LSCC Success Stories - Videos


Legislative staff support legislatures in a variety of ways and help legislators achieve their public policy goals. Here’s three stories that showcase how legislative staff make legislators, and the legislative institution, successful.

Legislative Staff Success Story: Utah Legislative Staff


Learn how the work of legislative staff in Utah provided oversight, information and guidance to the legislature when it became apparent through legislative audit that the USTAR program, developed to utilize state resources to delivery more technology-based startup firms and more high paying jobs, reports were greatly inflated and exaggerated. Through the work of legislative staff, legislation was changed to require audit every three years. When the program still did not perform and negative public perception became apparent, Senate Bill 212 was passed to phase out the USTAR initiative and the fund were reinvested in workforce development.

Great job and congratulations to Utah Legislative Staff.

Legislative Staff Success Story: Georgia House Rural Development


Over the past two years, the staff of the Georgia House of Representatives traveled with a special study committee to study the economic development challenges facing the rural areas of the state. The group met across the state 18 times, collecting more than 70 hours of testimony, resulting in 11 major pieces of legislation and nearly $126 million in targeted funding for innovative new programs. This video details how staff played a crucial role in this public policy development.

Congratulations to the staff of the Georgia House. Well done.

LSCC Success Stories: How Kentucky Tackled Heroin


Learn how legislators, supported by legislative staff from across the General Assembly, including appropriations and revenue, judiciary, health and welfare came together and tackled the heroin epidemic in Kentucky. Facing a 1000% increase in arrests and incarcerations related to heroin as well as more deaths related to heroin than car accidents, Kentucky residents called on their representatives to create comprehensive policy to address the issue. The new Kentucky Heroin Reform Bill consists of funding for needle exchanges, overdose reversal kits for first responders, and increased funding for treatment as well as, good samaritan provisions and stiffer penalties for high volume trafficking.

Congratulations, Kentucky State General Assembly staff.