National Association of Legislative Technology (NALIT) Business Meeting | August 2014


NALIT Business Meeting Minutes

NCSL Legislative Summit
Minneapolis, Minn.
Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014


The meeting was called to order by Troy Adkins, chair, at 8:09 a.m.

Legislative Staff Attendees

The following NALIT members were in attendance:

Michael Adams, Senate, Va.

Troy Adkins, House of Delegates, Va.

Rich Beckwith, House, Mo.

Laura Belcher, W.Va.

Peter Capriglione, N.C.

Terri Clark, Kan.

Curtis Clothier, Alaska

Vinay Dattu, Tenn.

Manie Fernandez, W.Va.

Kyle Forster, N.D.

Josette Friedl, Hawaii

Sheila Harvey, W.Va.

Kevin Kumpf, S.D.

Dennis McCarty, N.C.

John McClain, N.C.

Troy Pound, S.C.

Craig Nakahara, House, Hawaii

Joel Redding, Ky.

Tim Rice, Ill.

Keith Sarto, S.C.

Gary Schaefer, Senate, La.

Mendora Servin, Calif.

Joey Sheen, W.V.

Michael Stroupe, S.C.

Don Traiser, N.D.

Minh Vo, Calif.

Linda Wettstone, Senate, Va.

Gary Wieman, Neb.

Shannon Young, Calif.

Doug Farr, Utah

Chair Adkins announced 55 NALIT members were attending the NCSL Legislative Summit.

Chair Adkins recognized Dell for sponsoring breakfast for the meeting. Steve Wau and Kyle Dufresne, Assistant Vice President, U.S. Education, State and Local Government, with Dell were in attendance.

Kyle Dufresne made remarks noting Dell was a $360 billion company with 110,000 employees after just 30 years in business. Dell has been a NCSL Foundation member for 10 years, sponsoring both jobs and innovation projects with state governments. Dell currently works with customers in 35 state legislatures. The Arkansas audio/video project was mentioned as an example of innovation in partnership with a state legislature.

Adoption of Minutes of the 2013 NALIT Business Meeting

Copies of the minutes from the 2013 NALIT Business Meeting were posted to the NALIT listserv and website in August 2013, and paper copies were provided on each table at the business meeting.

There were no changes or corrections to the minutes.

Joel Redding moved for acceptance of the minutes. Peter Capriglione seconded the motion. The minutes were approved unanimously.


Chair Adkins thanked the members of the NALIT Executive Committee for their service during the past year.

  • Officers:

Joel Redding, vice chair
Terri Clark, secretary
Peter Capriglione, past chair

  • Directors:

Manish Jani, Colo.
Glen Johnson, Utah
Kurt McDowell, Ohio
Mendora Servin, Calif.
Gary Wieman, Neb.
Jenny Wilhelm, Fla.

The members of the Legislative Summit Host Committee from Minnesota were recognized for their outstanding efforts in hosting the Summit. Jim Greenwalt, Minnesota Senate, was recognized for organizing a tour of the Minnesota Capitol and IT facilities.

Committee Recognition and Reports from Committee Chairs

The Site Planning Committee was recognized for their work. Members of the committee were:

Chair: Joel Redding, Ky.
Members: Terri Clark, Kan.; Jerry Gamblin, House of Representatives, Mo.

The Professional Development Seminar Planning Committee was recognized for their work on the 2014 NALIT PDS. Members of the committee were:

Mark Guillen, N.M.
Rich Beckwith, House of Representatives, Mo.
Terri Clark, Kan.
Vinay Dattu, Tenn.
Kyle Forster, N.D.
Mark Humphrey, Texas
Joel Redding, Ky.
Mendora Servin, Calif.

The 2014 NALIT PDS will be held in Santa Fe, N.M., Oct. 14-17. It will include a pre-seminar workshop focused on demonstrations of legislative systems by legislative staff on Tuesday, Oct. 14. Other highlights will include:

  • Five Minutes of Fame session
  • Tours and briefings at the New Mexico Roundhouse (Capitol)
  • Sessions on Quantifying ROI for IT, Electronic Committees, Productivity Tools, Hardware Gear for Geeks, Help Desk, Leveraging the Cloud, and more.
  • NALIT exhibitors’ receptions

Award Committees

NALIT/LINCS Online Democracy Award Committee

The NALIT/LINCS Online Democracy Award Committee was recognized for their work. The NALIT Committee Members who served on the committee this year were:

Jon Shimabuku, Hawaii Senate
Michael Hurley, Mass. Senate

Chair Adkins explained the Online Democracy Award is sponsored by NALIT and the Legislative Information and Communication Staff Section (LINCS). The Online Democracy Awards committee is made up of members of LINCS, NALIT and one other NCSL staff section.

