National Association of Legislative Information Technology (NALIT) Business Meeting, August 2019


NALIT Business Meeting Minutes

NCSL Legislative Summit, Nashville, Tennessee
Thurs., Aug. 8, 2019


The following NALIT members were in attendance:

Kyle Forster, North Dakota

Cindy O’Dell, Kentucky

Joel Redding, Kentucky

Meagan Walker, Kentucky

Cody Malloy, North Dakota

Jeff Ford, Indiana

Scott Darnall, South Dakota

Dave Burhop, Virginia

Ronda Tentarelli, Washington

Brian Hansen, Alabama

Soren Jacobsen, Idaho

Mendora Servin, California

Terri Clark, Kansas

Doug Farr, Utah

Grace White, Wisconsin

Nate Rohan, Wisconsin

Josette Friedl, Hawaii|

Craig Nakahara, Hawaii

Glenn Harris, Idaho

Peter Capriglione, North Carolina

Seth McFarland, North Carolina

Tim Banaszak, Alaska

Pam Greenberg, NCSL liaison to NALIT, was also in attendance.

Meeting Minutes

NALIT Chair Cindy O’Dell called the meeting to order and asked everyone to introduce themselves.

The minutes from the 2018 Business Meeting were presented for approval. Copies of the minutes were previously posted to the NALIT website. A motion to accept the minutes as presented was made by Dave Burhop and seconded by Jeff Ford. The motion passed with no opposition.

Cindy O’Dell explained the difference between the Business meeting and the Executive Committee meeting and invited everyone to stick around after the Business meeting to attend the Executive Committee meeting.

All of the NALIT officers, directors, and various committee chairs (present or away) were thanked for their service over the past year. The host state of Tennessee was also thanked for the time and effort put forth in making the Legislative Summit a success.

The upcoming PDS in Boise was discussed. The state co-chairs, Glenn Harris and Soren Jacobsen, and the rest of the PDS committee were introduced. A few key sessions/keynotes were discussed, and everyone was encouraged to attend.

The NALIT logo design contest winner, Grace White, was announced and recognized for her work. The current logo was created in a similar contest in 2004. Over 160 NALIT members voted and the winning submission had a clear majority of the vote.

Joel Redding, chairman of the Legislative Staff Achievement Award Committee then recognized the Hawaii House Tech Support Services Office and Mendora Servin, the manager of the California Info legislative data center as recipients of the award.

Kyle Forster, chair of the NALIT officers nominating committee was introduced and as his first order of business introduced proposed bylaws changes. Copies of the changes were available on the tables at the meeting and had been distributed previously via the NALIT listserv. A motion for approval was made by Joel Redding and seconded by Ronda Tentarelli. The motion for bylaw changes was approved without opposition.

Kyle Forster then presented this year’s slate of officers:

  • Chair: Jeff Ford, Indiana
  • Vice-Chair: Soren Jacobsen, Idaho
  • Secretary: Nate Rohan, Wisconsin

There were no nominations from the floor and the motion to accept the officers as presented was passed with no opposition.

Tim Banaszak, the chair of the Online Democracy Award committee, presented the award; recognizing North Carolina, specifically noting the high value of content per square inch and the easy access dashboards among other distinguishing features.

Cindy O’Dell thanked all the presenters at the Summit this week and everyone for attending and supporting those sessions in her closing remarks. She also thanked everyone for the opportunity to serve and follow such an illustrious line of Chairs.

Jeff Ford, in turn as the Chair-elect, thanked Cindy for all of her work and guidance. He also acknowledged Pam for all of her continuous work in making all NALIT events a success. Projects he looks forward to pursuing include quarterly webinars or podcasts featuring cybersecurity and taking on a mentoring role within the organization.

Kyle Forster, as the Past Chair, recognized Cindy for her service as this year’s Chair with a plaque.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Soren Jacobsen, Secretary, Aug. 21, 2019