk of Delaware’s House of Representatives and an amazing asset to Delaware, Rich works tirelessly to make our jobs as state representatives as seamless as possible, always taking time to make sure we are well equipped to do our jobs. We are fortunate to have someone who cares so much about all of us and the people we represent. His dedication and humility is beyond anyone I have ever worked with. We are lucky to have him!

Representative Andria Bennett (Del.)

To Anabel Urbina and Zach Twilla (Calif.)

A huge shout of gratitude to Anabel and Zach for all of their hard work on the California Senate Journal. Their professionalism, dedication and work are top notch, and they're both such a pleasure to work with. I am grateful for them every day!

Neva Parker (Calif.)

To Paula Greene (Ala.)

Paula is a lawyer in our LSA legal division who has been working hard on some extremely complicated pieces of legislation. Today, a group of outside lawyers commented on how quickly she is able to absorb a complicated topic and contribute meaningful feedback to help accomplish legislation that works.

Othni Lathram (Ala.)

To Isabel Cartagena (Puerto Rico)

Isabel is an extraordinary resource for those of us who rely on historic memories of the legislative process in Puerto Rico—always smiling, always with the answer. I only hope every legislative chamber in the country has such a good, reliable and organized person on staff.

Jose Rodriguez Amoros (Puerto Rico)

To Gaia McDermott (Conn.)

Gaia has raised the level of happiness throughout our building! With her enthusiasm and passion she has contributed to the Wellness Committee like a superstar. She has created an opportunity for everyone to practice kindness and gratitude during the difficult session months and we are all the better for it!

Molly McAllister (Conn.)

To Leah Settle (Ky.)

As things get crazy toward the end of every legislative session, Leah is the budget reviser who keeps our office organized and makes sure nothing falls through the cracks. She does it with a smile and a calm personality that really puts my mind at ease when times get rough. We couldn't pass our budget without her!

Chuck Truesdell (Ky.)

To Mikala Mobley (Ind.)

Mikala served her first session as legislative assistant to not only the Caucus chair but also to another busy state senator. While her workload was heavy, and she had an interesting desk move before session began, she maintained a positive attitude and was integral in helping our staff and legislators this session!

Gabby Brock (Ind.)

To Sue Skehan (Conn.)

Sue has done an amazing job managing her very diverse duties in our office from overseeing the mail center, copy and supply center and loading dock to coordinating and preparing the biennial budget. Thank you Sue, for making us all look good.

Jim Tamburro (Conn.)

To Dustin Jones (Ala.)

Dustin is a fiscal analyst and is always going above and beyond. While his primary subject matter is education, he is always willing to jump in and lend a helping hand on any topic. He is a true team player who always gets the job done with a positive attitude.

Othni Lathram (Ala.)

To Brett Swan (Del.)

Brett is a first-year legislative fellow for the division, but it’s sometimes hard to remember that as he is an excellent researcher who has greatly enhanced our ability to provide quality research and legislation to our legislators.

Mark Cutrona (Del.)

To Rob Weber (Ky.)

Rob not only manages the LRC Public Information Team, he is also one of the biggest team players. Rob doesn't ask anyone to do anything he won't do himself. His attitude makes for a very pleasant work environment. Thanks for all you do, Rob!

Susan Kennedy (Ky.)

To Liz Conroy and Nancy Serrano (Conn.)

Liz and Nancy are the front line in Legislative Management. They help everyone who calls or stops up with their events and other needs. It is done with a smile and makes people feel welcome at the Connecticut General Assembly.

Caroline Beitman (Conn.)

To Jen Carlton (Ind.)

In addition to her regular job requirements, Jen works year-round to make sure Indiana Senate staff and interns feel appreciated, and I want to make sure she knows we appreciate her, too! I particularly appreciate her dedication to doing the right thing, her sense of humor and how humble and considerate she is. Thanks, Jen!

Elizabeth Vos (Ind.)

To Janet (Conn.)

For being an awesome committee partner!

Alex Reger (Conn.)

