Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee

Meeting Summary

October 12, 2007
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Report of the Executive Director

Bill Pound reported that the 2007 annual meeting was successful, the biggest one ever, and discussed the New Orleans annual meeting schedule.  On the budget, he said that fiscal 2007 ended in the black and that the budget is on track.  For this year, funding for the Trust for Representative Democracy has become problematic.  Another major budget issue is that the NCSL staff salary schedule is out of line with the market, and Bill will take a proposal for changes to the executive committee in January.  He mentioned some highlights of the committee's agenda for the following day.

Standing Committee Chair's Report

Laura DeVivo, Standing Committee Staff Chair, introduced the committee staff vice chairs, discussed the orientation for committee officers held on October 4 and 5 in Washington and said that planning is well underway for the Fall Forum in Phoenix in November.  She described the membership and purposes of the Workgroup on Standing Committees, which will meet in Phoenix.  Staff Chair Sharon Crouch Steidel invited the LSCC to off suggestions to the workgroup.

LSCC Subcommittees' Reports

Nancy Cyr reported for the Professional Development Subcommittee, which looked at the schedule, agenda and budget for LSMI in 2008 and talked with Tim Hodson about the institute, heard a report on the Senior Management Leadership Seminar (SMLS)  from Brian Weberg, and discussed outreach to staff attending the NCSL annual meeting for the first time, programs for personal staff, and a survey to elicit suggested topics for the mega-session for annual meeting.

Jamie Jo Franklin reported that the Marketing and Outreach Subcommittee had reviewed the Statehouse Ambassador program, which has 12 states to go.  Karl Kurtz notified the subcommittee of his planned training for NCSL staff on the project.  The subcommittee reviewed the NCSL and You brochure and discussed updates to it.  The subcommittee will review ease of use of the NCSL website and explore ways to market NCSL to legislators.

Michael Adams, reporting for the Technology Subcommittee, said it had delayed its review of TIMSS until the executive committee's special website subcommittee is named.  The subcommittee also reviewed last year's e-learning report and other technical issues, including collaborative software, the 50-state bill status project, and negotiations with StateNet. 

Tim Rice reported that the Legislative Institution Subcommittee had reviewed the 1999 report on the future of the legislature, and considered ways to keep legislatures relevant and valid as the century rolls on.  The subcommittee will constitute five workgroups to facilitate its work, and ask the staff sections for advice.

Staff Section Reports

Ernie Sumner reported on a successful NLSSA professional development seminar in Alabama in September.  It focused on management tools, and attracted 13 or 14 first time participants.  The staff section's focus will be on marketing and outreach this year, and it will review its bylaws with an eye to expanding the responsibilities and functions of NLSSA.  It will meet in New Hampshire in 2008.

Dawn Reese reported that the Leadership Staff Section had a great meeting in Anchorage, shared with LINCS.  Tom Wright joined in the description of the meeting.  150 attended.  Leadership will move to Indiana in 2008 and Wyoming in 2009.

Staff Chair's Closing Remarks

Sharon Crouch Steidel noted that it had been a rich and fulfilling day, and thanked Ken Levine for facilitating denim day.  Ken responded that the contribution are intended to improve treatment and awareness of breast cancer, and he awarded Sharon a certificate of appreciation. 

posted 10/16/07 
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