Legislative Staff Week | Overview


legislative staff week standing ovation

It's Time for Standing Ovations and More

Every year, we pause to celebrate the good work of legislative staff, like you, who work behind the scenes to support state legislatures. From drafting bills to keeping computer networks secure, your work is even more important and valued during these unprecedented times. This year, more than any other year, you deserve a hand, or even a standing ovation or two, for your important contributions to helping your state prevail against COVID-19. So, this week, please join us in recognizing you and your colleagues.

Here’s what’s happening this week:
•    Give a standing ovation to a colleague who has gone above and beyond.
•    Share a photo or post on social media of how you are getting creative with your work.
•    Watch our webinar on resiliency.
•    Check out a special-edition podcast, blogs and articles created with you in mind.

Recognize a colleague with a standing ovation

Give a standing ‘O’ in recognition of a colleague’s resilience, leadership, innovation, collaboration or exceptional commitment during this critical time. Submit yours today.

Get social and share 

For many of us, COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Share a photo with us—by tagging @NCSLorg or adding #LegislativeStaff—that shows your creativity and adaptability in this new work environment. You could be featured on one of our social media platforms. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Lean into resiliency with a webinar

Be sure to mark your calendar for our “Managing, Leading and Growing During these Uncertain Times” webinar. Melissa J. Furman, MS, DBA, whose passion is guiding individuals with career, professional and leadership development, will be on hand to discuss how strong leadership skills, agile management techniques and ongoing self-care are essential for navigating these uncertain times. Register now for this May 8 webinar.

Special Edition: Podcasts, blogs and articles just for you

On May 4 download the Legislative Staff Week episode of “Our American States.” Our podcast—"COVID-19: Resiliency and Readiness in Pandemic Times''—features noted executive trainer Laree Kiely discussing how to cope with uncertainty, ambiguity and fear during the pandemic.

Each day, we will unveil a new Legislative Staff Week blog post along with a sneak peek at the next issue of State Legislatures magazine that includes profiles of your colleagues, an article on staffers’ rights to political expression and the importance of mindset during difficult times.

Keep an eye out for more announcements about Legislative Staff Week in your inbox and connect with us on social media!