To Jim Tamburro (Conn.)

You have done so much to change the culture of our organization in a positive way. Thank you for all your hard work.

Matt Stanko (Conn.)

To Kristen Miller (Conn.)

We work great as a team and always are eager to share information and help each other out for the benefit of the organization.

Marcy Ritsick (Conn.)

To Jennifer Hays (Ky.)

Dedication should be Jennifer's middle name! She arrives to work early and leaves late. During session, you can find her at work on the weekends and sometimes in the middle of the night. She possesses a wealth of knowledge with over 40 years of tax experience. Her dedication and knowledge is much appreciated by the A & R staff.

Cynthia Brown (Ky.)

To Brett James (Ind.)

Brett is far more than a great postmaster: He is a friend to all! If you have had a bad day, Brett finds a way to make you smile with a kind word, homemade treat, small "pick-me-up" gift or just his overall positive energy! Brett raises staff morale with the organization of chili contests, charity bake sales, baby and wedding showers—all to make the Senate feel like family!

The entire Indiana Senate staff (Ind.)

To Mark Cutrona (Del.)

Mark consistently goes above and beyond. He is an amazing attorney who always finds time to help legislators. He works tirelessly to make sure we are well informed on any issues that may impact our legislation. The Delaware Legislature is lucky to have him on our team.

Representative Bennett (Del.)

To Shane Bennett (Ky.)

Shane became the third-floor supervisor position after a 10-year legislative assistant position. He jumps in and helps whenever help is needed no matter the task. He has made a tremendous impact on how things should be operated and I believe we have the best floor because of him. His door is always open for us to communicate with him.

Holly Tate (Ky.)

To Stuart Purcell (Ind.)

Stu was asked to step up to the mic (from the Controller's Office)—quite literally—as the Indiana Senate reading clerk this session. Stu managed to make the challenges of the position look easy with his radio voice and auctioneer-style speed reading. Thanks, Stu!

Jennifer Carlton (Ind.)

To Holly Vaughn Wagner (Del.)

Holly is a go-to for good legislative drafting techniques; she works hard to hone her craft and share her knowledge. Holly spent a lot of time over the fall working to improve our legislative drafting manual, making it more user-friendly. She then put together our annual legislative drafting class, providing the newest techniques and making the presentation fun.

Mark Cutrona (Del.)

To Courtenay Glanville (Ga.)

Courtenay has provided great service keeping the information technology infrastructure that supports our Senate appropriations process running well. The additional process improvement and innovation steps he has taken have also been invaluable.

Brent Churchwell (Ga.)

To Jim Tamburro (Conn.)

Everyone comes to Jim with their issues and concerns. He is never too busy to listen and provides guidance with a dash of humor and a lot of experience. Additionally, he puts the staff and legislator needs in the Connecticut General Assembly first and foremost.

Caroline Beitman (Conn.)

To Natalie Heath (Ga.)

Natalie has really dug in and built a solid background as our education appropriations analyst, bringing a high level of professionalism and analytic capabilities which are always appreciated.

Brent Churchwell (Ga.)

To Mike Burkhart and Terry Jarrett (W. Va.)

Mike and Terry are longtime senate staff and need a big shoutout for their patience, but mostly their great senses of humor during session. Too many times their wit and great smiles have saved the sanity of the day.

Diana Ramsey (W. Va.)

To Elton Davis and Jared Evans (Ga.)

Collectively, Jared and Elton cover policy areas that impact our state's most vulnerable within health, human services and the disabled. The complexity and financial magnitude of these areas demand a high level of attention and acumen ... and you both deliver!

Brent Churchwell (Ga.)

To Paula Benson (S.C.)

Paula is incredibly generous with her time, advice and experience. In addition to sharing her 30 years of drafting and research experience with us, she brings a calming and reassuring energy to everything she does. We are lucky to have her.

Johanna Valenzuela (S.C.)

To Austin Trott (Ga.)

