Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee

Meeting Summary

Louisville, Kentucky
July 25, 2010

Nancy Cyr, NCSL Staff Chair, called the meeting to order and introduced LSCC members. She gave each member a NCSL University t-shirt as a thank you gift.  

Executive Director’s Report
Bill Pound, NCSL Executive Director, said there were 4,175 pre-registered participants for the Legislative Summit, one of the smaller meetings. He noted that with consolidating the meeting by one day to cut costs, it would be interesting to see how it works for legislative staff. Bill reported that the FY 2010 budget is projected to be in the black, and that 40% of FY 2011 dues had already been collected. He invited all staff to attend the Executive Committee meetings scheduled for that afternoon. 

Subcommittee Reports
Professional Development and Outreach. Peggy Piety, subcommittee chair, updated staff on the NCSL and You brochure, noting that it now is published only online. She described the monthly newsletters sent out to Statehouse Ambassadors, and reminded staff of the ambassadors’ breakfast on July 28. The two Legislative Staff University speakers are Massachusetts State Representative Jay Kaufman—“Leadership in Challenging Times”—and Anna Post—“Making Your Point Successfully.” Peggy described efforts aimed at reaching more personal and district staff through NCSL’s web site, and interest in a social networking group. She concluded her remarks by noting that 30 staff have been accepted to participate in the Legislative Staff Management Institute. Gary Schaefer added information on the orientation for new legislative staff (July 26); hub cities for fall professional development seminars (Baltimore, Denver, New Orleans and Portland, Ore.—2011; Atlanta, Austin and Madison—2012); and updating the staff appointing authorities for Standing Committees. 

Legislative Institutions. Roger Norman, subcommittee chair, introduced Dick Sweet, who discussed the enhanced Separation of Powers web page on NCSL’s web site. Roger then described the subcommittee’s work in promoting legislative service as a career. It includes a series of short videos that interview staff who represent each of the staff sections discussing why they love their jobs. An introductory anchor video shows the pivotal role that each staff function played in successful passage of a bill (to be unveiled at the Salute to Legislative staff on July 28). 

Technology and E-Learning. Michael Adams, subcommittee chair, described the successful webinars launched during the year that reached over 1,700 legislative staff. The webinar entitled “Writing for the Legislative Audience” had the largest audience ever, with over 900 participants at a cost of less than $3.00/person. Michael described the new NCSLU portal, which contains over 200 documents—including several multi-media events—in a single location. He emphasized that shifting to e-learning will require more funding if it is to be successful. Nancy Cyr promoted an upcoming webinar on how to make an effective presentation scheduled for mid- to late-October that will feature John Turcotte, director of North Carolina’s Program Evaluation Division. She encouraged staff sections to co-sponsor it just as they successfully did with the writing webinar. 

Staff Section Officers. Holly Lyons, the officers’ co-chair, noted the staff section professional development seminars scheduled this fall: LSS/LINCS, Raleigh, Sept. 7-11; ASLCS, Milwaukee, Sept. 8-12; and NLPES/NLSSA, Baton Rouge, Oct. 4-7. She emphasized the importance of gearing up the seminars again in the future so as not to lose momentum. Holly reminded staff of the orientation for new staff section officers on July 28. 

Strategic Planning Work Group.  Tim Rice, NCSL Staff Vice Chair, said the group had researched all previous reports prepared by LSCC, located the relevant documents and was now determining how best to archive them so they retained value for future staff. The group had discussed the current number of NCSL Standing Committees and was recommending that the number remain the same. Tim concluded his remarks by discussing the need to make NCSL’s online collaboration tools more effective by providing training in their use. 

Volunteer Efforts. Nancy Cyr reminded staff of three volunteer opportunities during Legislative Summit: Walk for Wellness (July 27); new legislative staff orientation (July 26); and the United Through Reading Program to help military families (throughout the summit). 

Legislative Staff Management Institute
Gary VanLandingham, Immediate Past Staff Chair, emphasized the importance of LSCC promoting participation in LSMI in light of continuing tight travel budgets. He noted that 20 participants are the minimum for a successful institute, with 30 being ideal. Fortunately, this year’s institute has reached its goal. 

Legislative Staff Nominating Committee and Executive Committee Candidates
Nancy Cyr introduced the members of the 2010 Legislative Staff Nominating Committee: Patrick O’Donnell, chair; Karl Aro, Shantee El, Elizabeth Lincoln, Pamela Ray, Earnest Sumner, Dick Sweet, Janeen Halverson (1st alternate) and Mark Mitchell (2nd alternate). She then introduced the three candidates for Staff Vice Chair: Michael Adams, Gary Schaefer and Patsy Spaw. Nancy concluded by introducing the 10 candidates for at-large positions on Executive Committee: Paul Aguilar, Laura DeVivo, Duncan Goss, Ken Levine, Holly Lyons, Tara Perkinson, Clarence Russ, Lisa Sandberg, Mike Sunseri and Jeffrey Wice. 

Closing Remarks
Nancy thanked the seven LSCC members who were ending their service on NCSL’s Executive Committee: Gary VanLandingham, Laura Clemens, Roger Norman, Gary Schaefer, Carol Shaw, Dick Sweet and Lisa Wallmeyer. She thanked all the LSCC members for their support during her year as Staff Chair. 

The meeting adjourned. 

posted 8/11/10