About LSPA


About the Leadership Staff Professional Association

The Leadership Staff Professional Association exists to provide a national forum for recognition of the contributions of staff to the legislative process; to provide a forum for legislative staff to develop leadership skills that increase effectiveness and professionalism of legislative staff; to provide support for legislative staff in leadership roles and prepare legislative staff for leadership roles; to offer a forum for discussion of how legislative staff can better serve legislators, the legislature, and the public; to enhance communications among legislative staff members of the 50 states and the insular possessions and the territories.


LSPA bylaws 

Governing Body

the governing body of LSPA is made up of four officers, nine directors, and voting and non-voting ex officio members. This year's chair is Branden Pursinger of the Oregon State Senate

2021/2022 Committee Membership

LSPA has standing committees to help guide the goals of the staff association. See the members of the 2021 committees and let us know if you want to be involved!