NALIT Virtual Meetings Series


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The National Association of Legislative Information Technology (NALIT) is proud to present a multi-part series of interactive webinars and virtual meetings—beginning in July—geared toward legislative information technology issues.

This series will begin with sessions on remote/virtual meetings and voting and chamber systems. Subsequent sessions will include discussions on budget issues and security, demonstrations of peer applications and roundtables to talk with your colleagues. There will also be a webinar later this fall on demystifying the dark web.

These sessions will feature legislative staff, NCSL staff and other experts. Participants will have the opportunity to share what is happening in their state and ask questions.

Recruiting and Retaining Tech Talent  2021

The last 18-months have posed new challenges for legislative information technology offices in their efforts to recruit and retain the IT professionals crucial to legislative operations and services. Attracting and keeping high quality technology workers is more complicated in the changing workplace. This one-hour panel discussion explores strategies to attract and retain talented staff and hear how your peers are approaching this evolving dilemma.


  • Soren B, Jacobsen, Sr. IT Specialist, Legislative Services Office, Idaho


  • Karlin Lindsey, Information Technology Manager I, Office of Legislative Council, California
  • Nate Rohan, Deputy Director, Legislative Technology Services Bureau, Wisconsin
  • Amber Snyder, Office Support Team Supervisor, Computer Support Center, Texas
  • Jim Bell, Director, Senate Technology Services, New York State Senate
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Virtual Roundtable for Legislative IT Directors/CIOs

In this invitational roundtable, legislative IT Directors and CIOs discussed management issues regarding organizational structure and staffing. Directors were sent a list of questions to be discussed.

Meetings Coming Soon

Five Minutes of Fame

Hear a concise overview of current IT projects, issues and accomplishments in other states. Share your experiences and expertise and hear from others for new ideas, information or advice.

Date TBD

To volunteer to speak about something your legislative IT division has accomplished this year, please email NALIT (This meeting is open to legislators and legislative staff only.)

NALIT Roundtables

Join this large roundtable and then divide into discussion groups by topic. Topics will include: management, security, development, customer support, hardware and infrastructure.

Facilitator: Jeff Ford, Indiana

Date TBD

Registration will open once a date is set. (This meeting will be open to legislators and legislative staff only.)

Past Meetings

NALIT Annual Business Meeting

August 6 , 2021. This was an opportunity for Legislative Information Technology staff to gather for their annual business meeting, including election of officers, presentation of awards and discussion of upcoming professional staff association activities.

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Voting and Chamber Systems: What Technology Are We Using Now?

Many legislatures are now using remote technology to hold legislative session and committee meetings. Learn how some legislatures are integrating their voting systems in these remote meetings. What has worked well? What is a challenge? What security measures can legislative IT use to secure the votes of members?

This session discussed sensitive security issues, there is no recording available.

Budget Issues, Security Priorities, and the Top Three Issues Facing Legislative IT

This year’s unexpected pandemic has affected IT budgets and changed the way that legislatures and their staff work. Learn how some legislatures have adjusted their IT budget, changed their security priorities and evaluated the trajectory of legislative IT support.

This session discussed sensitive security issues, there is no recording available.

Legislative Applications Showcase

Hear from colleagues in several states about new or innovative applications. This part of the annual NALIT Legislative Applications Showcase provides short overviews from several states about new applications they have developed.

This meeting was open to legislators and legislative staff only. No recording is available.

Demystifying the Dark Web

This webinar was recorded.

Most people probably think that the dark web is a bad place where hackers lurk. This session will explain the parts of the web and how the deep or dark web, while anonymous, is not always used for nefarious purposes. Learn how these anonymous sites are used to conduct research, in undercover police operations and to protect confidential sources.