Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee

Meeting Summary

Phoenix, Arizona
September 28, 2012

Welcome and Introductions
Patsy Spaw, NCSL Staff Chair, opened the meeting and introduced LSCC members.
NCSL Executive Director’s Report
Bill Pound, NCSL Executive Director, reported that the Legislative Summit in Chicago, Aug. 6-9, was a success, with attendance higher than anticipated (roughly 5,200).  The schedule for the Legislative Summit in Atlanta, Aug. 12-15, will be similar to the Chicago schedule.  Bill said there will be a staff luncheon in Atlanta opposite the exhibit hall luncheon on Aug. 14.  He discussed NCSL’s FY 2012 budget and noted that it finished in the black.  He invited LSCC members to attend a special briefing by Ground Floor Media—NCSL’s website consultant—later that afternoon on the status of the website redesign, which will include a review of feedback received from legislators and legislative staff.  Bill concluded his remarks by noting that Fleishman Hillard—a communications consulting firm—will present a proposed outreach and communication strategy for new members on Saturday morning.
Preview of the Executive Committee Meeting
Patsy Spaw encouraged LSCC staff to attend the Executive Committee meetings on Saturday, and reminded staff who are members of Executive Committee that they also are members of LSCC.  She distributed a new brochure she prepared entitled “LSCC Working for You” that answers frequently asked questions about what LSCC does, how it serves legislative staff and how staff can contribute to LSCC’s success.
Reports from LSCC Subcommittees
Programs, Professional Development and Member Outreach.  Anne Sappenfield, vice chair, presented the subcommittee’s report.  She said the subcommittee discussed potential staff programs for the 2013 Legislative Summit in Atlanta, professional development opportunities for legislative staff and ways to strengthen the Statehouse Ambassadors’ program.  The subcommittee recommended a 3-year reauthorization of the Legislative Staff Management Institute under the direction of the University of Southern California and California State University Sacramento.  The LSCC approved the recommendation.  The next LSMI is scheduled for July 13-20, 2012, in Sacramento.
Legislative Institution.  Tara Perkinson, chair, presented the subcommittee’s report.  She said she had divided the subcommittee into three working groups and summarized the work of each in developing:

  • LSCC bylaws or guidelines.
  • Handbooks for incoming LSCC subcommittee chairs to assist them in accomplishing their goals and objectives, and suggesting a more consistent subcommittee structure and responsibilities for the future.
  • A mentorship program for new LSCC members. 

Information Technology and NCSL Website Review.  Chuck Truesdell, chair, presented the subcommittee’s report.  He reviewed the subcommittee’s work on the following topics:

  • NCSL’s upcoming website redesign.
  • Use of iPads and mobile apps.
  • How to increase the response rates to NCSL meeting evaluations using the mobile app.
  • E-learning opportunities, webinars and online meeting registration.
  • How to more effectively use the NCSL website to promote LSCC-sponsored webinars.
  • Assessing the state of technology in state legislatures.

Reports from LSCC Work Groups
Staff Section Officers.  Peggy Piety presented the work group’s report.  She noted that nine of the ten staff sections have scheduled professional development seminars (PDS) in 2012:

  • NALFO in Salt Lake City, Aug. 29-31.
  • NLPES in Atlanta, Oct. 1-3.
  • ASLCS in Richmond, Oct. 2-7.
  • LSS, LSSS, LINCS, NALIT, NLSSA and RACSS in Madison, Oct. 8-12.

In 2013, ASLCS is planning to meet in Sacramento, NALIT in Raleigh, and NLSSA, NLPES and possibly LRL in Atlanta.  Peggy said no decision had been reached on whether “hub” locations should be considered for future PDS.  The subcommittee also discussed staff sessions at the Legislative Summit, recommending that the “Tribute to Legislative Staff” be a luncheon meeting, eliminating the staff section breakfasts and incorporating staff section business meetings into other time slots.  Peggy indicated the subcommittee began planning a New Staff Section Officer Orientation webinar for later in the fall, and she encouraged staff sections to apply for NCSL e-learning grants to support other webinars.
Standing Committees.  Linda Pittsford and Jan Yamane presented the work group’s report.  They noted that the work group had prepared an outreach checklist designed, in part, to get more staff involved with the standing committees.  They noted that while many legislative staff find their entrée to NCSL through the staff sections, it is important to reach out to policy staff whose interests may be better served through the standing committees.  They said that each of the six overall standing committee officers will be assigned to monitor staff involvement with the 12 standing committees.  They concluded their remarks by reviewing the preliminary agenda for the Fall Forum in Washington, D.C., Dec. 5-7.
Strategic Planning.  Tom Wright, NCSL Staff Vice Chair, emphasized that his goal is to promote outreach and continuity of programs to avoid duplication of previous years’ work and implement what LSCC wants to accomplish.  Part of the outreach would involve designing strategies to get more staff to participate in Legislative Summit and the staff section PDS.  He stressed the importance of using NCSL’s state assignment staff system to reach out to legislative staff when they conduct state visits, and to encourage legislative staff attending NCSL meetings in state capitols to meet with the host state’s legislative staff.  
Other Business
Ken Levine, NCSL Executive Committee member, described the “Denim Days” fundraising efforts at the LSCC/Executive Committee meeting to raise money to support cancer research.
Michael Adams, NCSL Immediate Past Staff Chair, described the LSCC/Executive Committee staff mentorship program he is managing.  He also noted, with sadness, the death of Gary Olson, former NCSL Staff Chair, earlier in September.
Patsy Spaw led a discussion of the staff section PDS schedule for 2012, noting the successful NALFO seminar Aug. 29-31, with over 90 attendees, and the preliminary registration of 120 LSSS participants at the Super PDS, Oct. 8-12.  She pointed out that these were the first PDS for both staff sections since 2008, and was encouraged by the high numbers.  Patsy also indicated that although LRL is not conducting a PDS this fall, it is sponsoring two webinars as part of its professional development efforts.
The meeting adjourned.