National Association Legislative Information Technology (NALIT) Key Contacts and Membership


Information technology professionals working for a state or territorial legislature are automatically members of NALIT. However, the Key Contacts and membership lists are for the use of legislators and legislative staff only. You must have an NCSL website account and be logged in to access the membership lists.

NALIT Key Contacts

A searchable database of the information technology professionals who staff the nation's state legislatures is available to you online. This is a fast and easy way to find NALIT members when you are looking for information and need a contact in a state. Access the database and select "Information Technology Key Contacts" and the state(s) you wish to search. This section of the database shows only the key NALIT contact for each state, chamber or office. 

NALIT General Membership

This database connects you to all NALIT members in the 50 states. Access the database and select "NALIT General Membership" and the state(s) you wish to search.