In an early tenure, Austin has used his inquisitiveness to build a high degree of knowledge in higher education funding and uses his knowledge in economic development within the nexus of where those two areas support each area. Keep up the good work!

Brent Churchwell (Ga.)

To Chuck Truesdell (Ky.)

Thank you for being a mentor to me during my time as staff chair to NCSL! You're a credit to your state and a great example for state legislative staff.

Jon Heining (Texas)

To Caroline Beitman (Conn.)

Caroline is an HR director with great ideas and a passion to help raise the bar. She's dedicated to employee engagement and recognition.

Molly McAllister (Conn.)

To Martha Wigton (Ga.)

I can't wait to see what you're going to do as NCSL's staff chair! I also cannot imagine a person who is better equipped to succeed.

Jon Heining (Texas)

To Kathy Morris (Del.)

Kathy's patience knows no bounds. As the Division of Research's HR person, she's in charge of making sure we maintain accurate time sheets and travel documentation. She's kind, patient and an easy-going personality in an otherwise chaotic atmosphere. Thank you, Kathy!

Holly Vaughn Wagner (Del.)

To Ian Robertson (Utah)

Whether it's organizing transportation for foreign delegations visiting for the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike or making sure the soda dispensers keep running (very important in Utah), Ian keeps the machinery of the legislature humming so his bosses look good! The only thing that outshines Ian's work ethic: gregarious personality, which makes every day at the office a little sunnier.

Nick Frederick (Utah)

To John Friedenreich (Ala.)

John, who has become a very reliable fiscal analyst, recently took on the enormous task of drafting and performing the fiscal analysis on our recently enacted infrastructure package and did a phenomenal job. The lead sponsor and all of the interested parties complemented him on his work. Great job, John!

Kirk Fulford (Ala.)

To Deb McCarver (Ill.)

Deb is the social media manager for the Illinois Senate Democratic Caucus and has transformed the way our members reach their constituents by expanding our social media outreach. She is innovative and is always tuned in to what is trending and how we can better use technology to spread our message.

Anonymous (Ill.)

To Grace Pedersen (Del.)

This is Grace's second year as a legislative fellow for the Division of Research. Fellows come to us as they work to complete policy administration programs of local universities, but we think of Grace as one of our own. She's skilled, bright and cheerful and we look forward to watching her start what will inevitably be a stellar, successful career!

Holly Vaughn Wagner (Del.)

To Andrew Zoll (Ga.)

Andrew is our most senior analyst and has taken on a leadership role that assists our team toward producing our appropriations bill. Thanks for all of you do in your criminal justice/public safety and judicial policy areas, and for keeping our team productive during session.

Brent Churchwell (Ga.)

To Moyo Adeolou (Ill.)

Moyo has been a great addition to the Illinois Senate Democratic staff! Since coming onboard a few months ago, she has increased our video presence through all social media channels. Her "The Monthly Minute" segment keeps constituents informed on the most pressing issues facing the General Assembly.

Anonymous (Ill.)

To Melody DeBussey (Ga.)

On behalf of our office, we would like to commend our director, Melody, for the dedication and discernment she brings every day to navigate both present and near-future scenarios that impact appropriations and the ongoing operations of our state's agencies—challenging and inspiring us all to bring our A game.

Brent Churchwell (Ga.)

To Caroline Beitman (Conn.)

For being an open-minded leader who shows appreciation and recognition to her staff.

Andrea Walker (Conn.)

To Annie Besche (Del.)

Annie is our newest and brightest. In a short time she has helped us to become better organized by insisting we have weekly staff meetings. She always brings her enthusiasm with her and it is contagious.

Dave Deputy (Del.)

To Nicole Ussery (Tenn.)

Nicole always goes above and beyond. She's dedicated, helpful, courageous, and an absolutely amazing example of excellence in her role as a legislative assistant. Thank you, Nicole!

Nawel Noor (Tenn.)

To House Clerk's Office (N.H.)

The HCO team in New Hampshire goes above and beyond every day. Short-staffed, but hard working, they're a great team and I am so proud to work with them every day.

