National Association of Legislative Information Technology (NALIT) Business Meeting, August 2018


NALIT Business Meeting Minutes

NCSL Legislative Summit, Los Angeles
Aug. 1, 2018


The following NALIT members were in attendance:

Kyle Forster, North Dakota

Diane Seaborn, Virginia

Cindy O’Dell, Kentucky

Cody Malloy, North Dakota

Jeff Ford, Indiana

Toni Miller, California

Scott Darnall, South Dakota

Mendora Servin, California

Brian Hansen, Alabama

Minh Vo, California

Soren Jacobsen, Idaho

Dave Tomlinson, California

Mendora Servin, California

Elaine Filer, California

Terri Clark, Kansas

Harjot Bains, California

Kelly Stallings, North Carolina

Ellen Donati, California

Tim Banaszak, Alaska

Mark Pulliam, Kentucky

Linda Wettstone, Virginia

Pam Greenberg, NCSL Liaison to NALIT


NALIT Chair Kyle Forster called the meeting to order. The minutes from the 2017 Business Meeting were presented for approval. The motion to accept the slate of officers as presented passed with no opposition.

All the NALIT officers, directors and committees were thanked for their work serving NALIT in the last year. Also, a thank you to our host state, California, for all the time and effort they have put into the last year to make the Summit a success.

Reports from Committees

2018 Professional Development Seminar Committee

Forster thanked the members of the PDS Planning Committee for their work on the seminar and gave an overview of the Professional Development Seminar to be held in Nashville.

The PDS Planning Committee is working on the program for the seminar with Vinay Dattu, IT director, Tennessee, serving as host state chair.

2018 Legislative Staff Achievement Awards Committee

Forster explained that the NALIT Legislative Staff Achievement Awards Committee selects from nominations two individuals or teams to receive the achievement award each year. The Legislative Staff Achievement Award recognizes excellence in strengthening the legislative institution, supporting the work of a state legislature, contributing to NALIT and NCSL, and contributing to existing knowledge or demonstrating expertise in a particular field. Members of the 2017 committee were:

Terri Clark, Kansas

Scott Gage, South Carolina
Gary Schaefer, Louisiana

Terri Clark, as chair of the committee, announced the following awards:

California Legal Services 2.0 Project Team
The California OLC Legal Services system was selected based on several features that had a direct impact on both staff and legislators. These included the scope of their project, successful project management including aligning project deliverables with the legislative deadlines and business process, and improvements to the bill drafting system including customized workflows, search functionality, bill tracking and bill drafting. The project required collaboration between end users, testers, customer support, developers and infrastructure staff. This was a highly technical project, and the technologies and methodologies were identified in the nomination. The project also redesigned the existing security model for efficiency. California also has a lengthy history of direct involvement with NALIT and NCSL and has made presentations at NALIT meetings about their projects.

Virginia Division of Legislative Automated Systems’ Document Compare Team
The Virginia Division of Legislative Automated Systems’ Document Compare program was selected based on the technical difficulty of creating a comparison program that handles special character formatting and works with multiple file formats. While this system does not impact the public directly, the nomination documented a savings of approximately 970 staff hours of work during the two-month session earlier in 2018. This is a significant time savings that will impact the public and legislators indirectly in the form of improved and accurate bill drafts. In addition, DLAS staff have participated in NALIT sessions about various projects.

Accepting on behalf of the teams were Elaine Filer, California, and Diane Seaborn, Virginia.

2018 Nominating Committee

Forster explained that the NALIT Nominating Committee is responsible for compiling a slate of nominees for the offices of chair, vice chair and secretary, which is then submitted for a vote of the general members of the association present at this meeting. (General members are legislative information technology professionals employed by a legislature of one of the 50 states, insular possessions or territories of the United States.) Members of the nominating committee this year were:

Linda Wettstone, Senate, Virginia

Dale Gow, Montana
Gary Wieman, Nebraska

Linda Wettstone presented the following slate of officers for the 2018-19 conference year:

Chair: Cindy O’Dell, Kentucky
Vice-Chair: Jeff Ford, Indiana
Secretary: Soren Jacobsen, Idaho

There were no nominations from the floor. Forster called for a vote of the members present for 2018-2019 officers. The motion to accept the slate of officers as presented passed with no opposition.

Statements from Outgoing and Incoming NALIT Chairs

Forster thanked NALIT members for the opportunity to serve as chair over the past year. He indicated that during his career as an IT professional, he has attended numerous IT conferences, user group meetings and seminars. By far, NALIT has been the most valuable. Forster encouraged attendees to get involved and participate in NALIT.

O’Dell thanked Forster and the nominating committee for all their work. She said she is looking forward to a productive NALIT PDS and serving all the NALIT members over the coming year.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Jeff Ford, secretary, Nov. 30, 2018