Civics Education: Legislator Talking Points Card


Updated and Improved

Legislators inhabit a unique space to interact with citizens and to promote civic engagement and participation in all levels of American democracy. Now that students are back in the classroom, it’s the perfect time to share the importance of these ideas—and who better than their legislator? Not only can you share your expertise about their state legislature, but you can also serve as an ambassador to make the legislature, and their government, a more tangible and less abstract concept.

NCSL is proud to support you as you seek to engage with students and offers a new and improved bookmark to help guide your efforts in visiting with students in their classrooms or inviting them to the capitol. The orange side is filled with tips on what kids need to hear from you about their state legislature—and how to prepare for your visit. The reverse side features suggested activities for all ages that will reinforce the lessons of representative democracy and the legislative process. Send an email to to receive your free high quality laminated talking points card now. Also available as a downloadable PDF.

An image of the orange front panel of the new NCSL Civics Education Legislators Talking Points CardAn image of the blue back panel of the new NCSL Civics Education Legislators Talking Points Card

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“I always look forward to my visits to 5th graders in my district and talking about our form of government. I tell them we are a Republic.” 

“The most rewarding part of my visits to schools is when the students see me outside of school and know my name.”

-Senator Jimmy Higdon (R) , Kentucky 

“Young people in my district care deeply about a variety of important issues, and I learn so much in turn from them. I encourage all government officials to meet with the youth they represent—it is an invaluable opportunity.”

-Representative Christine P. Barber (D),  Massachusetts

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