Paul Smith (N.H.)

To Betsy Howerton (Ga.)

Smart and steady! Betsy is unflappable under the pressure of session and drafts our most complicated healthcare legislation. Working with her is an honor.

Martha (Ga.)

To Melissa Bybee-Fields (Ky.)

Melissa is the hardest-working woman in the Kentucky House. She's the first in and the last to leave. She has a wealth of knowledge and it shows in how she keeps things running on the House floor, and even more so behind the scenes!

Jay Jacobs (Ky.)

To Joel Redding and OCIT (Ky.)

Joel and the entire Kentucky Office of Computing and Information Technology staff give us great tools that allow us to do our jobs so much easier and more efficiently. I truly appreciate all their hard work and dedication supporting our work in the Clerk's Office.

Melissa Bybee-Fields (Ky.)

To Michelle O'Brien (Idaho)

As special projects coordinator for the Idaho Capitol, Michelle's job ranges from running the gift shop to organizing tours to working with state police. Recently, I saw her task list—it was six pages long—and Michelle just says, “it’s my job” and continues to press forward. A vital part of the Idaho Legislative Services Office, she deserves to be recognized as such.

Joe Lewis (Idaho)

To Shane Bennett (Ky.)

Shane represents the highest quality of nonpartisian staffing in leadership, performance and goal setting. He reaches high for the excellence in staffing that encompass our legislative leaders and administrative staff. He is most deserving of recognition and applause.

Stacy Jacobs (Ky.)

To Lori Litke (Ky.)

Lori started working for LRC just before session and plunged right in. Not only was she eager to help in any way possible, but she also uplifted the morale of those who worked around her by decorating the office with seasonal/holiday decor, and bringing in homemade treats to share. She has a great attitude and a "bring it on" work ethic.

Yvonne Beghtol (Ky.)

To Sheron Violini (Calif.)

Sheron is always the first person volunteering for leadership staff sections. She always so professional and I enjoy visiting with her at each Summit!

Danielle Baker (Va.)

To Senate Majority Caucus Staff (Del.)

Our caucus has an amazing team of dedicated staff members. You are incredibly talented, kind and hardworking. Thank you for all you do to support your senators and provide amazing constituent services!

Debra Allen (Del.)

To James T. Funaki (Hawaii)

Devoting over 50 years of his life to serving at the Hawaii State Legislature, James T. Funaki is renowned for his unmatched expertise when it comes to Hawaii's legislative history. He is a living encyclopedia of public policy knowledge, having started his career during Hawaii's first decade as a state. Despite his professional accomplishments as special counsel and former chief attorney of the House of Representatives, what I personally admire most about him is not his legal acumen—it is his unflappable disposition and easygoing, approachable nature.

Speaker Scott K. Saiki (Hawaii)

To Joseph Martinez (N.M.)

Joseph brings the sunshine to our windowless office! His sense of humor and kindness make everyone feel welcome instantly. His dedication and warmth shine through in everything he does and to everyone he meets. Although he often has to deal with people who are frustrated, lost and tired, he always manages to get them smiling.

Reena Szczepanski (N.M.)

To Janet Roberson and Angel Burack (Del.)

Janet and Angel have worked hard for many years to support the General Assembly's technology needs. They are always willing to lend a hand to a legislator or staff member in need of IT assistance and are always looking for ways to use technology to make the General Assembly more efficient and effective. We are lucky to have them on our team!

Anonymous (Del.)

To Donnie Sellers (Del.)

Donnie and his crew in the print shop work fast and produce creative, innovative products. He takes my kernels of ideas and turns them into really cool publications for the Division of Research to distribute to the public, staff and legislators. And he's never once complained when asked to turn around print requests quickly!

Holly Vaughn Wagner (Del.)

To Zac Maier (Ind.)

Zac Maier is the Senate IT director, and always goes above and beyond for the Indiana Senate. The Senate runs smoothly because of all his hard work and dedication. I do not know what our legislators and their assistants would do without him!