The Utah State Legislature’s website was selected to receive the award. The website won over the panel of judges with its simple interface and intuitive navigation that facilitates the public’s access to the legislature.

According to the judges, the Utah site is “an information powerhouse.” Some of its most notable features include a sophisticated layout and functionality, straightforward search capabilities and options, fully integrated audio and video and a mobile-friendly design, among other features.

Legislative Staff Achievement Committee

Chair Adkins explained NALIT selects two individuals or teams to receive the achievement award each year. The Legislative Staff Achievement Award recognizes excellence in strengthening the legislative institution, supporting the work of a state legislature, contributing to NALIT and NCSL and contributing to existing knowledge or demonstrating expertise in a particular field. Members of the committee were:

Chair: Gary Schaefer, Louisiana Senate
Committee Members: Wallace Austin, N.C.;  Jeff Ylvisaker, Wis.

Gary Schaefer presented the awards to the Tennessee General Assembly Dashboard Team and the California Senate Website Team.

The Tennessee General Assembly Dashboard Team was recognized for their application that delivers organized, secure information instantly to members. The bill packets and analyst documentation generation process improvements resulted in a documented 210 percent return on investment. The project’s success was supported by new business processes, implementing technology standards, gaining user buy-in, managing vendors and an extensive user-training program. Vinay Dattu accepted the award.

The California Senate website,, was recognized for extending the services and functionality of the website. These include an enhanced citizens’ guide, a new section highlighting “Today’s Events,” the ability to search by an area of interest, integrating agendas with measures, the ability for constituents to send comments securely to members and integrating constituent comments with the constituent management system. Shannon Young, project manager, and Min Yu, developer, accepted the award.

2014 Nominating Committee

Chair Adkins explained the NALIT Nominating Committee is responsible for compiling a slate of nominees for the offices of chair, vice chair and secretary, which is then submitted for a vote of the general members of the Association present at this meeting. (General members are legislative information technology professionals employed by a legislature of one of the 50 states, insular possessions, or territories of the United States.) Members of the committee this year were:

Chair: Peter Capriglione, N.C.
Members: Janell Hopkins, Texas; Ronda Tentarelli, Wash.

Peter Capriglione presented the following slate of officers for the 2014–15 conference year:

Chair: Joel Redding, Ky.
Vice-Chair: Terri Clark, Kan.
Secretary: Linda Wettstone, Virginia Senate

There were no nominations from the floor.

A motion to accept the slate of officers was made by Michael Adams. Rich Beckwith seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Peter Capriglione presented Chair Adkins with a plaque expressing NALIT’s appreciation for his service during the past year.

Chair Adkins thanked Pam Greenberg, NCSL, for her help and support with NALIT. Pam was presented a pair of earrings made by Chair Adkins’ daughter as a token of his personal appreciation.


The Online Threats and Dangers session will be at 10:15 a.m. in Room 205A. Jeff Williams of Dell SecureWorks will be presenting.

The Executive Committee will meet Aug. 21, 2014, at 5 p.m. in Room 207B.

Anyone interested in participating in sessions at the upcoming PDS in Santa Fe should contact Pam Greenberg or Troy Adkins.

Statements from Incoming and Outgoing NALIT Chairs

Outgoing Chair Adkins thanked the NALIT membership and Pam Greenberg. His goal as chair was to increase participation in NALIT. During the year, he has contacted states that have not been participating in NALIT meetings and asked the membership to continue to reach out to these states.

Incoming Chair Joel Redding thanked Troy Adkins for his service. Chair Redding then asked members to serve on NALIT committees. He will accommodate requests for specific committees.

Incoming Chair Redding thanked Pam Greenberg for her assistance and recognized Dell for sponsoring the breakfast.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Terri Clark, NALIT Secretary, Sept. 22, 2014.