Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee


Guide for Writing a State Legislative Personnel Manual

This important resource, developed specifically for legislative organizations, helps staff managers ensure that legislatures, like all workplaces, keep pace with the ever-evolving field of human resources. The Guide can be used to inform common topics found in personnel manuals, as well as those that may be unique to legislatures. This manual is an initiative of the LSCC and will be updated every two years.


Legislative Staff Achievement Award Recipients

Each year the NCSL professional staff associations, standing committees and the legislative education staff network award legislative staffers who exemplify the dedication and commendable work of public servants in state legislatures. Read more about this year’s recipients and why they were chosen for the 2020 Legislative Staff Achievement Awards.

Webinar Redistricting


Directory of Webinars for Legislative Staff

NCSL offers a variety of webinars for legislative staff, from policy topics to professional development. This directory lists all webinars that relevant for legislative staff and available 24-7.


Professional Staff Associations

There are nine professional staff associations and a few staff networks associated with NCSL. These associations and networks offer opportunities for communication and professional development with your peers. Learn more about each of these groups and how to get involved.  


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Professional Staff Association Newsletters

Legislative staff newsletters are available online and emailed to professional staff association members. Make sure you're signed up today!