National Association of Legislative Information Technology (NALIT) Business Meeting, August 2017


NALIT Business Meeting Minutes

NCSL Legislative Summit, Boston
Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017


The following NALIT members were in attendance:

  • Kyle Forster, North Dakota
  • Jeff Ford, Indiana
  • Linda Wettstone, Senate, Virginia
  • Dennis McCarty, North Carolina
  • Elaine Filer, California
  • Shannon Young, California
  • Cindy O’Dell, Kentucky
  • Terri Clark, Kansas
  • Virginia Beck, Hawaii
  • Mendora Servin, California
  • Maryann Horch, Senate, Virginia
  • Michael Adams, Senate, Virginia
  • Hobie, Lehman, Senate, Virginia
  • Michael Stroupe, South Carolina
  • Gordon Rivers, Georgia
  • Bruce Ellsworth, South Carolina
  • Scott Gage, South Carolina
  • Kevin Coats, South Carolina
  • Anthony Amaker, South Carolina

Also in attendance were Pam Greenberg, NCSL liaison to NALIT, and several guests.  

Meeting Minutes

NALIT Chair Linda Wettstone called the meeting to order. The minutes from the 2016 Business Meeting were placed into motion. Mendora Servin, passed the motion to accept and Michael Adams seconded the motion.

All the NALIT officers, directors and committees were thanked for their work serving NALIT in the last year. Also, a thank you to our host state, Massachusetts, for all the time and effort they have put into the last year to make the Summit a success

Reports from Committees/Awards

2017 Professional Development Seminar
Linda thanked the members of the PDS Planning Committee for their work on the seminar and gave an overview of the Professional Development Seminar to be held in Annapolis, Maryland, September 12 – 15, 2017.

Linda asked for volunteers for demonstrations during the planned Legislative Showcase sessions and reminded everyone to sign up for Five Minutes of Fame for their state. The PDS Planning Committee is on track for the seminar with Mike Gaudiello and Steve Dustin, Maryland, serving as Host State Chairs.

Legislative Staff Achievement Awards
NALIT Chair Linda Wettstone explained NALIT selects two individuals or teams to receive the achievement award each year. The Legislative Staff Achievement Award recognizes excellence in strengthening the legislative institution, supporting the work of a state legislature, contributing to NALIT and NCSL, and contributing to existing knowledge or demonstrating expertise in a particular field. Members of the committee were:

  • Joel Redding, Kentucky
  • Manish Jani, Colorado
  • Jenny Wilhelm, Florida

In absence of the Committee Members, NALIT Vice Chair, Kyle Forster presented the awards.

The Team of Hobie Lehman and Jonathan Palmore, Senate of Virginia

The team of Jonathan Palmore and Hobie Lehman at the Virginia Senate were recognized for their development of an electronic committee voting system. The system allows one person to Clerk and manage committee meetings instead of several.

Most notably, the new system incorporates many of the unique and complex nuances of the Virginia Senate’s rules, including proxies. The Committee Clerk no longer needs to manually keep track of "who left who" their proxy. Proxy management is now done electronically.

South Carolina Legislative Services Agency (LSA) Committee Technology Team
The South Carolina Legislative Services Agency Committee Technology Team was recognized for its creative approach to streamline committee meetings and reduce reliance on paper-based processes. Team members Scott Gage, Bruce Ellsworth, Kevin Coats, Anthony Amaker, and Michael Stroupe were recognized.

The team created a dashboard that allows staff of the House Ways & Means Committee to add and remove documents from the agenda, to distribute content to committee members, publish items to the public-facing website and take digital meeting notes using Microsoft Surface tablets.

As documents are digitally introduced to the committee, they also are instantly published to the website, empowering the public to evaluate committee documents in real-time while watching a live-stream of the meeting.

2017 Nominating Committee
Chair Linda Wettstone explained the NALIT Nominating Committee is responsible for compiling a slate of nominees for the offices of chair, vice chair and secretary, which is then submitted for a vote of the general members of the Association present at this meeting. (General members are legislative information technology professionals employed by a legislature of one of the 50 states, insular possessions, or territories of the United States.) Members of the nominating committee this year were:

  • Terri Clark, Kansas
  • Troy Adkins, House, Virginia
  • Kurt McDowell, Ohio

Past Chair Terri Clark presented the following slate of officers for the 2017-18 conference year:

  • Chair: Kyle Forster, North Dakota
  • Vice-Chair: Cindy O’Dell, Kentucky
  • Secretary: Jeff Ford, Indiana

There were no nominations from the floor. Linda Wettstone presided over the vote for 2017-2018 Officers. The motion to accept the slate of officers as presented passed with no opposition.

Statements from Incoming and Outgoing NALIT Chairs

Outgoing Chair Linda Wettstone thanked Pam Greenberg, NCSL, for her tireless support of NALIT and presented Pam with a gift of appreciation.

Incoming Chair Kyle Forster thanked the members for attending the business meeting and expressed his excitement about the year ahead. Kyle thanked Linda for her leadership and Pam for all of her support and commitment to NALIT.

Pam Greenberg recognized Dennis McCarty, North Carolina, and Linda Pittsford, Texas, for their contributions to NALIT and congratulated and wished them well in their upcoming retirements.

The Executive Committee will meet Aug. 9, 2017, at 9:30 a.m. in Room 150, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Cindy O’Dell, Secretary, Aug. 18, 2017.