Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee


2019-2020 NCSL Staff Chair, Martha Wigton of Georgia

About the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee (LSCC)

The LSCC is made up of the NCSL staff officers, the legislative staff members elected to the NCSL Executive Committee, the staff co-chairs and staff vice chairs of the NCSL Standing Committees, two officers of each of the  nine professional staff associations, and six discretionary appointees of the staff chair.


Keys to An Effective Message Webinar

Communications coaches Marianna Swallow and Randy Ford will guide you through the steps to develop an effective message. They share the keys to understanding different communication styles, identifying the main takeaway of your message, and using story principles to engage your audience. Register to attend this webinar.


Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee(LSCC)


Directory of Webinars for Legislative Staff

NCSL offers a variety of webinars for legislative staff, from policy topics to professional development. This directory lists all webinars that relevant for legislative staff and available 24-7.


Staff Snapshots | Q&A With Legislative Staff

State Legislatures magazine is conducting a series of interviews and asking legislative staff about their role in the legislature. Read about legislative staffers from across the nation, what they do in the legislature, lessons learned, wisdom gained and what they do outside of their respective capitols.


Colleagues meeting at a table

Professional Staff Associations

There are nine professional staff associations and a few staff networks associated with NCSL. These associations and networks offer opportunities for communication and professional development with your peers. Learn more about each of these groups and how to get involved.