Vanessa Snyder (Ind.)

To Lauren Ames (Texas)

Lauren is incredibly bright and never shies away from a tough task. In her first year at the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission, she stepped up to manage complicated projects. She sets a great example for how to lead with empathy, grit and humor. She will undoubtedly go far in the policy world!

Rachel Gandy (Texas)

To Kayla Caviness (Ind.)

Kayla had the incredibly challenging task during the 2019 legislative session of serving in her first year as the executive assistant to the Indiana Senate's newly-elected pro tempore. Leadership within the pro tem's office is critical for efficient session operations. Kayla served Senator Rod Bray and the entire Senate with distinction. Despite the stress of session and the high demands of her office workload, Kayla handled each situation with grace and professionalism.

Jennifer Carlton (Ind.)

To Jason Theodorou (Ariz.)

Jason excelled his first year as legislative research analyst on our nonpartisan team. As lead staff for the Transportation Committee, Jason learned critical issues and developed into an amazing staffer. His quiet presence turns to a commanding one when he is at the podium. A cordial demeanor, can-do attitude and off-the-charts work ethic make Jason the exemplary employee. Thanks for a job very well done, Jason!

Diana Clay (Ariz.)

To Sara Zimmerman (Del.)

Sara, our fearless librarian, is a key element of what makes our division successful and a great place to work! If she doesn't already know where to find what you're looking for, she won't stop until she locates what you need. And, she's personification of the word "teamwork." She makes my job easier and more efficient in countless ways!

Holly Vaughn Wagner (Del.)

To Peter Kelly (N.J.)

Peter's contributions to the legislature through the Office of Legislative Services over the many years of his service will have a lasting, immeasurable impact. His wisdom, kindness and humor will truly be missed.

Stephanie Wozunk (N.J.)

To Brayden Borcherding (Calif.)

Brayden "Brady" Borcherding is tireless as a legislative director and thoughtful as a mentor and friend. His dedication to moving the ball forward on major legislation is unparalleled in the state Senate!

Miles Horton (Calif.)

To Liz Harwood (Conn.)

Liz is a payroll guru. She keeps her finger on the pulse of pay changes and assures that everything is double checked. She is never too busy to help staff or legislative leaders with pay issues.

Caroline Beitman (Conn.)

To Erik Feigenbaum (Maine)

Saving solar energy policy.

Bill Brown (Maine)

To Lisa Zaugg (Conn.)

Legislators and staff seek Lisa out for pension and benefit questions because they know she will go over and above to assist them.

Caroline Beitman (Conn.)

To Lavonie Irby (Conn.)

Lavonie steps in to assist others with set up and managing events. She always has a smile on her face and makes people feel welcome.

Caroline Beitman (Conn.)

To Ingrid Garvey (Ariz.)

Ingrid is a senior legislative research analyst on our nonpartisan staff and serves the House Health Committee as an expert in her field. Ingrid's lighthearted, witty personality coupled with professionalism makes her the perfect team player. Thanks for all the years of dedication and loyalty, Ingrid!

Diana Clay (Ariz.)

To Stephanie Jensen (Ariz.)

Staffing committees for the nonpartisan legislative research staff team at the House of Representatives takes not only superior intelligence, but perseverance, patience and attention to detail. Stephanie exemplifies these qualities and more. Her kind demeanor, positive attitude and quick thinking in stressful situations serve as examples for us all. I am honored to serve with Stephanie.

Diana Clay (Ariz.)

To Molly McAlister (Conn.)

Training at the CT CGA is top notch. Molly finds and/or delivers excellent programs and provides advice to partisan and nonpartisan staff.

Caroline Beitman (Conn.)

To Tim Grubbs (Ariz.)

Tim is an awesome addition to our nonpartisan legislative staff. He is dependable, approachable and a great team player. Tim staffs the House Appropriations Committee, serving the members in a kind, professional way. Many thanks, Tim!

Diana Clay (Ariz.)

