Beyond the Hashtag: Effective Two-Way Communications With Constituents


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Beyond the Hashtag: Effective Two-Way Communications With Constituents

Whether during a fast-moving legislative session or during a lull in action at the state capitol, constituents and legislators want to be in touch. But how do we effectively stay in contact with constituents in a way that makes them feel connected, involved and influential? In this multimedia webinar, you’ll explore key questions and some cutting-edge techniques that can help keep your legislators and constituents better connected and better able to help one other tackle difficult issues both during and outside of session.

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  • Larry Schooler is a mediator, facilitator and public engagement consultant for outside clients through Public Participation Partners and as a senior fellow for the National Civic League and the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life at the University of Texas. Schooler holds a master's degree in conflict analysis and resolution and is pursuing a doctorate in the same field, along with a bachelor's degree in history. He is the author of a manual entitled "The 'Public' in Public Policy: Keys to a Successful Community Meeting" and a forthcoming book on the first Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the United States.