2018 LSS Professional Development Seminar

Los Angeles | July. 29-30, 2018

Photo of the Los Angeles skyline from DowntownThe Leadership Staff Professional Association will hold a Professional Development Seminar in Los Angeles July. 29-30, 2018. The Professional Development Seminar will once again be held as a one-and-a-half day pre-con to the NCSL Legislative Summit.

The LSS Professional Development Seminar brings an opportunity to bring together staff who are critical to the legislative process and provide training and networking for leadership, caucus staff and personal staff from around the country. The 2018 seminar features sessions on important legislative issues, soft skills, best practices and opportunities for networking.

The official agenda for this year's seminar is not yet available.

In the meantime, if you are planning your travel or training budgets for the year, here is some basic information about the meeting.

  • Dates: July. 29-30, 2018
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Conference hotel: Sheraton Grand Los Angeles
  • Hotel rates (not including any applicable taxes):  Approx. $260
  • Registration fee (for most participants): $200.
  • Transportation

 Peliminary Program Topics

This meeting offers sessions specifically designed for leadership, caucus and personal staff and it's a great opportunity to brush up on skills, learn something new, and network with peers. All programing on Sunday, July 29th will be restricted to LSS members and registrants of the PDS. The programing for the morning of Monday July 30th LSS will be joining the Professional Development Preconference. When you register for the PDS, please indicate that you are interested or planning to attend this preconference. 

Proposed sessions and events include:

Sexual Harassment and Ethics 
  • Speaker: Mark Quiner, director, NCSL Center for Ethics in Government
Vetting Lobbyist Information on the Fly
  • Session description coming soon.
Leadership Best Practices
  • Session description coming soon.
5 Minutes of Fame
  • Session description coming soon.
Branding and the Model Code of Conduct
  • Session description coming soon.
What's Your Blind Spot?
  • What’s your blind spot and how does it affect the decisions you make, the conversations you carry and your behavior toward others? In this session, attendees will learn how to spot their hidden preferences and find strategies for overcoming these blind spots when working with colleagues and others in the legislature.

The Balanced Life: Your Most Productive Self at the Legislature
  • Working in a legislative environment is exciting, challenging, always changing, and often chaotic. How do you maintain a healthy stress level while juggling all the responsibilities of your role at the Capitol? Learn from a top mindfulness executive how to live a balanced and productive professional life while all the while maintaining healthy mental happiness.
How to Conquer Your Fear of Failure and Maximize Your Risk
  • Failure can lead us to the best personal and organizational results. Most of us have failed at something, then been embarrassed. For some, we stop trying new things. Yet others embrace their failures and turn them into successes. You’ll explore the need for failure and risk, creating an environment where it’s safe to fail and ways to flip the negative impression of failure. You’ll learn to see failure as a developmental process, how you can embrace the results and turn them around.

More Information

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