Leadership Staff Membership and Contacts

The general membership of the Leadership Staff Section (LSS) consists of persons designated as leadership staff by legislative leaders of the fifty states and the insular possessions and territories of the United States. Each individual state's definition of legislative leaders shall apply when determining membership.

A searchable database of the LSS membership (as well as other staff section memberships) is available to you.  This is a fast--and easy--way to find LSS members when you are looking for information and need a contact in a state. The roster of the staff section is maintained by NCSL. To be added to the membership of the staff section, or to search the database, contact the NCSL liaison for LSS.

Guidelines for Retired Members

Members of the Leadership Staff Section who leave active legislative employment are eligible to continue their membership in the LSS as "retired members." Retired members shall be defined as those former LSS members actually drawing retirement benefits from legislative service and those who have left legislative employment but are employed elsewhere. Lobbyists registered to lobby state legislatures shall not be eligible for retired member status.

A retired member shall not have voting privileges, but is eligible to receive all other privileges of LSS membership. Specifically, a retired member is eligible to participate in the LSS annual training seminar in the same manner as an active legislative staff member. The retired member will pay the same registration fee as for guest registration.
Application for retired member status shall be made in writing to the current LSS chair. Final approval shall be by majority vote of the LSS Executive Committee.

These guidelines are adopted as general policy of the LSS, but are not incorporated into its bylaws. The guidelines become effective immediately upon their adoption. They can be amended or revoked at any time by a majority vote at an annual meeting of the Leadership Staff Section.

For More Information

Contact an officer or a member of the executive committee, or contact Stacy Householder, the NCSL liaison for LSS, at (303) 364-7700.