NALIT Legislative Staff Achievement Awards


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Congratulations to the 2022 Winners of the Legislative Staff Achievement Award!

Brian Hurst, director of information technology, Georgia General Assembly

NALIT has selected Brian Hurst, director of information technology for the Georgia General Assembly as the recipient of the 2022 Legislative Staff Achievement Award. For 20 years, he has played an integral role in supporting the business of the General Assembly. He continues to reach out to all offices to ensure that IT is engaged and meeting the needs of all offices and members. To that end, he has assembled a team of professionals who keep the General Assembly functioning and moving forward with innovative and secure systems. He has taken the Legislature’s website and IT operations to unimaginable heights. In fact, the Georgia General Assembly website was selected for the 2021 Online Democracy Award.

All too often, the supporting role of IT is only noted when systems go down or problems occur, but he is known to all offices across both chambers as a proactive problem solver who delivers the best technology and services to the legislature. He makes certain that each office is able to perform at their peak function.  

Becky King, systems analyst in the Office of Computing and Information Technology, Legislative Research Commission, Kentucky

Becky King, systems analyst in the Office of Computing and Information Technology, Legislative Research Commission, Kentucky has been selected to receive the 2022 NALIT Legislative Staff Achievement Award for her outstanding service to the Kentucky General Assembly.

The purpose of the Office of Computing and Information Technology is to provide for the technology needs of the Kentucky General Assembly and the staff of the Legislative Research Commission. King plays an integral part in improving the effectiveness of the legislative process by acting as a liaison between the Software Engineers and the members and legislative staff who use the systems. She is skilled at managing those relationships and helping organize the OCIT workflow. During legislative session, she is front line support on the floor of the Senate where she keeps the process running smoothly, even during past two years, which have included a lot of changes to the process.

She is an active member of both NALIT and ASLCS both attending meetings and serving on committees.


Beginning in 1997, each of the NCSL staff professional associations were given the opportunity to recognize among their membership two legislative staff or agencies who made outstanding contributions to their legislatures and to the staff association.

The award was established through the Legislative Staff Coordinating Committee to recognize excellence in service to state legislatures. In addition to the staff professional association honorees, the staff chair(s) of the NCSL Standing Committees may select up to two additional award recipients.


The NALIT Legislative Staff Achievement Award was created to recognize excellence in supporting the work of a state legislature and strengthening the legislative institution. Recipients are recognized for:

  • Helping to improve the effectiveness of the legislative institution.
  • Supporting the legislative process and the mission of the legislature.
  • Exhibiting a high degree of professionalism, competence, and integrity in serving the legislature and the public.
  • Contributing to the work of the National Conference of State Legislatures.
  • Contributing to the National Association of Legislative Information Technology.
  • Contributing to existing knowledge/demonstrating expertise in a particular field.

For more information, contact Kae Warnock, NCSL Staff Liaison to NALIT.