To Andrew Merkley (Ind.)

Andrew juggles many tasks as a legislative and legal assistant to our caucus attorney, director of Latino Affairs and internships. He deserves to be recognized for his dedication to public service and professionalism.

Michelle (Ind.)

To Claire Clift (Nev.)

Claire is knowledgeable in all areas of the legislative process. She sets the standard on policy and procedure, always incorporating the customs and practices of the Senate. I am thankful to be able to learn something new each day from her. She is a true role model.

Senate staffer (Nev.)

To Deanna Killen (Del.)

Deanna is absolutely critical to the function of our caucus on a day-to-day basis. Her professionalism and organizational mastery allow us to accomplish much more than any of us could do without her guidance and assistance. We are extremely lucky to have her on our team.

David Burris (Del.)

To Kim Tinnell (Colo.)

Kim is generous,modest and efficient, as well as passionate, about our team's work: evaluating state tax expenditures. She always tries to approach each evaluation with an open mind, allowing the data and her communications with stakeholders guide her in figuring out if each state tax credit, deduction or exemption is working or not.

Kevin Amirehsani (Colo.)

To Meggan Foesch (Wis.)

Meggan is not only dedicated to her job, she is also looking for ways to improve upon her duties and streamline the processes. She has helped lead Wisconsin into the 21st century by focusing on getting several systems electronic, saving paper and time and making for better transparency. Meggan is a huge asset to our office!

Erin Gillitzer (Wis.)

To Meredith Wittmann (N.Y.)

She goes above and beyond in all the work she does. Our office only runs because she is there working so hard.

Casey Lajszky (N.Y.)

To Betsy Haugen (Minn.)

Betsy has been a great chair of our LRL group, and a very considerate mentor to her vice chair.

Teresa Wilt (Nev.)

To Cara Meeker (Colo.)

Cara stepped into some really trying circumstances as a backup amendment clerk in the House chamber over the last couple weeks of session and did a great job. Thanks Cara!

Darren Thornberry (Colo.)

To Sharon Carter and Hugh Brady (Texas)

They are both doing a great job at one of the Texas legislature's hardest roles: serving as parliamentarian to the Texas House.

Anonymous (Texas)

To Sarah Burhop (Wis.)

Sarah is the backbone of our office. She is the first one people see when they walk in and the first one to talk to them on the phone. She always has a positive attitude and goes above and beyond to help anyone with anything. We would be lost without her!

Erin Gillitzer (Wis.)

To Tamara Aronstein (Texas)

Tamara has been contributing to and participating in many projects, taking on additional work to help the agency, and still remains positive!

Julie Davis (Texas)

To Stephanie Heyroth, Ali Jobe and Englisa Parker (Nev.)

This talented library staff does an excellent job serving the information needs of the Nevada Legislature, and also makes the library a great place to work!

Teresa Wilt (Nev.)

To Richie Novak (W. Va.)

Richie is a one-person IT show for the West Virginia Senate! Over the last decade, he has guided the Senate from the dark ages to one of the country's most technologically advanced chambers, serving 34 members and 80 full- and part-time staff when in session. Dedicated, calm with a good sense of humor, he is appreciated and loved by all!

Lee Cassis (W. Va.)

To Debbie Gottschalk (Del.)

Debbie is a legislative drafting powerhouse! She takes on every project with high enthusiasm and commitment, inspiring the rest of us to up our game. She's been a great asset to the Division of Research since the day she joined us.

Holly Vaughn Wagner (Del.)

To Michael Feld (N.J.)

Michael's performance as a legislative staffer is truly sublime.


To Mac Taylor, Retired (Calif.)

Mac is a leader in the truest sense of the word and has inspired many of us in other states to be better managers, and hopefully leaders, ourselves.

Jonathan Ball (Utah)

To Wendy Jackson (Wisc.)

Wendy is a dedicated editor in her own state, but she is also a great resource for and mentor to legislative staff in other states. She's always willing to lend an ear to other legislative staff and help them work out issues they are facing, editorial and otherwise.

