NCSL's Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee (LSCC) 

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Appendix B:  Criteria for Dissolution of Staff Sections

The Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee should consider dissolution of a staff section when one or more of the following conditions exist:

(1) The staff section holds no meetings in an NCSL conference year, either at NCSL's Annual Meeting or another site and time;

(2) The staff section fails, in a conference year, to elect the officers prescribed in it's by-laws; or

(3) The staff section fails to meet other significant organizational standards established in it's by-laws; or

(4) The staff section is not represented on the Staff Division Activities Committee for a conference year.

Before the LSCC votes to dissolve the staff section, the NCSL Staff Chair should contact leaders or members of the staff section, alert them to the LSCC's concerns, attempt to discover the reasons for the inactivity, and report his or her findings to the Committee.

(Adopted in 1984)