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There are nine professional staff associations and a few staff networks associated with NCSL.

They offer opportunities for communication and professional development with your peers. Learn more about each of the associations and networks by visiting their homepage and learn how to get involved. In addition, each association offers an annual professional development seminar (PDS). See the most current information for staff training and professional development seminars.

American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries (ASLCS)

The American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries was founded in 1943 to improve legislative administration and to establish better communication between clerks and secretaries throughout the U.S. and its territories. The society has grown to include an active membership of more than 300 principal clerks and secretaries and legislative support staff. 

National Association of Legislative Fiscal Offices  (NALFO)

NALFO welcomes all legislative staff involved in fiscal research and analysis. The purpose of the association is to improve the quality and effectiveness of legislative fiscal staff and the services they provide to state legislatures. 

Legislative Information and Communications Staff  (LINCS)

The Legislative Information and Communications Staff is the voice of state legislatures. Its members include communications directors, public information officers, press secretaries, radio and television producers, photographers, civic educators and all those who serve as the external liaisons between the nation's state legislatures and their constituents.

National Association of Legislative Information Technology  (NALIT)

NALIT provides legislative information technology professionals with opportunities for training, professional growth and information sharing.

Leadership Staff Professional Association (LSPA)

LSPA is the professional organization for legislative staff in the 50 states who work for leaders, party caucuses and as personal staff to a member.

National Legislative Program Evaluation Society (NLPES)

The purpose of the National Legislative Program Evaluation Society is to advance the professions of legislative program evaluation and performance auditing and to provide members with relevant training, opportunities for exchanging ideas and information, and recognition for superior performance.

Research, Editorial, Legal and Committee Staff  (RELACS)

The Research, Editorial, Legal and Committee Staff (RELACS) professional association is dedicated to fostering professional development and communication through NCSL among legislative employees who provide a multitude of services to state legislatures, including research, editing, legal services, committee staffing, bill drafting, code revision, administrative rules review and compilation, policy analysis, and constituent services.

Legislative Research Librarians (LRL)

Legislative Research Librarians Staff Section was established to provide a forum for discussion on legislative research and library services, improve operations and procedures and enhance the professional development of legislative librarians. The staff section also provide opportunities for collaboration and networking with your legislative librarian and research colleagues from across the country.

National Legislative Services and Security Association (NLSSA)

The underlying philosophy of the National Legislative Services and Security Association is to see that all of the logistical services that are provided to legislators, staff and the public function well.

Staff Networks

Legislative Education Staff Network (LESN)

The Legislative Education Staff Network is a partnership between the Education Commission of the States and the National Conference of State Legislatures. LESN is a coordinated network of professional and knowledgeable legislative staff from across the country who work on education policy.

Human Resource Management in State Legislatures Staff Network

Serves professional who work in human resource management and personnel administration in state legislatures

Young and New Professionals Network (YNP)

Serves those who are young and/or new to working for a legislature. It provides targeted professional development and networking to help with navigating the legislature, managing workloads and so much more.