Mark Cutrona (Del.)

To Jade Bechelli (N.J.)

Jade has been championing the issue of food insecurity in our state for many years and this summer and fall she worked tirelessly with the speaker of the Assembly and our members to help move a 14-bill package on eliminating hunger in our community and reducing food waste.

Kaylee McGuire (N.J.)

To Julia Covington (N.C.)

Julia has been an amazing mentor to me in my role as LRL chair this year and I can't thank her enough. Serving as LRL's past chair, she continues to provide guidance and support, going above and beyond, and we are grateful.

Betsy Haugen (Minn.)

To Bill Drake (Mich.)

Bill has humbly served the people of Michigan for over 30 years as a legislative staffer. He is always there to offer support, advice or just a kind word. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor.

Kristi Schmidt (Mich.)

To Bryanna McGarry (Mich.)

She always reaches out with questions and works hard to ensure that vulnerable families have the resources they need to thrive!

Amanda Lick (Mich.)

To Austin Halverson (Texas)

For showing up to Nurse-Family Partnership events and working with us to coordinate a home visit!

Kim Griffin (Texas)

To Camille O'Brien (N.Y.)

Camille is dedicated to her legislative responsibilities in Albany and intensely aware of how her work can help not only constituents in our district, but the state as a whole. She is a patient teacher and mentor, and a collaborative colleague who always puts honesty and integrity first. Not to mention her killer sense of humor while doing it all!

Emma Rooney (N.Y.)

To Theresa Holst (Colo.)

Theresa's dedication and love for her work are so inspiring to her team. She cares so much about the institution and the role of Visitor Services in educating the public about our General Assembly. Her leadership inspires so many of us to work to the best of abilities and to achieve great things through small acts. We are lucky to know her!


To Lindsey Swindle (Fla.)

Lindsey is such a hard-working and dedicated individual with a great heart—a true asset to Senator Wright's staff! I had the pleasure of working with her for almost two years and I have learned so much from her.

Angelique Rinaldi (Fla.)

To Ciara Price (Ohio)

Ciara works so hard on a variety of bills in the Ohio Legislature. This often requires her to become an expert in a very short timeframe on a variety of subjects (just in this General Assembly those subjects included the constitutional amendment process and small cell wireless regulations). Ciara never complains and has been an invaluable resource to me in both a policy space and as in my constituent work. I am so grateful for her guidance!

Ellen Turk (Ohio)

To Julie Redden & Gloria Kimball (Va.)

The calendar says April 24 is Administrative Professionals Day. But I hope I make it clear that my appreciation for your contributions is more than a one-day event. Each day, you are both called upon to constantly shift gears and confront challenges big and small, and each day, you respond in a manner that keeps the division running as efficiently as it does. Each day, you bring professionalism, courtesy, dedication and respect. I am grateful to have you looking out for us and our stakeholders—each day.

Col. Anthony Pike (Va.)

To Yvette Smallwood (Del.)

Yvette is Delaware's registrar of regulations. She always strives for absolute accuracy and professionalism in every job she does. Her legal knowledge and technical expertise have never failed to address even the most complex inquiry or regulatory challenge. She is a supreme multi-tasker who handles multiple complex projects simultaneously with tremendous accuracy. She is an inspiration.

Victoria Schultes (Del.)

To Beth Waters (Conn.)

Beth assures that everyone is paid correctly and on time, takes time almost daily to help staff and legislators with the myriad of pay issues and always does so with a friendly demeanor.

Caroline Beitman (Conn.)

To Mark Cutrona (Del.)

For someone who takes on such responsibility, Mark handles it greatly. He's always working to make the department better and willing to put in the long hours to get done what he has to.

Anonymous (Del.)

Dylan Behler (Md.)

Thank you for being such a great colleague to work with! Your ability to balance multiple legislative requests without complaint helped tremendously behind the scenes with the successful 2019 legislative session.

Johntel Greene (Md.)

