Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee

Meeting Summary

January 25, 2008
Bonita Springs, Florida

Report of the Executive Director

NCSL Executive Director Bill Pound remarked on a useful discussion with the staff section chairs regarding overhead allocation and hotel booking for professional development seminars.  He indicated a willingness to work with the subcommittee that has been appointed and that he would entertain the idea of eliminating the overhead allocation.  Bill previewed key issues coming before the Executive Committee.  He said that the budget is in good shape thanks in part to the large attendance at the annual meeting.

Sharon Crouch Steidel previewed the Budget, Finance and Rules Committee and the Program Planning and Oversight Committee meetings. 

Standing Committee Report

Nelson Fox summarized the report in the agenda book on the meeting of the Standing Committees in Phoenix this past November.

LSCC Subcommittee Reports

Nancy Cyr reported that the professional development task force approved the 2008 Legislative Staff Management Institute budget.  The task force reviewed a report on the Senior Management Leadership Seminar. The task force is continuing work on the annual meeting mega sessions, a summary of revenue and expenses from fall staff section meetings, and member and district staff training.

Michael Adams said that the technology review task force followed up on the Web site review discussion that had been held among Executive Committee members.  He reported that the 50-state bill information system is expected to be available March 1.  The new service, which provides legislators and staff access to State Net’s database of current legislation, will be rolled out to the RACSS, LRL, Legal Services and NALIT staff sections.  The task force also reviewed how it can most effectively use collaboration software (Sharepoint) and e-learning.

The marketing and outreach task force, chaired by Jamie Jo Franklin, discussed the legislative staff mailing list update project—8,000 changes to the list have been made in 44 states over 18 months.  Jamie said that the task force reviewed the NCSL and You brochure and made suggestions for improvements.  They discussed the Statehouse Ambassador program and agreed that a meeting of the ambassadors should take place at the annual meeting in New Orleans.  Members of the task force emphasized the importance of NCSL state liaisons checking in with Executive Committee and LSCC members.

Tim Rice reported that the legislative institution task force reviewed the separation of powers web page and solicited materials and ideas for the page.  The task force is working on developing an inventory of driving forces affecting state legislatures in the future.

Staff Section Reports

Dawn Reese said that the staff section officers discussed hotel costs and the staff section overhead allocation process and established a subcommittee to work on these issues further.  The task force is working on a succession planning process and manual for staff section officers.  They set up a subcommittee to work with Kathy Brennan Wiggins on development of staff section international programs.

Gary Schaeffer highlighted NALIT’s program in Springfield last year and plans for this year’s joint session with NLPES.   Ken Levine added that RACSS is also likely to conduct its professional development seminar jointly with the other two sections. 

posted 4/17/08 
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