Amendments to the Staff Section Overhead Allocation Formula

September 2009

Adopted at the NCSL Executive Committee Meeting, Raleigh, North Carolina, May 30, 2009.

NCSL's Executive Committee and Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee adopted amendments to the Staff Section Overhead Allocation Formula that was originally adopted in Wilmington, Del., May 17, 2008. The amendments reflect concerns about the potential impact on NCSL's budget of cancelled staff section professional development seminars (PDS) and other meeting losses caused by travel constraints. They address only one provision of the formula—that which would have NCSL absorb all meeting losses.

The amendments adopted in Raleigh reiterate that "Staff sections retain any excess revenues over meeting costs and overhead allocation charges," but replace the provision "NCSL absorbs all losses" with the following language:

  • Staff sections will absorb losses resulting from PDS meetings to the extent possible from their balances of prior year excess revenues. However, staff sections will be able to retain a balance of $3,000 in their PDS accounts to support programs in the coming year.
  • If NCSL is able to recover a portion of staff section losses resulting from PDS meetings by scheduling another meeting at the contracted hotel(s), it will confer with the relevant staff section(s) to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution over return of recovered losses paid by the staff section(s). Staff sections will not recover more than the losses paid.