Marcia Tagavilla (Hawaii)

She is the most thorough and caring House Minority research director in the history of the state of Hawaii. She has modernized, updated, streamlined and reviewed every part of the legislative session process and she has made everyone's work more impactful and comprehensive in support of the House Minority Caucus.

Trevor Wesley Z. (Hawaii)

To Debra Allen (Del.)

Debbie is an excellent leader who cares about her staff. She is very intuitive in teaming staff to senators who work very well together. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is beneficial to all of us and we (Nicole Alvarez, Felicita Diaz-Rivera, Shelly Earley, Mary Ann Hearne, Jaci Hugg and Michael Soyka) are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of her team.

Jaci Hugg (Del.)

Alex (Ill.)

Alex is doing a great job at rebranding the Illinois Senate Republican Caucus. She has worked to create a new logo and improve the presence of the caucus across all social media channels, websites and print publications. She has built a cohesive look and greater credibility for the messaging.

Emily (Ill.)

Lizzie Kubitz (Alaska)

Lizzie is committee aide to one of the most difficult committees in the Alaska State House: Judiciary. Her colleagues often wonder if she finds time to sleep or eat a meal. She's on top of the committee process and has to deal with complex issues and sometimes highly complex committee members.

Erick Cordero Giorgana (Alaska)

Lauren Coon (Ind.)

Kudos to Lauren for killing it with our members' mail! In the middle of the legislative session, she is turning out awesome mail pieces for all of our members that keep constituents engaged and interested in the caucus. On top of that, she always has a positive attitude and is always willing to help out another team member.

Rebekah Wuchner (Ind.)

Andrea Walker (Conn.)

As senior HR analyst, Andrea provides staff and legislators with "over and above" customer service, answering HR and benefits questions and taking time to speak with them no matter how busy she is.

Caroline Beitman (Conn.)

Erick Cordero Giorgana (Alaska)

Erick is one of the most brilliant, creative, and helpful staffers who everyone loves. His excellent customer service, interpersonal communication skills and ability to find solutions to tough situations makes him an effective team player. He has gone above and beyond to help new staffers feel welcomed and empowered. He is very talented in mass communication; from social media to print to research and work ethics. Erick is the heart of Representative Sharon Jackson's office!

Kaneyo Hirata (Alaska)

Jared Hunt (W. Va.)

Jared is an outstanding communications director for the House of Delegates! He goes above and beyond to help media, and he makes learning fun through his Twitter hashtag #WVCivicsWithJared. Wading through parliamentary procedure, rules and state code can be boring, but he finds a way to provide clear information and make it fun. I'm lucky to have such a great counterpart in the West Virginia Legislature.

Jacque Bland (W. Va.)

Kim O'Farrell (Wash.)

A legislative assistant in the Washington State Legislature, Kim is not only a phenomenal asset to her member, but provides other legislative assistants and staff with guidance and support. Kim lead the fight to change the culture of harassment in the House of Representative as one of the representatives for our workgroup on sexual harassment. She worked to produce a unanimously passed resolution by members of both chambers, a code of conduct that provides policy guidance and a working relationship with other house employees from other workgroups. We greatly benefit from Kim's advice, warmth and tenacity.

Sarah Kohout (Wash.)

Jacque Bland (W. Va.)

Jacque is the first one in and last one out during sessions, dealing with unruly reporters and rogue copy machines to deliver the best results for her senators. She is a true unsung hero of the West Virginia Capitol. And she does good work!

Jared Hunt (W. Va.)

Raeanne Martinez (Texas)

Raeanne and I collaborated on a presentation for the editors at the RELACS PDS in Harrisburg, Pa., last fall. Raeanne is smart, funny and creative and a great legislative editor.

Wendy Jackson (Wis.)

Blake Doss (Ga.)

Thanks for keeping the energy level of the office at optimum levels all time. You motivate us all to be more productive and innovative. We appreciate you for inspiring us to keep "raising the bar" for legislative staff!

Martha Wigton (Ga.)