Legislative Internship Program Coordinators Listserv


Discussion Group | Listserv

This discussion group or listserv has been created on NCSLnet for state legislative intern coordinators. The listserv currently has 125 members representing 45 states and also includes key NCSL staff contacts and the listserv manager.  We encourage you to use this discussion group to share information and ideas about state legislative Intern programs.

The listserv email address is intern-coordinator-l@lists.ncsl.org.

Posting Messages to the Listserv

  • Posting a message: This is a restricted discussion group and only members listed can post messages to this address. Messages will go to all members on the list. Please include your personal email address at the end of your message to receive individual responses.
  • Responding to messages: If you click on Reply to Author or Reply to Sender your response will go to everyone on the list. To respond only to the author of the message you must enter the author's personal email address in the TO: field.

How to Become a Member of the Listserv or Update Your Information.

  • Members: This discussion list is restricted to just the addresses entered by the list manager at NCSL. Any email message addressed to the listserv is automatically sent to all the members on the list.
  • Coordinators: If you are a legislative intern coordinator and would like to be a member of this listserv, report changes to your current email address or be taken off this listserv, send an email to NCSL internship coordinator.